MGCH Chapter 340

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (65)

When the youth saw her like this, he knew that he was a detestable counterfeit, not even half a point as relaxed as she was.

He obeyed her instructions and dazedly exchanged clothes with her.

Then Bai Weiwei scattered the soul snatching powder and knocked him out.

Bai Weiwei wore the dragon robe and crown. The jade bead curtain covered the upper half of her face.

She sat on the throne, her body as straight as a board, her eyes indifferent and her face tranquil.

“Tongtong, we’re going to die.”

System: “You’ve died so many times. Are you not used to it?”

Bai Weiwei sighed. “No, it’s just that the six months’ time isn’t up for another few days. I’m worried that when I die today, the minimum life subsistence guarantee will activate.”

Before time was up, the minimum life subsistence guarantee could activate at any time.

Deduct a few more days, and she wouldn’t even need to go back. Just directly blow up.

System: “Very painful. I’m worried you can’t bear it.”

Bai Weiwei: “I also can’t bear that I have to suffer. I’m poor, ah.”

Poor people not only lack the qualification to fall in love, but they also can’t even be comfortable.

The system silently glanced at the life subsistence grid, then, after a moment of hesitation, blocked it.

The pain of an arrow piercing the body was too agonizing.

Other than the life subsistence guarantee, it had nothing else.

It flipped through the discount market and halfheartedly said, “Okay, it’s turned off.”

Bai Weiwei laughed. “You’re so nice to me, Tong.”

The system just smiled and said, what’s this between us1, ah.

It turned out that the next thing Bai Weiwei said was, “You wouldn’t deduct my life points to secretly buy snacks.”

System: “…between us, am I that kind of system?”

Yes, it was that kind of system.

Xie Yunting, dressed in the armor he wore when he took over the palace, rode on a black horse and led the army through the open palace gates.

His eyes were cold. In his hands was the same bow from that day when, under the red plum tree, Bai Weiwei brought out the bow to shoot him.

Today was the real beginning for him and her.

He stepped into the palace and saw the main hall through the palace doors.

He rode to the outside of the palace halls, his eyes cold and his bow raised.

The man sitting inside was the substitute he had found. The soldiers behind him and the civil and military officials all saw the man sitting on the throne.

Solitary, wearing dragon robes and the royal crown, the slender little emperor looked as though he’d be blown away by the wind.

From far away, it was unmistakably the little emperor.

Xie Yunting didn’t look carefully. He was far away, and he didn’t want to see the face that looked like Bai Weiwei.

He was afraid that his heart would soften, and the arrow would miss its mark.

He looked towards the other side of the main hall, where the palace of the little emperor was.

She was sitting inside wearing the empress’ robes, waiting for his return.

Xie Yunting heard the sound of chains dragging across the floor and looked back.

It was Chen Jingzhi. He was wearing a prison uniform, his ankles chained and his face gaunt. 

Xie Yunting said with a smile: “Chen Jingzhi, take a good look. Today is the day I kill the emperor, ascend the throne, and take a wife.”

It’s okay if she didn’t like him.

He had plenty of methods, and one day he would wear her down and coax her2.

As for Chen Jingzhi, he would keep his life and slowly torment him.

Xie Yunting was precisely this sort of narrow-minded and petty person3.

Chen Jingzhi’s wounds had not healed yet before he was dragged here. 

During this time, he could guess based on what he saw and heard what Xie Yunting intended to do.

The one on the throne should be a substitute…

Chen Jingzhi looked up. The sunlit up the hall brilliantly.

And the distant figure on the throne, with vague and indistinct features, looked just like her.

Chen Jingzhi frowned. Although he couldn’t see clearly, the feeling he had at a glance was very similar to Bai Weiwei.

1: 咱俩谁跟谁: keeps getting tl’d to “who are we with”/”we are with who” but it seems to mean something along the lines of “we have a good relationship”???

2: 松口软化: 松口 = to relax one’s bit and release what is held; 软化=soften, wind over by soft tactics.

3: 睚疵必报 : to take revenge for even the smallest offense (e.g. being glanced at)


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