MGCH Chapter 303

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (28)

Xie Yunting choked and nearly suffocated himself to death.

He grabbed the big pie face. “Who are you? Emp…where is the person who was traveling with me?”

Did the little emperor run away?

His heart was in a panic.

Big Pie Face trembled and said, “Gongzi, I’m1 just a woodcutter, ah. Your lady said you both were attacked by mountain bandits, so I gave you both shelter.”

Xie Yunting heard this, but he was still tense.


What lady?

Which shameless woman dared to pretend to be his wife?

Big Pie Face became Bitter Melon Face. This gongzi couldn’t have been so frightened by mountain thieves that he even forgot his lady.

Xie Yunting didn’t have the time to chat with this fool. He pushed the person away and staggered to his feet.

The house was a thatched cottage and was extremely simple and crude.

Xie Yunting looked back and forth. Not here, the little emperor disappeared.

She abandoned him and ran away.

His heartfelt as though it were dug out by someone, and he suddenly sneered.

Of course, she would run. If the little emperor didn’t run at this time, she was simply a fool.

If she was caught by him, she would return to the palace.

Only able to wait for death

Clearly, it was the obvious thing to do, but Xie Yunting felt so upset he wanted to spit blood.

He lifelessly walked just a few steps before he lost strength and dropped onto the cold floor.

Suddenly, he slammed a fist into the ground.

Run then, no matter where she fled to, he had countless ways to get her back.

Suddenly, the curtains outside the door opened.

A petite figure walked in.

Against the light, the body’s appearance was unclear.

“Xie Yunting, the floor is cold. How could you sit here with your injuries?”

She walked in and said with concern.

Xie Yunting was struck by lightning and stared at her in a stupor.

She was wearing a woman’s cotton skirt her ink-black hair pulled up with a wooden hairpin, The white and delicate face was not touched with rouge and powder, but it was more beautiful than the flowers outside the window.

This was, this was the little emperor’s face.

The little emperor also seemed to think of something. She amended her previous words. “Husband, it’s not important.”



The word husband echoed endlessly in Xie Yunting’s mind, like the sound of a bell. It was so shocking he was completely overwhelmed.

He’d just dreamed that she married him, including their married life.

He was used to being poor as a child. Was he this poor even in his dreams?

Bai Weiwei saw Xie Yunting acting like a fool. She thought he was just injured too severely and became abnormal.

She leaned over and took his hand to pull him up.

Xie Yunting felt the temperature of her fingertips.

The clear warmth instantly brought his reason back.

Not a dream?

Bai Weiwei pushed him back into bed and told Big Pie Face standing next to her, “This dage, thank you very much for your help,”

Big Pie Face was embarrassed. “We’re all local people, what can you do when you come across thieves. I’ll go get your husband some medicine.”

Bai Weiwei smiled and nodded, and watched Big Pie Face leave.

Before the smile on her face disappeared, someone tugged her, and her entire body fell on the bed.

The room spun2, and she was already pressed beneath Xie Yunting’s body.

“You…” Xie Yunting looked at her in shock.

Bai Weiwei’s face was calm, and she didn’t make a sound.

“You’re a woman?”

Bai Weiwei frowned and shook her head.

Xie Yunting saw her deny it and smiled coldly. “Not a woman, then what’s that on your chest?”

Soft, but also warm, it was clearly a woman’s…

“Oh, you mean this?” Bai Weiwei fished out two large white steamed buns from her chest.

She said helplessly, “There was no other way, ah, the people looking for us cover the mountains and the plains, to have two men was too obvious. I had no choice but to pretend to be a woman.”

Xie Yunting just foolishly stared at the buns in her hand.

When Bai Weiwei saw the ravenous look in his eyes, she handed him a steamed bun. “Are you hungry? You can eat this.”

Xie Yunting: “…”

1: 俺: northern dialect “I”

2: 天旋地转: the sky spins, the earth goes round.

Cheese: THAT’S UNSANITARY BWW don’t offer him buns that you stuffed in your clothes!!! Even if he’d be okay with eating it!!!!! But also can you imagine eating one and just having one (1) boob left LOL


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  1. yeah eat the bun if you’re hungry, Xie Yunting. It’s better than staring hungrily at Bai Wei though its unsanitary 😂😂

  2. Cheese: THAT’S UNSANITARY BWW don’t offer him buns that you stuffed in your clothes!!! Even if he’d be okay with eating it!!!!! But also can you imagine eating one and just having one.


  3. pfft has Bai Wei Wei read A Seductive Gentleman? Bun boobs are a prominent feature of that novel. xD

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