MGCH Chapter 319

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (44)

Bai Weiwei followed Gao Jixiang through a secret path out of the palace.

When they emerged, they saw a carriage parked on the road.

And Chen Jingzhi stood there, holding a lantern.

As soon as he saw the little emperor rushing in, he immediately stepped forward to salute. “This official greets the emperor.”

Bai Weiwei helplessly said: “You’re excused.”

Chen Jingzhi immediately stood up and said: “Let’s go, Your Majesty.”

Bai Weiwei nodded, but when she took a few steps, she suddenly couldn’t stand.

The bone softening incense was more powerful than she expected.

Even when she took the medicine she didn’t recover completely.

Chen Jingzhi was startled, and extended his arms to support her.

He felt like he was hugging a cloud.

He could smell a unique scent on her body…the smell of Xie Yunting.

He took a breath. Although he had long had a guess in his heart, when the facts lay before him.

There was still a surge of anger in his heart. 

This was the emperor, and no matter how far she had fallen, no one could tolerate being humiliated.

Xie Yunting this rogue minister was simply insane.

Because he was too shocked and heartbroken, he completely ignored Bai Weiwei’s seductive temperament.

Chen Jingzhi’s heart was undisturbed. He carried her and brought her into the carriage.

Bai Weiwei said weakly: “Thank you, teacher.”

Chen Jingzhi: “It is this officials’ duty.”

Gao Jixiang took advantage of the opportunity to board the carriage. “Okay, let’s go. The bone softening incense can’t stop that person for too long.”

Chen Jingzhi drove the carriage himself. “Alright.”

The carriage immediately disappeared into the night.

Chen Jingzhi drove the carriage, the fingers holding the reins leaving traces of blood.

From Bai Weiwei’s body, on… just above the hip of her pants.

Xie Yunting this madman, so roughly insulted the emperor and made her bleed.

Chen Jingzhi wanted to look for a salve to use on her, but also thought that she might not want others to know of such a shameful thing.

For a while, Chen Jingzhi was completely at a loss.

And in the carriage, Bai Weiwei asked the system: “How did my big aunt come?”

System: “You’re a girl. Of course you have a big aunt.”

Bai Weiwei: “Why did it come now?”

She already spent three months in this plane.

Because she was too relaxed, she forgot that she had never had her big aunt come.

System: “Because it’s the first.”

Bai Weiwei: “Menarche at 16 years old?”

System: “Binding your chest delayed it.”

This reason was very good and very powerful.

After a moment of silence, Bai Weiwei said: “I don’t have sanitary napkins.”

What was she going to do when her big aunt started leaking?

System: En.

Bai Weiwei: “Aren’t you a system? How can you not even give me a sanitary napkin?”

The system dug through its inventory and finally sighed over its reversal of fortune. “Poor, ah, buying a Sophie daily use1, plus time and space express will cost 15 days of life. Poverty is a constant source of grief, cannot afford to buy.”

15 days of life.

Bai Weiwei thought to herself, she was indeed abnormally poor. She’d rather use straw paper2 than use a precious 15 days of life.

Gao Jixiang suddenly noticed his young master’s embarrassing predicament, and was very sure that Xie Yunting didn’t succeed.

“Young Master, is it your sunflower water3?”

Bai Weiwei inclined her head. 

Gao Jixiang immediately opened the curtain and called Chen Jingzhi: “Stop in front of the inn up ahead. There is some business that must be handled.”

Chen Jingzhi: Was the wound to the chrysanthemum serious?

He obeyed and rushed to the inn.

Afraid that Bai Weiwei’s ass was splitting.

Bai Weiwei concluded that having people who stuck by you really was different.

Gao Jixiang had experienced all sorts of strange things in imperial court. He used all means possible to fetch women’s cotton strips, the inner surface lined with plant ash.

1: 苏菲日用: apparently a brand of sanitary napkins.

2: 草纸: papyrus? Rough straw paper, a rudimentary toilet paper. If anybody has used regular tp for emergencies, this is probably ten times worse.

3: 葵水: term for menstruation. I really don’t know why I find this term so hilarious.


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