MGCH Chapter 331

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (56)

Bai Weiwei was completely humiliated but was forced to sink into this kind of immoral situation.

She panted and replied: “What are you thinking? His ability to make me happy is many times better than yours.”

She was not willing to beg for mercy.

Bai Weiwei cried out, “Xie Yunting, you’re not allowed to hurt him.”

Xie Yunting was both driven insane and sorrowful.

She was still thinking about Chen Jingzhi’s safety at this time.

He bowed his head and fiercely bit her neck. He hated that he couldn’t just kill her like this.

A miserable cry rang out.

His body kept shaking. He couldn’t help but pull off the white gauze covering her eyes.

He saw tears in Bai Weiwei’s eyes and the broken line of pearls along the corners of her eyes.

Except for the first cry, she said nothing else, but silently and numbly looked at Xie Yunting.

Just quietly shedding tears.

Xie Yunting felt like his heart was pierced by her tears.

He reached out and vigorously wiped her eyes.

“Stop crying. Do you think that I’ll let you go?”

Bai Weiwei didn’t utter a sound. Even the expression in her eyes was slack.

But the tears didn’t stop.

Letting Xie Yunting wipe them, she just cried silently. The despair made his heart crumple into a lump.

The flames of lust in his body were completely doused by her tears.

He was both distressed and resentful, but in the end, distress prevailed.

“Won’t touch you, I won’t touch you, don’t cry.”

His voice was full of humble pleading.

When Bai Weiwei heard him, she finally couldn’t control herself and started to wail.

The grieved and bitter crying sounds cut Xie Yunting’s heart into a thousand pieces.

He held her in his arms, the two of them were naked, but he didn’t feel any desire.

She rested her face on his chest, wetting it with tears.

For the first time Xie Yunting understood what guilt was, and felt distressed.

His behavior was worse than a beast’s.

How could he have been so heartless that even a beast would have treated her better?

His hands lightly patted her back, somewhat clumsily comforting. “If you don’t cry, I won’t touch Chen Jingzhi.”

Bai Weiwei cried even harder.

Finally, she stopped crying and, while sniffling, was carried back to bed by Xie Yunting.

He dressed her and covered in the quilt, his actions considerate and fawning.

It could even be called humble and seeking to please.

Bai Weiwei, feeling wronged, clung to him as she fell asleep.

Xie Yunting watched over her, waiting until her breathing evened out before leaving.

When he left, Bai Weiwei opened her eyes again.

She became unemotional. “I cried like an orange cat weighing a few hundred catties1. How could he still not have any rise in favorability?”

The system that had just finished washing out its eyes: “That man, ah, he served you so well, but had to hold himself back. It’s good enough that his favorability didn’t drop.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

– – – – – – – – – –

Xie Yunting sat in a chair, eyes gloomy, fiddling with a knife.

And in front of him was a cell, with Chen Jingzhi sitting inside.

“For what matters has Tai Fu come to visit in the middle of the night?”

Chen Jingzhi said, neither haughty nor humble.

1: 哭得像一只几百斤的橘猫: not sure if it’s a meme or some other reference (Garfield?? But he doesn’t cry…) it’s possible that orange cats have a reputation of being needy and/or spoiled…….???? Nonetheless catties are a type of weight measurements, 2 = 1kg from what I know.


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