MGCH Chapter 348

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife1 (1) 

Headache, heart ached, soul ached.

She gazed at the ceiling, emotionless.

The system waved a small flag to cheer her up, “Host, hold strong, you still have many chances.”

Bai Weiwei’s face was mournful, “No, I’m still going to die. What’s the use of attacking so hard? I might as well transport bricks. That can at least earn close to a hundred a day in wages.”

So many missions, yet not one day’s life could be earned.

She also let her system fall to the point of eating snacks on credit.

She must be one of the most failed task takers in history, no, the only.

System: “Try to accumulate a few more successful missions, I can apply for a task upgrade expansion for you.”

Bai Weiwei: “Oh.”

System: “When you wake up next time, you hide, don’t come into contact with Ye Yuxuan.”

Bai Weiwei remained as indifferent as a salted fish.

The system racked its brains, “After the upgrade to the tasks, the rewards will also be upgraded, and there will be six months of life value.”

Bai Weiwei repeated, “Six months?”

The system nodded, “Correct, ah.”

Bai Weiwei suddenly sat up, “Then what am I sleeping for, get up, hah.”

The system breathed a sigh of relief.

It was only then she noticed her situation.

Hotel Presidential Suite, bed big enough for two people to roll on.

She was laying in bed, naked. And in the frosted glass bathroom, there was a man with a strong build, behind her back, taking a shower.

Bai Weiwei looked silently at the fuzzy glass and the wiggling buttocks inside the glass.

So this was…… her target?

【The goal of this mission is to gain the love of Su Shian. Mission objective, Su Shian. Time, four months.】

And the memory was transmitted.

Bai Weiwei’s face turned pale, she reached for her forehead, to hold back the feeling of discomfort.

According to the memory, the man who was shaking his butt was called Chen Wenfeng and was Su Shian’s rival.

Her current identity was Su Shian’s wife.

So, was she cheating?

Just as she was thinking about it, the bathroom door was pushed open and the man came out with a bath towel wrapped around his lower body.

His face was handsome, eyes held a sense of wanton restlessness, at least 1.85 meters, muscle lines uniform and gorgeous.

At first glance, he was a veteran at granting green hats.

“Woke up?” Chen Wenfeng said with a smile.

Bai Weiwei has not yet digested the memory, her expression was a little sluggish.

Chen Wenfeng wasn’t concerned. Anyway, this woman, Bai Weiwei was notoriously boring. A spinster that was known inside the circle and out.

She was married and actually still a virgin.

Ridiculously rigid person.

If not to force her out of the Su house, he wouldn’t be bothered to have an affair with her.

Chen Wenfeng went to the bedside while untying the bath towel, “It’s good that you woke up, let’s do it.”

He thought that when he said this, Bai Weiwei would look down in fear and shame.

An old virgin who had never seen a man in her life.

As a result, Bai Weiwei did bow her head, but slowly gave his lower body a glance, suddenly the corner of the mouth raised, could not help laughing out loud.

Chen Wenfeng: “……”

His little brother, was laughed at?

His family treasure2, was laughed at by a virgin?

Chen Wenfeng rushed to the bed, directly trapped her in his arms, sneering, “Later, when Su Shian comes, you cry out nicely, or else I’ll kill you.”

Bai Weiwei finally absorbed the memory.

The her in this mission was called Bai Weiwei.

A traditional and uninteresting woman married to Su Shian on his grandfather’s orders.

Su Shian was so bored of her that he slammed the door, and left her on their wedding night, making her a big joke.

Three years of marriage to him were encapsulated there.

Su Shian hated not divorcing her but dared not bring it up to his grandfather’s face.

And Chen Wenfeng’s little sister desired Su Shian’s wife’s position for a long time.

She encouraged her brother to give Bai Weiwei medicine and then cause an incident of adultery so that Su Shian had a reason to divorce.

When she arrived, it was the original owner who was drugged and thrown on the bed.

Bai Weiwei sighed, another stupid original owner.

She was just about to kick Chen Wenfeng away when the door suddenly opened.

A beautiful man came in, his footsteps careless, eyes faintly swept over them.

“It seems I’ve interrupted you guys.”

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at -30.】

1: Red second generation refers to the children of entrepreneurs who became wealthy under Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms in the 1980s.

2: 雄风, Masculine wind, hurricane, glory, treasure? His “that“. The 风 is the same feng/wind as his name so his pet name for it might be the first one?



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