MGCH Chapter 324

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (49)

Chen Jingzhi didn’t understand the situation. 

“The emperor loves me?”

How did he not know?

When exactly did this happen?

Gao Jixiang’s aged face was unusually reserved. He pondered for a bit before shaking his head.


Chen Jingzhi wasn’t an idiot. His mouth twitched. “I also think the emperor doesn’t love me, ah. Nothing happened between us.”

The little emperor’s behavior toward him this entire time was polite and careless.

He was no different from Gao Jixiang, just a person who took care of her.

He still had a sense of self-awareness.

“But why is the emperor putting on a show of being in love with me?”

Gao Jixiang was also confused, but seeing Chen Jingzhi who was even more perplexed, he seriously replied, “His Majesty must have his own considerations. You are a minister, you should share the burden of his worries.”

Chen Jingzhi briefly hesitated. “Do I need to pretend that I’m in love with His Majesty, too?”

Such a loyal minister was the first of his kind.

Gao Jixiang: “Do you still need to pretend?”

Chen Jingzhi was dumbfounded. He blushed and awkwardly turned away, not looking at Gao Jixiang.

Gao Jixiang: “Youngster, don’t get stuck in a pit.”

Chen Jingzhi dared not utter a sound. His face flushed even more intensely.

“The emperor is a woman.” He suddenly whispered.

He wasn’t blind. She’d been wearing women’s clothes this entire time. And that captivating smile, it was impossible for it to be a man’s.

Gao Jixiang: “Knowing she is a woman, are you no longer loyal?”

Chen Jingzhi’s silence was followed by: “My devotion before was due to loyalty and courtesy. My devotion now is due to love.”

An undeniable love, a deep devotion.

– – – – – – – – – –

And at the relay station, the system held a bucket of ice cream, and felt that its three views were completely shattered.

The host suddenly embraced a passing stranger as a shield, and played out a dog-blood drama about deep love and affection. It was seriously terrified.

Bai Weiwei quietly stretched out her hands to be wrapped by the imperial physician.

In the meantime, she chatted with the system: “I really had no other choice. I can’t hold on to Gao Jixiang, wanting to live and die together. I don’t mind it, but this kind of performance wouldn’t be effective.”

System: “Fuck, this speed is too fast. My IQ can’t keep up.”

Bai Weiwei: “No other way. I had to find a decent reason to allow myself to openly and honorably go seduce Xie Yunting.”

System: “Decent reason?”

Bai Weiwei: “For example, my lover was locked up by Xie Yunting, and he used him to threaten me to undress. I could finally take my off my clothes without having to worry about his brain hole thinking that I like him.”

She would do anything to curry favor and seduce him.

And Xie Yunting would only think she was doing it for Chen Jingzhi.

Not because she liked him.

If she didn’t make such a big play, she’d never get those favorability points.

System: How is this decent? Host, your purity, don’t corrupt it. Wake up, ah.

Bai Weiwei suddenly frowned. The wound was more painful than she expected.

Xie Yunting immediately glared at the imperial physician. “What are you trying to do? Regicide?”

The terrified imperial physician became even more careful.

Bai Weiwei frowned and looked at him, but Xie Yunting looked sullen and refused to look at her.

After her injuries were treated, Xie Yunting silently stuffed Bai Weiwei into a sleek and luxurious carriage.

Then he boarded the carriage and personally monitored her.

The carriage drove along.

Bai Weiwei’s scattered hair, and the camelia tucked behind her ear, made for a stunning and colorful sight.

Xie Yunting then thought that this flower was probably one that Chen Jingzhi placed on her, and he felt it was an eyesore.

He reached out to crush the flower and threw the remains away.

Bai Weiwei stared at him in fright.

The bun finally loosened. Her long, ink-black hair fell over her shoulders.

Her little face was white and flawless. Her eyebrows showed a faint worry, giving her a kind of melancholic, enchanting aura.

Xie Yunting only felt that this kind of beauty gave him a great deal of anxiety.

Did she look like this in front of Chen Jingzhi?


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