MGCH Chapter 323

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (48)

Then he heard Bai Weiwei’s voice, and again, felt an arrow pierce his broken heart.

“Moreover, Jingzhi and I have loved each other for a long time. I love him, Xie Yunting.”

I love him.

Love him.

Him… damn!

Xie Yunting finally lost his patience. He felt as though his hair were green1.

He unsheathed his sword, and quickly dismounted. In just a few steps he reached Bai Weiwei. “Step aside.”

Bai Weiwei unyieldingly protected Chen Jingzhi. She glared at him. “Xie Yunting, what are you doing?”

Xie Yunting held up his sword and looked at this pair of dog men in front of him.

He answered coldly: “You want to protect this waste? If you don’t move, I’ll kill you, too.”

Bai Weiwei was afraid, but she mustered up the courage. “You don’t understand. When you love someone, you’re willing to die with them.”

Xie Yunting laughed, melancholy. “Haha, I’d rather not know what it’s like to fall in love with someone.”

How could she so firmly step on his pain.

He was as low as dust2, and she mercilessly stepped on him.


Bai Weiwei’s face paled. “You should just kill me, too.”

Xie Yunting felt his sanity completely unravel. He grabbed her and shoved her aside.

Then he lifted his sword and thrust it into Chen Jingzhi’s chest.

Before the sword reached Chen Jingzhi, it was stopped by a pair of hands. The blade dripped with blood.

Xie Yunting’s pupils constricted. He gasped, and his sword dropped.

Bai Weiwei was covered in blood, looking like someone forced into a dead end. There was an angry glow in her eyes, beautiful and desolate.

“Xie Yunting, killing him is ending my life.”

Xie Yunting was rigid, completely mad with jealousy. The madness and ruthlessness in his eyes had nowhere to vent.

He was wrong.

The good-for-nothing was not Chen Jingzhi.

It was him.

He was disgraced to this degree, like a stray dog.

And yet he was still soft on her.

“Come here, Bai Wei.”

His voice was chilly, but there was a trace of desperation and fragility.

Bai Weiwei took a few steps back, disgusted and afraid to look at him.

Xie Yunting looked at the blood on her palm that was still flowing out. He knew that the wound was deep and couldn’t be delayed.

His tone softened uncontrollably. “I won’t kill Chen Jingzhi.”

Bai Weiwei released a breath, and this look of relief irritated him.

Xie Yunting rushed forward. Ignoring Bai Weiwei’s struggle, he held her in his arms, tore a strip off his robes, and held it to her palm to stanch the bleeding.

Then he turned back and ordered, “Seize them all.”

These soldiers in the background moved immediately, and arrested Gao Jixiang and Chen Jingzhi.

Xie Yunting was already riding with Bai Weiwei.

He brought over the imperial physician when they arrived at the relay station.

He was afraid that the little emperor, with her weak body, would fall ill due to the unfamiliar environment. So even when he rode day and night to catch her, he still didn’t forget to bring an imperial physician.

With a jolt, Bai Weiwei struggled to maintain her desperate expression. “Xie Yunting…”

Xie Yunting’s eyes were red, and his anger erupted. “Shut up. One more word, and I’ll cut Chen Jingzhi to pieces.”

Bai Weiwei immediately shut her mouth.

But this obedience made Xie Yunting feel even more heartbroken.

For Chen Jingzhi, she was able to give way to this extent.

She loved him that much?

What was so good about Chen Jingzhi?

His achievements were less than him, his abilities were less than his, and even his looks weren’t as good as his.

He was just a person who lost his hand3.

Why did the little emperor favor him?

1: Possibly a reference to “wear a green hat,” which means to cheat on the husband. Not sure why they chose to write hair here, though. Maybe XYT doesn’t wear hats?

2: 低到尘埃: part of the phrase 低到尘埃,开出花朵 (low to dust to bloom), written on the back of a photo that novelist Zhang Ailing (Eileen Zhang) gave to writer, politician, and later denounced traitor Hu Lancheng. There are 2 potential meanings. The one that best fits here is that when one is in love, they will appear humble and “low to the dust” (but still joyful and feel that life is good and perfect, hence “bloom[ing flowers]”)

3: 手下败将: part of the proverb 手下败将,何以言勇 (how can you be brave when you lose your hand). A person who was defeated by the speaker (in this case XYT)


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