MGCH Chapter 345

Translator: Cheese

Proofreader/editor: Hali99

Reality (3)

【Ding. Capture success. Obtained one love point. Life extended by 1 month. Deducting 5 days for life subsistence guarantee, 3 days for 6 bottles of painkillers, 5 days for snacks. 17 days remaining. Host, please enjoy.】

The pain of that arrow actually used 6 bottles of painkillers.

Last time when she had leukemia, she used only 17 bottles for so many days, but this time she used 6 bottles for a few minutes.

No wonder it didn’t hurt at all.

Bai Weiwei opened her eyes and saw that she was in the hospital.

She was already calm.

She didn’t get up and yell, and she didn’t immediately jump out of bed.

She needed to talk to the system.

“Say, you always use my precious life points to buy snacks. There must be a reason. You’re not that insensible of a system.”

System: “Oh, I’m a glutton1.”

Bai Weiwei smiled gently. “Glutton that spends my life, I’ll kill you, oh~”

The system was silent for a moment, then pulled out a tissue and started to sob. “I also want to eat, but basic food is too expensive. I dare not spend too much and can only buy snacks. If I don’t eat, I’ll starve to death.”

Bai Weiwei: “…” 

The system complained tearfully, “What can I do, ah. I can’t even afford to eat snacks. I’m hungry every day, ah.”

Bai Weiwei: “How much is the basic food?”

Crying over a meal, was she some sort of Monsieur Grandet2 who abuses her system by not giving it rice to eat?

System: “A meal from the system’s university dining hall costs a month of life points. A snack only costs 5 days.”

Bai Weiwei: “Eat snacks.”

Yes, she was the Grandet who didn’t give her system a meal.

If the system ate up a month of life points, what was she still doing living. 

Just take a rope and strangle herself3.

Bai Weiwei looked over to an approaching nurse, and after an inquiry, found that Bai Changyan was not discharged from the hospital.

Her father seemed to have gone home to get her soup.

The nurse added with envy, “Your boyfriend was watching over you for three days. It seems that he left for a bit just now because of something.”

Boyfriend? Oh, Ye Yuxuan, ah.

What did he want to do with her? Wait to suck out her life points?

A thief who wants her life points, stinky shameless bastard.

Bai Weiwei got out of bed to look for a telephone, but when she got to the corridor, she couldn’t help but chat with the system, “Where is the phone? I’ll call daddy to tell him I’m safe and conveniently have him call off the engagement with that death star.”

They had such similar energies. If they got too close to that guy again, she was afraid that her ten-some days of life would be gone again.

The system suddenly said: “Run fast.”

Bai Weiwei paused, and her footsteps stilled. “What happened?”

The system responded hurriedly, “Remember, don’t talk to Ye Yuxuan, don’t get close to him, don’t be touched by him. In short, if you see him, run the other direction.”

Bai Weiwei: “?”

Then she looked up and saw a man coming from the end of the corridor.

He was wearing black suit pants and a white shirt, with a suit jacket in his hand. His footsteps were slightly rushed, his deep and bottomless dark eyes fixed on her.

On that handsome face, there was a tense and frightful expression.

Wasn’t this Ye Yuxuan?

Then she heard a sharp warning sound. 【Detected original host Ye Yuxuan. Energy feedback started, forced to send rewarded life points. 17 days… 16 days…】

Bai Weiwei’s complexion changed drastically. What was going on?

They were clearly still several meters apart, ah.

The system immediately screamed, “Weiwei, hurry up! His energy is stronger than last time, you can’t beat him. If you don’t run, all the rewards I send you will be given to him!”

Bai Weiwei wanted to scream “fuck!” How could there be such a pain in the ass4 in this world.

Simply her god of misfortune5.

1: 嘴馋: says glutton but also could be to be fond of good food (so more like foodie?)

2: Felix Grandet, the father of Eugénie Grande from the eponymous title (1833) by French author Honoré de Balzac, is extremely wealthy but also an extreme miser.

3: Not to make a joke about suicide, but this was initially translated as “take a noodle and strangle herself” which I thought was morbidly hilarious given the topic about expensive food that literally costs life points.

4: 讨厌的家伙: a nasty/disgusting/annoying fellow, a holy horror. All the combinations made me giggle.

5: 衰神: decline/decay/become weak or feeble + god.


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  1. So it’s said, for people who don’t mind minor spoilers:

    004 isn’t joking about starving to death, a lot of future problems happen because it’s either weakened from prolonged malnutrition or distracted working on alternative means of generating income for food. Poor thing.
    And to think how many of you disparaged this pitiful starving system in the comments and NU reviews, for shame.

    1. Wow, I had no idea the poor system actually could get hungry and really could starve! Poor baby… maybe WeiWei should just use up her whole time on him… God knows the poor woman doesn’t get to use her time as is, thanks to the “death star”!

      BTW, why *is* her fiancee really sucking out her time? Does he even need it or is this a side-effect of some other crazy thing, like him getting actual feelings? I don’t mind spoilers, btw… 😛

      Thanks again for the awesome (and freaking fast!!!) translation. I am so addicted to this story!

      1. Why Ye Yuxuan sucks out her life?

        This was mostly explained in Ch. 280:
        Ye Yuxuan and Bai Weiwei have identical auras/qi fields. This is the reason Bai Weiwei is always taken to his dreams to harvest his energy/qi, because it’s compatible with her aura. However, Ye Yuxuan’s aura is much stronger than Bai Weiwei’s, so whenever he gets close to her identical aura full of identical energy he unconsciously starts sucking it all up. And who could blame him, it was after all, originally his.

        1. I see… thanks for the info! But ultimately, the system wants her to harvest energy to give him a heart back, right? Or is it that she really does need to stay alive but is very bad at it?

          1. Ye Yuxuan’s changing emotional state has never been indicated as a goal of either Bai Weiwei or 004 at any point, that’s just jokes we have been making in the comment section. Maybe we confused you because us translators have been joking about it too?

  2. Really makes one wonder… I think this system belongs to ML, they used her to help him get back his emotions /feeling…

  3. It call ML the original host and system said something like bonding with FL was a mistake. So I guess, in the first place, system was mean to bond to the ML. That’s why the life point keep transferring to him.

  4. This is getting annoying. She just gotten her life back only awaken for a fee minutes and now she have to go again?

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