MGCH Chapter 332

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (58)

Xie Yunting sized him up for a good while, the jealousy and hatred in his eyes growing more obvious.

He didn’t have much on his twig legs and his two eyes were just that1.

How could the little emperor continue to care for him?

He gripped the knife in his hand and couldn’t help but sneer. “‘For what matters?’ Chen Daren is truly a forgetful person. Inciting Zhao Wang’s rebellion, working with the imperial faction to break out of jail, and finally running off with the emperor. Which one do you say is not important?”

Chen Jingzhi lowered his eyes, his reply neither fast nor slow. “Tai Fu is wrongly accusing this small official. This small official was locked in prison. How could he have the ability?”

Xie Yunting also didn’t beat around the bush, and simply threw a pile of letters on the table next to him in the cell. 

“This is evidence of Zhao Wang’s correspondence with you, as well as testimonies from Zhao Wang’s confidant.”

Chen Jingzhi ignored the letters. He looked up at Xie Yunting, the expression in his eyes extremely calm.

“So? Are you planning to kill me, Tai Fu?”

Xie Yunting tossed the knife in his hand into the cell at Chen Jingzhi’s feet.

“I don’t just want to kill you. I want you quartered2, to crush your bones and scatter the ashes. But your dog life is still useful, so I’ll leave you alive.”

Chen Jingzhi’s face was expressionless, without a trace of emotional turmoil.

Xie Yunting smiled mockingly. “But capital punishment can help you avoid the living hell you will inevitably suffer in the palace.”

Chen Jingzhi finally couldn’t help but open his mouth. “In the palace?”

Xie Yunting frowned in loathing. “At first I wanted to mutilate your face, but seeing your disgusting face, there’s no worth. Instead, cut off your filthy thing.”

Chen Jingzhi: “Cut off my filthy thing?”

I have a filthy thing, and you don’t? (EN: this part is hilarious)

Xie Yunting coldly looked at him. “Will you do it yourself, or shall I have you tied up like a pig and castrated in public?”

Chen Jingzhi suddenly sighed. “Does Tai Fu know what he looks like now?”

Xie Yunting looked at him icily and didn’t respond.

But Chen Jingzhi was unaffected. He exclaimed in amazement, “It’s as though jealousy has become your second nature, a vicious little concubine who wants to frame the first wife. It’s unsightly.”

Xie Yunting’s sore spot was ruthlessly trampled by his words.

Chen Jingzhi was insulting him.

But how could Xie Yunting didn’t know that he was a jealous man?

Jealous that Chen Jingzhi could obtain her love, he was like a dark and vicious devil trying to separate them.

He stood up, kicked open the door of the cell, and grabbed Chen Jingzhi’s collar.

He pulled him up and began to punch him.

Chen Jingzhi’s strength was poor, and he couldn’t resist.

Xie Yunting’s eyes turned red with envy. He kicked Chen Jingzhi once, but feeling it wasn’t enough, kicked him several more times.

Chen Jingzhi curled up on the floor, his face pale. He coughed up a mouthful of blood.

He kept silent and didn’t beg for mercy.

Instead, he laughed. “Xie Yunting, you should see your face. Where does it still look like that spirited and energetic man with the power to overturn the world?”

Xie Yunting snarled: “Shut up.”

Chen Jingzhi laughed and said sarcastically: “You’re a lunatic. Even if you kill me, do you really think that the emperor will like you?”

Xie Yunting punched him in the stomach again.

He glared at Chen Jingzhi. “I told you to shut up. It seems that you don’t want your tongue?”

Chen Jingzhi’s eyes were full of confidence. Through a mouthful of blood, he challenged, “You don’t dare to kill me.”

Xie Yunting stiffened. He thought of the little emperor. Yes, if he killed Chen Jingzhi, what else could keep her here?

Chen Jingzhi coldly ridiculed, “Don’t demand things that don’t belong to you, Xie Yunting. You overthrew the emperor, and still hope to obtain the emperor’s affections. Are you stupid?”

1: 也没有多他一条腿还是两只眼。I know he’s expressing dissatisfaction but it’s an odd way to insult someone and say they’re not all that LOL the awkward phrasing made it a bit hard to tease apart what he was saying but I’m like 80% on the meaning.

2: 五马分尸: technically quinting (?); the four limbs and the head are each tied to a horse. The horses are then sent running off in 5 different directions. Because if you’re going to dish out the hurts you better go hard or go home, I guess.


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  1. OMG, Chen Jingzhi is so savage XDDD Calling the ML a vicious little concubine who wants to frame the first wife… HAHAHHAHA XDDD I know the ML is suffering but I can’t stop laughing and be entertained by this drama XDD

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