MGCH Chapter 339

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (64)

Xie Yunting hadn’t put on the proper emperor’s robes because there was still something he needed to do.

Zhao Wang was already dead.

All military power now fell into his hands.

The court was also purged. And because the previous emperor was mediocre and useless, had indulged in womanly charms and was derelict in his duties, the people had no way to get by.

So nobody protested Xie Yunting’s rise to the throne.

The dynasty had declined to this extent.

Xie Yunting was like their savior.

If it hadn’t been for Bai Weiwei, perhaps he would have assumed the position by now.

He held Bai Weiwei’s hand. “From today, there will be no Bai Wei in this world. You are no longer the emperor. You will only be my wife and the empress of this new dynasty.”

Bai Weiwei’s fingers were ice-cold, and even the expression in her eyes was cool.

She was silent. 

Xie Yunting’s heart soured. He would rather she hate him, curse at him, rather than see her like this.

“Wait for me. I’ll come to pick you up later.”

When he was about to turn and go, she suddenly said: “For how long are you going to keep me tied?”

She moved her foot, and the chain on her ankle made a noise.

Xie Yunting’s footsteps stilled. He was still a little uneasy, but thinking that she couldn’t run away, he came back.

He reached out and placed her in a chair. He bent down and grasped her foot, taking out the key to uncuff her ankle.

Once she was freed from the shackles, Bai Weiwei breathed a sigh of relief.

Xie Yunting took the chain and whispered: “If you run, I’ll lock you up in the future.”

Bai Weiwei suddenly lifted her foot and kicked him in the chest. “Leave, you thieving minister.”

Xie Yunting didn’t dodge or move and bore the brunt of her kick, the expression in his eyes still affectionate. “I’ll fight with you later, if you’d like.”

He gazed at her with a foolish but hopeful gaze.

Seeing enough, he stood up and headed out once again.

The system, who was momentarily speechless, finally spoke: “From bent man to do-M, it’s really not easy for host.”

Bai Weiwei: “Is he far away?”

The system confirmed.

Bai Weiwei complained: “Can’t it be cheaper? Three days, ah, a small packet of drugs for three days?”

The system sighed: “Your level is low. Without a discount, you don’t even have the authority to buy soul snatching powder1.”

Bai Weiwei: “Forget it, forget it, quickly sprinkle it.”

As of right now she had no power or influence, and Chen Jingzhi was preoccupied with fighting Xie Yunting and was too busy to help her out. 

But if there was even a small chance of saving herself, she wouldn’t ask the system for help.

The system scattered the soul snatching powder, and all the people in the palace hall watching her fell down, one by one.

Bai Weiwei immediately headed out. Everyone she met on the way was served soul snatching powder.

She continued unimpeded all the way until she reached the place where morning court was held.

She saw the emperor, the young man who looked like her, wearing the emperor’s clothes, sitting and trembling in fear.

There weren’t that many people left in the hall. A sprinkle of soul snatching powder, and they all fell.

It was a show2 today.

Xie Yunting intended to lead the army from outside directly into the palace.

Then he would kill the emperor with one shot, declare himself as emperor, and crown his empress.

It was a show to let the world know.

That Xie Yunting had rebelled, and the heavens would also change.

Compared to the beginning, when he wanted to boil her alive, and then seize the edict of abdication, this was more decisive, not leaving any escape route.

Bai Weiwei had long known Xie Yunting’s ruthlessness.

But to be this vicious, it was out of her expectations.

The youth, seeing her, panicked. “Did you come here to kill me ahead of time?”

From the very beginning, the substitute had known that he would die, but his fear hadn’t diminished by even half a point.

Bai Weiwei shook her head and suddenly smiled. “Come down and change clothes with us.”

The youth’s face was pale. “Change… change clothes?”

Bai Weiwei nodded, smiling slightly, her posture calm and relaxed. 

1: 迷魂药: TheWhiteBook and I did our best with this because it kept being translated as ecstasy and love potion LOL but it’s just a knockout drug! No literal soul snatching here, unfortunately(?)

2: TL engines called it a ceremony or rite, but the entire plan is more of a show or play imo.


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  1. Aah Xia was right! I had assume Zhao Wang was still alive – must’ve missed that part where he died..?

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  3. I so agree with RyuRyu this has been the most cringey arc for me..Xie Yunting…Xie Yunting…such a*damaged* man I cry for you …not reading end of arc..

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