MGCH Chapter 305

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (30)

When Bai Weiwei heard this, her gaze drifted from the window to him.

Her eyes were clear and bright. “Spare my life? You want me to return to the palace and immediately write an imperial decree, to give you the throne, and then turn me into a commoner, and drive me out of the palace?”

When Xie Yunting heard she was going to leave the palace, his tone became ferocious. “Leave the palace, where would you go?”

Bai Weiwei said innocently, “Didn’t you say you would spare my life? Can I still be emperor after I step down?”

Of course, it was impossible.

She was destined to die.

He would be the emperor; she was just the previous dynasty’s emperor. If she wasn’t bestowed death, how could he climb over her head and become the supreme emperor?

Xie Yunting also thought of this, so he stayed silent for a moment.

He hesitated a bit before whispering: “You can change your identity, continue to stay in the palace. You don’t know how hard life is out there. You’re used to living in luxury, you couldn’t endure living like a commoner.”

Bai Weiwei said doubtfully, “Continue to stay in the palace, with what identity? Eunuch?”

Xie Yunting became angry, “Who would dare to insult you with that kind of identity.”

Bai Weiwei teased, “Do you mean to make me your feizi1, ah Otherwise what decent status could I have to stay in the rear palace.”

When these words were spoken, Xie Yunting’s pupils constricted.

He wanted to speak, but faced with her frank eyes, he didn’t dare to say anything, he was also her enemy, his heart was full of filthy and shameless thoughts, how dare he say anything to her.

The two of them were silent for a moment.

Xie Yunting’s heart was heavy, but he heard Bai Weiwei sigh.

“Your wounds are too heavy. If the soldiers arrive, I don’t know if I could carry you.”

Xie Yunting looked at her slim figure, her thin arms and legs. It would be hard for her to carry him.

He reached into his sleeves and pulled out a signal flare, and handed it to Bai Weiwei, “Use this to send a signal. My people will see it and come to rescue us.”

Bai Weiwei picked it up and nodded, “This is good.”

Then she went to the window and held the flare, but didn’t light it. She looked at him calmly, Xie Yunting was vigilant in his heart.

He heard the little emperor’s soft voice. “Tai Fu, you said I saved your life. I don’t know if I can ask you for something.”

Xie Yunting’s chest tightened, and his eyes grew cold. “What do you want?”

Bai Weiwei smiled and looked back at the sky outside the window. “Why don’t I just die here.”

Xie Yunting couldn’t stand to hear her being so ridiculous2. He angrily rebuked, “Nonsense.”

Bai Weiwei shook her head, looking tired. “Tai Fu, when you return and become emperor, Zhao Wang certainly won’t be able to beat you. I don’t want to fight you for the throne, so if you need a justification, just say that I died in the battle, and let me slip away. Once I have no status, I can’t compete with you for anything…”

Xie Yunting cut her off. “Where would you go?”

Bai Weiwei’s hands were behind her back. She was carefree and unhurried, and she smiled softly at him.

“The world is so big. I can go anywhere.”

Xie Yunting’s voice shook. “Can’t you come to my side?”

Bai Weiwei looked at him doubtfully. “I thought Tai Fu couldn’t wait for me to die as soon as possible.”

Xie Yunting bit his lips, the burning thoughts in his mind becoming like wild beasts, roaring and pouring out.

She wanted to leave, she wanted to go3.

This thought was like a thousand cuts, giving him unbearable pain and suffering.

Xie Yunting said, one word at a time: “If I don’t agree, will you not light the flare, but just run away?”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes lit up. “You understand me, but…”

She suddenly turned around and lit the fireworks.

Xie Yunting was astonished.

Bai Weiwei turned around, smiling slyly, “Although threatening you is a good method, I’ve chosen to trust you.”

Trust him?

“Will you let me go, Xie Yunting?”

Xie Yunting only that her words were like a knife, cutting out his last bit of reason and slicing it to pieces.

He heard himself calmly saying: “I owe you a favor,” But for her… he wanted to bite the hand that fed him.

Let her go, she was dreaming.

【Ding, The male lead’s favorability has increased to 50.】

1: 妃子: ranked second to the queen/empress.

2: 说死不死: lit. say die won’t die; seems to be something along the lines of not listening when your family/friends tell you not to do something.

3: 走: can also be a euphemism for death.


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  1. “Let her go, she was dreaming” welp Xie Yunting, most MLs said the same thing but ended up crying…

  2. Man, a lot of these plots would be too brutal for me to read if it weren’t for the fact we knew it was a dream, and all under the direction of the Female Lead.

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