MGCH Chapter 308

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (33)

He hesitated a moment before inexplicably untying her clothes.

He wasn’t afraid to see a flat chest, but… his condition, in addition to stealing a bit of incense, and really wanting to shamelessly force himself on her1, he still had no strength.

He might even frighten her, and make her run.

The sinister, cunning, and ruthless Tai Fu didn’t dare to risk it.

So he listened to her breathing, and judged that she was still asleep.

He only dared to lean over and kiss those lips that tempted him at every moment.

The moment the kiss fell, he was so excited his entire body tensed up.

Soft and slightly cool to the touch, unbelievably clean and sweet.

Xie Yunting felt himself completely fall; he actually turned out to be a cutsleeve.

And furthermore he was a lunatic who only had feelings for the little emperor.

He couldn’t help but use his tongue to pry open her lips, trying to go deeper.

Bai Weiwei groaned, somewhat uncomfortable.

Xie Yunting was nervous and tense all over. He hastily withdrew, but suddenly paused.

Could it be that for his whole life he didn’t want to let her find out, his filthy thoughts?

Could he bear to watch her silently from afar?

Xie Yunting’s brain was chaotic, and finally he understood that he really had a black heart and rotten lungs.

He wanted her, and even if she was dragged into hell, he didn’t want her to leave him.

Xie Yunting’s eyes were full of a violent darkness. He lowered his head again, his hand unable to stop itself from tearing off her clothes.

Taking everything off, it wasn’t necessarily unacceptable.

Just as he was about to kiss her again, there came the sound of many people’s footsteps, and the swaying shadows of torches.

It was either his own rescue team, or Zhao Wang’s assassins.

Xie Yunting listened to the number of footsteps, and in his heart he had a vague certainty.

And Bai Weiwei also woke up with a vacant, bleary-eyed look. Her lips still had traces of his kiss.

Cute, a feast for the eyes.

She heard footsteps outside, and her eyes suddenly became clear. “Who is it?”

Xie Yunting didn’t hide his speculations. “The ones who came to rescue us.”

Bai Weiwei heaved a sigh of relief and immediately crossed over his body.

Not paying attention to his gloomy face, she jumped out of bed and pulled out a bundle wrapped in cloth from underneath.

“This is my clothing, there are also some jade ornaments. I also took off the ones you had. Can you lend me your money bag?”

Bai Weiwei tossed away the bundle, preparing to run.

“I’m leaving, Xie Yunting.”

Xie Yunting’s fingers tightly gripped the edge of the bed. “You really won’t consider staying?”

Bai Weiwei gave a relaxed laugh. “No need, I really don’t want to be a puppet emperor. I don’t want to be a bird in a cage. You promised to let me go.”

Xie Yunting listened to the people who came to rescue them getting closer.

He tried his best to calm down and delay her from leaving.

“Then wait until I’m rescued. I can prepare more money for you, and an escort, before I send you out of the palace.”

Bai Weiwei hesitated. Just when he thought the little emperor had been persuaded.

Bai Weiwei suddenly opened the door and saw many torches in the distance.

“Forget it, just leave it like this.”

Xie Yunting felt that her completely uncaring attitude made him feel so unwell his blood flowed in reverse2.

He coldly and calmly said: “Come here, you’ve never gone out. I’ll tell you some things to look out for when you leave.”

Bai Weiwei looked back with pure trust in her eyes.

“I didn’t expect that Tai Fu was such an enthusiastic person.”

She walked over to the bed with a smile.

Xie Yunting also smiled. He suddenly reached out and grabbed her arm with great strength.

Such terrible power, like iron.

Bai Weiwei’s face changed. “What are you doing, Tai Fu.”

Xie Yunting’s smile, under the light, looked sinister and insane.

“I ask that the emperor please return to the palace.”

Bai Weiwei finally became angry. “You promised me to let me go.”

The door was already forced open. Sure enough, it was the people who came to rescue them.

With a thud, the guards dropped to their knees.

But Xie Yunting’s eyes only saw the little emperor’s panicky face. He suddenly pushed.

Pushed her to the floor.

And then he stood up and looked at her from above.

“Let you go? Only if I die.”

His voice was full of ferocious determination.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 60.】

1: 霸王硬上弓: overlord hard on the bow; a reference to the legendary strength of the hegemon (or bawang) of Western Chu, Xiang Yu, who was said to be so powerful he could string a bow using only his arms (vs. holding the bow between your legs for leverage). Can also mean to force oneself on another.

2: 血液逆流: serious internal injury due to trauma.


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