MGCH Chapter 346

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Reality (4)

She immediately turned around and ran.

Behind her came the sound of quick pursuit. Ye Yuxuan felt an anxious ache in his heart.

He stared at the woman in front of her. Was it her?

It was the first time he ever felt so extremely anxious.

He shouted somewhat unfamiliarly: “Bai Weiwei, Weiwei?”

It was the name of his fiancee, but he rarely saw her and hardly ever called her.

Her name was clearly something that belonged in his memory’s trash bin and didn’t need to bring out for a refresher.

But after he called a few times, it actually felt… comfortable?

After repeatedly calling out this name, the burning anxiety in his body faded.

After realizing it, he thought of a word to describe it.

It was… happy.

He was happy.

Bai Weiwei was freaking out.

【Fifteen days… fourteen days…】

Mom, ah, what was he after?

Hadn’t he ignored her before?

She remembered when they met for the first time, he looked up at her, then waved a hand.

“Just her, throw out.”

Yes, they met for the first time in his company.

Then she was, by the bodyguard… thrown out.

She thought she was too intimidating, and that she would not be this dead bastard’s fiancee.

In the end, the next day, she received a written notice that she passed the interview and became his fiancee.

Was this a job?

Even getting a written notice.

So Ye Yuxuan was a workaholic, a monster without feelings.

And now this monster with no emotions was chasing her?

He even calculated how much time it took to walk.

What was he chasing her for? Before, he wouldn’t chase, but now that he shouldn’t chase, he chased.

She and he were born with incompatible characters1!

“Weiwei…” Ye Yuxuan had long legs. One step was several of hers.

He was about to catch up.

Bai Weiwei heard the evil reminder again.

【Thirteen days… twelve days…】

System: “Within ten meters, your rewards will be taken away by him, so quickly run outside this range.”

Bai Weiwei screamed, “Ye Yuxuan, are you a stalker bringing bad luck2, stop following me!”

Her life points were flying away, hualala.

She hated it, ah.

Ye Yuxuan, hearing her voice, staggered, leaned a hand against the corridor wall, and looked at that receding figure that didn’t hesitate to escape.

In his dream, that woman always left like this.

Her figure from behind vaguely matched the person in his dreams.

He didn’t notice how sorrowful his eyes were when they watched her leave.

Going through this deep despair over and over.

To the point that he was numb.

Suddenly, he was in a panic, feeling that she was going to disappear.

Qin Qiu held a cup of coffee in his hand and looked over Bai Weiwei’s medical record while drinking.

Bai Weiwei’s body was in good condition, and her heart was relatively stable. For the time being, there wouldn’t be much change.

It was the strange coma that made him research until his hair fell out.

Suddenly, he raised his head and saw Ye Yuxuan flusteredly running ahead, an expression of grief on his face.


Was Ye Yuxuan, right?

The one whose expression of indifference was actually facial paralysis, whose deep and profound eyes were actually just dull and lifeless, whose elegant footsteps were actually as precise as a robot’s… that Ye Yuxuan, right?

Qin Qiu was dumbstruck. “Hey, Ye Yuxuan?”

Ye Yuxuan passed by like a gust of wind. Because Qin Qiu was in the way, their arms bumped against each other.

Qin Qiu was hit and fell against the wall. The coffee in his hand fell on the floor.

He dazedly watched the panicked Ye Yuxuan disappear.

1: Eight Characters: birthday characters used in fortune-telling. I’ve seen them mentioned most often in web novels with ancient Chinese settings, where the families to be joined in matrimony exchange the bride and groom’s birthdates to determine auspicious dates and times for marriage.

2: 丧门星: messenger of death, person bringing bad luck; also probably the reason why I keep seeing BWW calling YYX a death star.

Cheese: reminds me of that one horror movie “It Follows.” as much as id love the idea of a hot guy chasing after me i think id be pretty terrified in her shoes too


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  1. >What was he chasing her for? Before, he wouldn’t chase, but now that he shouldn’t chase, he chased.

    Fuhahaha, welcome the delightful world of romance novels, girl! You chase ’em, you’re the villianess. You run, they’ll follow you! Never fails!

  2. If only the system was a little stronger. It would be able to stop the life draining. Too bad the ML is too strong.
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  3. “She always left that way” She never once sprinted down the hallway when leaving you you fool

  4. Thank you for the chapter. I hope they figure out a way for him to not take away all her hard earned days.

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