MGCH Chapter 300

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (25)

Xie Yunting, suddenly somewhat distressed1, bowed his head, not daring to look at her.

Bai Weiwei laughed, “If you’re like this, I’ll forget that I’m just a prisoner. If we truly were an emperor and his minister working in harmony, it would have been good.”

Saying this, she entered the carriage.

Xie Yunting nearly pulled her out of the carriage, to stop her from acting as bait.

But when his fingers reached halfway, he turned around, cold and firm.

This unsightly kindness2 must be eradicated.

Bai Weiwei boarded the carriage and said to the system: “I’ve been thinking, Xie Yunting’s expression when he looked at me seemed fishy.”

System: “What expression?”

Bai Weiwei, thinking: “Separated by life and death, a grieving woman, those kinds of expressions.”

System: Host could always understand the emotions in other’s eyes, like her eyes did more than just take in light, ah.

Bai Weiwei’s hunch really was right.

As soon as the carriage passed through the mountain path, all around her, suddenly came the sounds of fighting.

She pulled open the carriage curtain and saw that Xie Yunting was very far behind her, not showing up at all.

She and the honor guard were being overpowered.

Hundreds of assassins dressed in the same colors, like the trees, raised their knives and slashed their swords, like chopping vegetables and slicing melons, killing all the soldiers at her side.

“That scummy Xie, he’s no man, actually using me as bait to hang his enemies.”

System: “Ah-ah, that head flew off, that leg was chopped off, blood is gushing out. Host, you might be finished here.”

Bai Weiwei picked her ear, disdainful. “Have you ever come across a big swarm of ground beetles3, have you ever seen Chunyun4? Have you ever seen a supermarket salt rush5? These people are just a mere trifle.”

Just as she finished, an arrow swept past her ear.

And the Xie Yunting, who was far away from the net, seeing the arrow fly into the little emperor’s carriage, felt his heart jump.

He suddenly shouted in a low voice: “The encirclement isn’t complete?”

The little emperor drew in all of Zhao Wang’s men.

Xie Yunting began to surround this group of opposing forces, while the little emperor, was facing death at any moment.

A guard ran over, “Tai Fu, it is nearly done.”

Xie Yunting clenched his teeth, his chest heaving. In a flash, all the people by the little emperor’s side, were killed.

Suddenly he said: “Surround and annihilate, now.”

The guard hesitated, but still said: “Yes.”

Saying this, the guard’s sights changed. The sharp knife in his hand flew out.

Xie Yunting’s mind was a mess, but he was still aware of something wrong behind him. His body abruptly dodged. The blade that was originally aiming for a vital point plunged into the left side of his waist.

The people around him shouted, “Tai Fu!”

Xie Yunting’s pupils constricted. “Damn it, a spy in our midst.”

This guard was in charge of communication.

But if he was a traitor, his arranged troops might not have finished their setup.

In a moment, he killed four people. 

Corpses were everywhere.

Xie Yunting killed many people, and his wounds made his vision blurry.

There were too many people who came to kill him. In the end, his sword’s edge dulled, and he had to give up.

He didn’t expect he would die from a spy’s betrayal.

He sneered, but through his blurry vision, he saw a white horse break through the obstacles.

The horse galloped towards him, and the person riding looked just like a god.

“Xie Yunting, grab our hand.”

Xie Yunting looked up. Her features were like a painting, blood staining her cheeks, his image reflected in her clear eyes.

Like she was his savior.

His heart pounding, Xie Yunting suddenly reached out and grabbed her outstretched hand.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 30… 35.】

1: 狼狈: to be in a difficult situation, to cut a sorry figure.

2: 这等上不了台面: a more literal translation would be “cannot be seen on the table/stage.” Inelegant or unrefined.

3: 土鳖: lit. ground turtle; can refer to ground beetle or country bumpkin.

4: 春运: Spring Festival, or Spring Festival travel period. Refers to the extremely heavy traffic that occurs around the time of the lunar new year.

5: 超市抢盐: the mass rush to buy salt/stock up on supplies due to an impending or recent disaster (earthquake, hurricane, etc.)


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