MGCH Chapter 343

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Reality (1)

Along the way, the scenes from his dream were vivid.

Tearing into his heart, dripping with blood.

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《The Regent’s Little Emperor》 Follow-up:

When Xie Yunting was six, he understood the meaning of “human nature is sinister.”

His own mother was drowned by being forced down in a water trough.

He hid in a stone cave, helplessly watching his mother’s body being thrown in the lotus pond.

Nobody was sad to see a singing girl die.

Xie Yunting dared not cry, dared not show sorrow.

Only in this way would the Xie family’s zhu mu lower her guard.

A sad and resentful child couldn’t live on.

He began to learn the art of lying low.

The servant’s bullying, the zhu mu’s torments, the family’s brothers’ contempt.

It made his life hard to bear.

He climbed up bit by bit, each step intertwined with humiliation. He vowed to become a human being.

He would not be trampled on by anyone.

Year after year passed, and he finally had power.

He was surrounded by countless people who curried favor with him.

There were even many women who were willing to die for him.

“Xie Yunting, I can die for you, just look at me.”

Xie Yunting was too lazy to look. Die then, die.

What he hated the most was precisely this type of person who would love at the drop of a hat.

If there was time to talk about feelings, it was better to fight for power.

His mother had a good life. For his father, she was willing to be a singing girl just to enter the Xie residence.

Then she was killed, and his life became miserable.

He wanted power, he wanted money. He didn’t want affection.

He overthrew the emperor because he wanted to stand at the highest place and never kneel to anyone.

In any case, the emperor was so stupid. The women in the palace competing with each other were so stupid.

From planning to execution, it only took a few short years.

The crown prince was a shadow that barely existed.

Weak and without opinions, lazy at a glance.

His first impression of her was the day she didn’t go to court, and he aggressively threatened her.

No matter how honorable her position, she dared not look at him.

This kind of power in his hands that could crush1 the most respectable man in the country.

This was what he wanted.

He walked into the palace, but she fell into his arms.


She was nestled softly in his embrace, like a cloud.

He could crush her if he wanted, but his fingers couldn’t help but relax.

One compromise, another compromise.

And then she really nestled in his heart.

Xie Yunting, even if this person willing to smile at him, he would be like his pitiful singing girl mother, willing to be trampled.

But even this humble wish was unachievable.

She said that she only wished for him to be high above, to be full of vigorous spirit, to have a glorious and wealthy life.

For this, she would rather not love him, not let him die, but also want him to sit in the highest position, refusing to let him come down.

Xie Yunting thought, what was the use of these?

She couldn’t reach such a high place.

It was better to be down in the dust and touch the soles of her feet, that was good, ah.

After her, even power was garbage.

When Chen Jingzhi entered the palace, he saw Xie Yunting coughing and cleaning Bai Weiwei’s memorial tablet.

This memorial tablet was made by Xie Yunting himself.

Chen Jingzhi sneered. “I’ve asked the imperial physician. The knot in your heart will kill you.”

Xie Yunting looked at the memorial tablet in his hands and touched her name.

Then he carefully set things aside.

“When I die, I want to be buried in the imperial tomb2. She’s been waiting for me for a long time.”

Chen Jingzhi said coldly, “She doesn’t want to see you. She’s waiting for you? You’re delusional3.”

Xie Yunting didn’t feel even a point of anger. He was actually delighted that he was going to die.

1: 搓: twist, rub/roll between the hands or fingers.

2: 陵墓: there’s no specification in the characters themselves for it being the tomb meant for royal descendants, but considering that BWW was emperor, I doubt XYT would place her in just any old tomb.

3: 自作多情 UHHH IDK if there’s an English equivalent for this??? It means to show affection on an uninterested party or to imagine that one’s love is reciprocated.

Piper’s Corner: Oof, why did the author have to split up the reminiscing chapters? It makes it hard to know where to put this arcs song, but I think next chapter fits better.


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  1. I’d say erotomania ? I’ll copy paste the definition from Wikipedia : Erotomania is listed in the DSM-5 as a subtype of a delusional disorder.[1] It is a relatively uncommon paranoid condition that is characterized by an individual’s delusions of another person being infatuated with them

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      1. Oh, I totally agree with you, I was just looking for an equivalent for the note number 3 自作多情 UHHH IDK if there’s an English equivalent for this??? It means to show affection on an uninterested party or to imagine that one’s love is reciprocated

  2. Why is the aftermath much sadder than the emperors death 😭?! When you think that you can escape the emotional abuse it just pulls you in again 😂

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