MGCH Chapter 330

Translator: Cheese

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (55)

Bai Weiwei reached out and grabbed him by the shoulder, trying to stop any extremely wanton actions.

“Xie Yunting, aren’t you a cut sleeve? You know that I’m a woman, how can you feel desire for me?”

Although she tried to keep her tone calm, a bit of fear still seeped through.

Xie Yunting saw her originally pale face, warmed by the steam, turn a soft pink hue. Her long dark hair curled and scattered, giving her an appearance that made one go crazy.

His eyes were dark and his voice was hoarse. “You’re a man, and I’m a cutsleeve. You’re a woman, and I’m a beast.”

After that, he stopped caring about her resistance and fear.

He pinched her jaw and lowered his head to rest at her delicate lips. She clenched her teeth, refusing to open her mouth.

Xie Yunting’s movements paused slightly, but he didn’t let her go. Instead, bit by bit, he used the tip of his tongue to lick the contour of her lips.

And his fingers also explored this body that made him lose his reason.

He was slow and persistent, his fingertips grazing her skin that was smoother than water and more pure white than snow.

Her face clearly showed her stubborn resistance, not losing any of her cold loathing.

But her body, sultry and enchanting, lay open beneath him.

She tried to maintain a calm and tranquil expression, but beneath her eyes was a fragile and powerless fear.

Xie Yunting’s heart felt increasingly, hateful at her refusal.

He reached out and tore off the fluttering white curtains used to conceal the bath, and wrapped the gauze over her eyes.

He didn’t want to see the hatred in her eyes.

He was afraid he’d have an emotional breakdown, and burn both jade and stone1.

In this pool of red petals, she was the only thing, the color of snow.

Beautiful enough to suffocate him.

He couldn’t help but kiss her again, only to find that her lips and teeth had lost their strength, and no longer resisted his entry.

Xie Yunting was so pleased in his heart, he almost wanted to break past her lips and capture the sweetness he desired.

But the next moment, Bai Weiwei bit his tongue ruthlessly.

Xie Yunting suffered a sharp pain at the tip of his tongue. Withdrawing quickly was not a problem, but Bai Weiwei bit his tongue hard enough to draw blood.

Bai Weiwei said coldly: “Get out.”

Xie Yunting was stunned. The taste of blood completely shattered his kind and gentle attitude.

He smiled coldly. What was he expecting?

Was he expecting her to be merciful, and suddenly like him?

Truly a stupid, and weak mentality.

Begging but not being able to have. The person who could only be humble and cry bitterly as he pleaded, would never be him.

He wouldn’t beg. He would push.

Invasion, aggression, and absolute conquest were in his nature.

“Your Majesty, this official wants to enter you. If you have the ability then kill me.”

When he finished, he stopped taking into consideration her response, and his kiss began to ravage and he started to use force.

He kissed her pure white neck, exposed when he lifted her head. The heavy licking issued a subtle wet sound.

She quivered beneath him, seeming to be unable to endure it.

“Xie Yunting, stop, you stop.”

She begged in tears.

Xie Yunting only felt that her voice was seductive, making his entire body tense up.

He finally couldn’t suppress his beast-like nature. Anxiety, jealousy, and sorrow all turned into lust.

It burst, and he couldn’t wait to swallow her up.

His handsome face was no longer calm, and became sinister and warped.

He tried to probe, using kisses and fingers to make her shudder and shake.

While using his strength to torment her, he resentfully demanded: “Does Chen Jingzhi see you like this? Can he make you so happy?”

1: 玉石俱焚: burn both jade and common stone; destroy indiscriminately.


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