MGCH Chapter 342

Translator: Cheese

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (67) End

This sentence was soft and light, helplessly drifting through the air.

Xie Yunting was like a fool. He clutched her head and foolishly said, “Why can’t? I won’t take over the palace, I won’t be emperor. I’m willing to be a slave under your feet as long as you love me…”

Bai Weiwei smiled, and blood spilled from her lips. “Tai Fu is willing to be a slave, ah.”

He finally couldn’t control himself, and his humble pleading was accompanied by crying. 

“Willing, for you I can do anything. Hold on, the imperial physician is coming. As long as you hold on, I will be your slave.”

Bai Weiwei was so weak she couldn’t see clearly. She still didn’t feel any sharp pain in her body, but the loss of life force was not fake.

She heard the system countdown.

【10, 9…】

“But I only wish for Tai Fu to be high above, to be full of vigorous spirit, to have a glorious and wealthy life. I saw you at the beginning of that year, the champion parading the streets on his horse, the spring breeze that obtained its wish1. I hid behind the railing of a tall building, broke off a flower and threw it at your head. You turned around and smiled at me.”

【5, 4…】

Using all her strength she raised her head, her smiling face delicate and beautiful. “Seeing Tai Fu, really was the mistake of my life.”

She smiled lightly and printed a last kiss on his trembling lips.

【1… Host exiting the mission. Host successfully exited the plane.】

The touch of a kiss, and then it was gone.

Her eyes drifted closed, her breath stilled, and she lay quietly in Xie Yunting’s arms.

Xie Yunting was stiff, not daring to move.

There were more people surrounding them.

The imperial physician also arrived, but nobody dared to move forward.

Chen Jingzhi dragged his ankle chains and stood to the side. His face was pale, but he dared not speak.

As though if they were silent.

She wouldn’t leave.

The atmosphere was so tense and quiet it was suffocating.

Xie Yunting clasped her hand. Ten fingers intertwined, unwilling to separate.

Suddenly, he smiled, and his smile was unspeakably forlorn and full of despair.

But his voice was as soft as water.

“I didn’t think that, after meeting you, I was beyond redemption2.”

He still remembered the little emperor who stood under the snow-white red plum tree and smiled at him defiantly.

The petals flying past weren’t half as beautiful as her.

At that time, he’d thought, how could there be such a beautiful person in this world.

– – – – – – – – – –

When Ye Yuxuan woke, the despair in his eyes was frightening.

He stared at the ceiling.

He suddenly realized that he was still in a meeting. He hadn’t slept for nearly three days.

He had been watching over Bai Weiwei, but because of a major decision, he needed to return to the company for a meeting.

It was just a simple task.

From the hospital to here was half an hour’s drive. Meet for an hour, then return to the hospital.

He’d only been away from Bai Weiwei for two hours.

“Director Ye, do we need…”

Ye Yuxuan just closed his eyes and took a rest. The meeting also came to an end. The secretary next to him saw that he woke up and was about to ask whether to continue the meeting.

Ye Yuxuan stood up and reached for the suit jacket on the back of the chair.

Then he turned and exited. “End the meeting.”

His footsteps were somewhat quick.

His splitting headache was like an iron hammer knocking against his brain.

There was a voice in his heart, desperately calling out.

Find her, find her right away.

But he couldn’t remember at all, the woman’s face and name.

Only the voice was familiar. It had hardly changed.

The speed, intonation, and manner of speaking could change.

Only her voice didn’t change much.

He could even simulate the sound of her voice in his dreams.

He quickly drove to the hospital.

Along the way, the scenes from his dream were vivid.

Tearing into his heart, dripping with blood.

1: 春风得意: proud of one’s success. I feel like I already translated this in a footnote but you can never have too many reminders I guess.

2: 万劫不复: with no hope of reprieve; consigned eternal damnation; beyond hope.

Cheese’s Corner: So I came across another transmigration story that said Tai Fu is one of three ducal positions and generally is translated as Grand Tutor (Grand Preceptor???). What a time to find out the proper term :’)

Piper’s Corner: Ya… I’m not changing that XD



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