MGCH Chapter 350

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (3)

Su Shian watched her coldly. In just the blink of an eye.

He saw her wrapped in sheets up to her neck, similar to an Arab woman.

Always like this, she was still conservative to the point of boredom.

This kind of woman, any man who saw her would wither.

His tone was calm and flat, “Sign your name, this is over.”

Bai Weiwei blankly stared at him, tears emerged. She suddenly reached out and held on to the corner of his clothes.

“Don’t you have even a little bit of feelings for me?”

Su Shian couldn’t help but laugh sarcastically, “If it’s feelings of disgust, there are.”

Bai Weiwei’s complexion gradually paled.

“Do you know? I, I to you……”

“Love me?” He blandly brought it up. The secret she tried to keep.

Bai Weiwei stiffened, she peered at him uneasily. The corner of her mouth trembled and finally with great difficulty, she opened up her heart.

“I love you, I love you so much.”

The original owner did love Su Shian.

But she never confessed, just to maintain her poor dignity.

Su Shian was nonchalant and without waves. He observed her top to bottom.

“It’s really creative to confess to your ex-husband, naked, in someone else’s bed.”

Her face was white.

Ready to sacrifice everything on this confession, but it was just shattered by his uncaring eyes.

“Unfortunately, I don’t like you at all, a woman who lives like she’s in a feudal society. I can’t relax at all with a woman like you, and I lose any appetite when I see you.”

Bai Weiwei sat silly, she wanted to act out an expression of despair.

But suddenly, a fire started in her lower abdomen.

A heat and a tide.

Uh…… forgot about the drug.

It wasn’t just medicine, it was an aphrodisiac.

The drug attacked and the man who was going to have an affair with her was half disabled.

Then Su Shian also suddenly smothered a sound, his face red, pants protruding into a tent.

The scene was very embarrassing.

Chen Wenfeng was in pain but coolly laughed, “Su Shian you also have days like this. The red wine you drank, was your wife’s drink. I added a medicine that makes people long for life and death, you also drank a whole cup.”

Su Shian was angry and his eyes were chilled as he glanced at Chen Wenfeng.

Chen Wenfeng and Su Shian had been mortal enemies since childhood.

Whenever one of them was unlucky, the other would be happy enough to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

“Then you two have fun, I’ll go first.”

Chen Wenfeng pushed the ‘powerless from being drugged’ Su Shian roughly into the bed.

Su Shian reacted as though he was rolling in a frying pan.

Suddenly plunged into the soft embrace of Bai Weiwei.

He was trembling, his face red and gasping violently.

Damn it, this medicine wouldn’t let people go.

He knew there was a kind of aphrodisiac, that weakened people at first.

But when the drug really attacked, people would lose their minds, they would become very brave charging forward.

Obviously, Chen Wenfeng was using that kind of drug.

Chen Wenfeng limped over to cut the phone line. Then left, happily closing the door and locking it behind him.

In this way, no one could escape.

Want to use him, humph, no way.

On the big bed of the suite, Su Shian and Bai Weiwei rolled into a ball together.

Two people, flushed to the ears. One’s eyes ferocious, one’s expression innocent.

Su Shian: “Don’t touch me, woman.”

Bai Weiwei twisted her body and indeed, heard a violent pumping sound.

She trembled, “I didn’t touch you.”

Su Shian’s eyes gradually lost their cool. Her sheet had mostly fallen off and her snow-white skin was exposed.

She had always been conservative and pedantic and she would not even wear clothes that showed her arms in summer.


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  1. >“Unfortunately, I don’t like you at all, a woman who lives like she’s in a feudal society. I can’t relax at all with a woman like you, and I lose any appetite when I see you.”

    Ugh, this guy is the worst. The WORST. Crush him, Weiwei! I know you can do it!

  2. LOL can’t even win. Dress up all covered.. Called out for being boring. Dress casual with shorts and. Stank.. Get called out for being a slut. Gee
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  3. I’m an Arab woman and feel too offended
    Just because we cover ourselves up and don’t go around drinking and go to nightclubs it means I’m boring !

  4. I hate men like him (ml) who likes to ogle at women’s body or face. If they want to like someone like that way, then go to brothel

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