MGCH Chapter 327

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (52)

She was like a little snow fairy.

Flawless beauty.

Seeming to be unable to wait for a response, after a bit of a struggle in her eyes, she raised her body and kissed him softly.


There was no time for Xie Yunting to react.

Xie Yunting was sluggish to react. He reached up to touch his lips.

It was the first time she kissed him.

He didn’t know how he felt, only that his heart was in a state of confusion.

Jumping so wildly that he could hardly breathe.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 85.】

After Bai Weiwei kissed him, she immediately bowed her head, her face pale.

“I won’t see him. Let him go.”

Her words brought Xie Yunting back to reality. Again it was Chen Jingzhi.

For Chen Jingzhi, she could be this humble.

Before, she wouldn’t beg for mercy.

But now, for a man, she was willing to compromise.

Xie Yunting’s eyes burned red, not from anger, but from bitter embarrassment.

Bai Weiwie’s eyes dimmed. She sighed, full of grief.

Xie Yunting couldn’t stand her appearance of wanting to die and not live anymore.

“You care for him this much?”

A soft glow flashed in Bai Weiwei’s dim eyes. “He’s my most important person.”

Speaking about Chen Jingzhi, her eyes were full of joy.

Xie Yunting was stuffed with poison and dog food.

His heart was poisoned, and he felt as though he was bleeding from all 7 apertures.

He smiled coldly, but it was stiff and horrible.

He wanted to kill someone.

His words were squeezed out from between clenched teeth. “If you don’t run, he won’t die.”

Bai Weiwei nodded immediately. “I won’t go anywhere, really.”

He knew that she was saying this because of Chen Jingzhi. But Xie Yunting sadly discovered that even this sentence could make his heart soften.

She wouldn’t go anywhere, she would only stay by his side. How much more did he need.

Xie Yunting suddenly reached out and covered her eyes. He bowed his head and covered her lips again.

He didn’t want to see the disgust in her eyes.

This sweet and soft sensation compelled him to go deeper.

But he found that her body had stiffened. As though if she were kissed any longer, she would set herself on fire.

She was still cold and rigid, even resistant.

Xie Yunting smiled bitterly. He relaxed, then pressed her back into his embrace.

“The road back to the palace is long. You should sleep first.”

Seeing her looking so exhausted, he couldn’t bear to force her again.

Bai Weiwei didn’t say anything, nor did she struggle. She stayed quietly in his arms.

After some time, Bai Weiwei finally became tired. She slowly relaxed and fell asleep in his arms.

Xie Yunting held her, listening to the sound of her breathing. The deeply hidden sorrow and frustration finally surfaced in his eyes.

“How can I not even compare to that waste. I can give you the world.”

“What does he have? A broken-down thatched house? He drags you into his hardships. Clearly you’ve been the most pampered and spoiled since childhood, but he still makes you live so precariously1.”

“How can you suffer like this?”

“How could you just…”

Xie Yunting talked to himself for a while but found that he couldn’t say a single word of rebuke.

At last, he had to admit it.

He fell.

He just liked her, liked her very much.

After a few days in the carriage, Bai Weiwei finally spotted the palace gate.

Chen Jingzhi and Gao Jixiang were both tossed into jail.

Bai Weiwei’s identity remained unchanged. She was still the emperor.

Xie Yunting hadn’t exposed her thoughts and plans. But when she returned, she found that the palace had been renovated.

It was more ornate and more comfortable.

The best stuff had been stuffed in her palace anyways.

The difference was that the bed seemed to be much larger.

Yes. Xie Yunting had moved into her palace and lived with her.

1: 朝不保夕: living from hand mouth; imminent crisis.


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