MGCH Chapter 320

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (45)

He also brought a maiden’s skirt made of rough cloth.

After Bai Weiwei took a bath and finished her business, she exited the inn, looking like a slim and graceful woman.

Chen Jingzhi was still worried about the emperor’s injury.

When he looked up, he saw a beautiful woman approaching him.

Chen Jingzhi felt like his heart was struck, leaping in his chest.

The beautiful woman stopped in front of him and smiled, pink cheeks flushing red, her beautiful and graceful figure bowing to him in a salute.

“Teacher has been waiting long.”

Chen Jingzhi stuttered, “T-t-t-teacher?!”

He had only ever been one person’s teacher, and that was the emperor.

Bai Weiwei’s smile was fresh and pure. “Teacher, I think it’s too risky to have a man in the carriage, so why don’t we pose as brother and sister?”

Chen Jingzhi repeated in horror, “Brother and sister?”

Bai Weiwei: “Gege.”

Chen Jingzhi’s brain exploded with a boom. He staggered back a few steps, the blood rushing to his head without stopping.

When he reboarded the carriage, Chen Jingzhi was still reeling.

He drove the carriage like a drunkard, causing it to sway and stumble.

The system struggled to express itself. “He’s not the target.”

Using the aphrodisiac-like temperament, randomly hooking in people, it was a crime, ah.

Bai Weiwei gave a long-suffering sigh. “Ai, what else can be done. I don’t know how to go about fishing up the last 25 points, so I can only depend on outside forces.

System: “You want to be a red apricot tree leaning over the garden wall1?”

“Lean or don’t lean, I don’t know. I’ve reached this point. Xie this bent man surely won’t be able to make up that I like him, so I shouldn’t ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful2.”

She’d thought it’d be easy to brush up favorability in this plane.

As a result, thanks to this fraudulent side quest, it was harder than having a eunuch show a grand scene3.

Show a bit of affection, and Xie Yunting’s brain hole would assume that she liked him.

And then she’d be struck by lightning.

But if she didn’t dare to die, Xie Yunting’s favorability would be hard to come by.

For six months, she was just a fart4.

Bai Weiwei had never come across such shameless tasks.

Finally, she sighed.

“Now I can only rely on the sense of crisis of having the red apricot tree leaning over the garden wall to draw out Xie Yunting’s favorability.”

So the host was thinking of a 3P?

The system silently bought another bucket of ice cream. This dog-blood drama was too shocking; it needed to eat some snacks to recover.

“Tai Fu, the abandoned carriage has been found. They should have traveled by water, but it’s unclear if they’ve gone north or south.”

The person tasked to track them down trembled from his kneeling position as he reported.

Xie Yunting traced the little emperor’s familiar script on the imperial edict.

His face was expressionless, his eyes bleak and cold.

“No matter if it’s north or south, investigate everything. If you lack the people, just transfer more. Don’t let them escape.”

“Yes, Tai Fu.” The subordinate carefully responded.

He was terrified that the Tai Fu would go crazy again. It was said that the previous wave of people sent to investigate.

Because there were no results, they were all killed by the Tai Fu.

The Tai Fu during this time was especially cruel and vicious.

Xie Yunting set up a net covering the heaven and earth, madly searching for traces of the little emperor.

He barely slept during this time, not daring to close his eyes.

When he closed his eyes he saw the little emperor’s beautiful but ruthless face.

She hated him.

It was only after she left that Xie Yunting realized how much she hated him.

Clearly aware of his mind, but still deceiving him into entering, step by step, the abyss of love.

And she watched with indifferent eyes.

In this world, what could be crueler?

How ruthless her heart must be to be able to do this.

Xie Yunting entered the little emperor’s palace, his head splitting in pain.

The palace’s leaks and drafts had been patched up, and was now more comfortable and warm.

For fear that she would be uncomfortable.

But as soon as she left, he destroyed the palace.

Two days later, he regretted it, and personally oversaw the palace’s restoration.

1: 红杏出墙: a wife having an illicit lover.

2: 功亏一篑: spoil the ship for a half-penny worth of tar (this sounds old af); fail through lack of a final effort.

3: 让太监大展雄风: not 100% but “grand scene” might be referring to their (ahem) jj.

4: 嗝屁: dead.


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