MGCH Chapter 322

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (47)

Moreover, the little emperor went so far as to dress like a woman and travel with Chen Jingzhi.

Xie Yunting was so angry that his eyes turned red.

For this man, she dared to wear a woman’s dress.

Xie Yunting felt a burst of pain in his head and a spasm in his chest.

He fiercely grabbed a bow from one of the soldiers next to him, swiftly nocked an arrow, and aimed at Chen Jingzhi.

Xie Yunting had only one thought. Kill him.

But the arrow didn’t fly.

Bai Weiwei’s face changed. Her whole body jumped into Chen Jingzhi’s arms, holding him, with her back facing the arrow.

Xie Yunting’s finger shook, nearly releasing the arrow.

He immediately held back his strength. His face was filled with fury. “Bai Wei, what are you doing?”

Chen Jingzhi was also confused, held in Bai Weiwei’s arms. Her soft and weak body sticking to his made his soul separate from his body.

Bai Weiwei clutched Chen Jingzhi, emotions brewing in her eyes full of pitiful tears.

When she faced him, she looked determined. “Xie Yunting, I’ve already given you the throne. Why do you still want to kill us?”

Xie Yunting couldn’t hear her. His eyes were filled with the image of her holding another man.

“Us? Aren’t you the one who was most disgusted by cutsleeves and homosexuals? Then what does this mean, dressing as a woman, traveling with this good-for-nothing?”

Under Xie Yunting’s anger was endless bitterness.

In front of him, she hated cutsleeves.

But when faced with Chen Jingzhi, she was even willing to wear women’s clothing.

She stabbed him right in the heart.

Bai Weiwei sneered. She was unyielding as she spoke, one word at a time: “True love does not see gender. I love based on the person, not on the gender. This isn’t cutsleeve, but a love that can’t be denied2.”

Chen Jingzhi was stupefied: “Love that can’t be denied?”

Wait, wait, what true love, what not seeing gender, what was this?

Didn’t he and the little emperor simply escape as normal fugitives.

They even spoke formally with each other.

Although he had some thoughts, he hadn’t taken any action, and they… just fell in love?

This love came too quickly. It made him disheveled in the wind1

Bai Weiwei turned back and cupped his face with deep affection. “Jingzhi, you were willing to die in order to help me keep my power, and were even thrown in prison.”

Chen Jingzhi: His family had been loyal for generations, and his loyalty was because his parents had taught him well.

Bai Weiwei’s tears fell. “And for me, you threw away everything to escape from prison, just to save me. You’re willing to flee far away, and live on plain tea and simple food.”

Chen Jingzhi: No way, if he didn’t break out it was the same thing as waiting for death. He just happened to save her on the way out.

Bai Weiwei burst into tears, extremely despairing. “No number of obstacles can keep us apart. I’m willing to give up the throne and be with you.”

Chen Jingzhi’s face was shocked: You were a puppet. It doesn’t make any difference whether you step down or not.

Xie Yunting watched them, all the muscles in his body shaking.

The jealousy in his chest burned, causing him misery and suffering.

“You actually fell in love with him, with Chen Jingzhi?”

He forced out this question between clenched teeth, drawing blood.

Bai Weiwei was both deeply affection and mournful. “Xie Yunting, just let us go. This entire world is yours, what could you be lacking, why do you continue to chase us?”

Xie Yunting had never been so cornered and so desperate to escape.

“Having this world…”

There was no point.

His throat closed up and he didn’t dare to speak.

The little emperor looked at him, her eyes tranquil and dispassionate.

Her eyes when looking at Chen Jingzhi were affectionate and gentle.

For the first time, he experienced his heart being dug out.

1: 风中凌乱: extremely shocked and speechless.

2: 情非得已: an unavoidable situation, or a last resort.

Cheese: not to detract from what I’m sure is a heartrending scene, but I feel like XYT has had more than one experience of “his heart being dug out” before this LMAO WDYM you dramatic ass


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  4. Chen Jingzhi was also confused, held in Bai Weiwei’s arms. Her soft and weak body sticking to his made his soul separate from his body.


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