MGCH Chapter 352

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 The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (5)

(NSFW content, read away from prying eyes!)

Seeing him about to wake up, she hurriedly screamed dully, “Yamete1!“

Su Shian: “……”

System: “……”

This kind of bed talk, really had no emotion.

Su Shian suddenly mocked, “This conservative-looking woman secretly watches Japanese films2. If your desires are dissatisfied, ah, I’ll satisfy you.”

Bai Weiwei: Not just Japanese. European and American blurs, Korean cut off shots, Chinese mosaics, what hadn’t she seen?

She felt she was being ridiculed. He had a pillow, how in the world could he satisfy her?

Taking advantage of Su Shian’s desire for the pillow, she found the refrigerator in the suite and opened it to take out the ice tray.

Poured the ice into a bag and poured a cup of cold lemonade.

And just sat on the chair beside the bed.

Then she put the ice bag down on her lower body.

The intense coldness brought back her sanity.

Just some useless aphrodisiac, dreaming of controlling her?

The intensity of Su Shian riding on the pillow grew, he gasped for a long time and his muscles were tense to the point of trembling.

“Think you can not moan if you bite your lips?”

Bai Weiwei cleared her throat and suddenly moaned.

Hearing this sound, feminine and haunting, even an immortal could die happily.

Su Shian’s violent actions paused a moment, eyes heated up.

Bai Weiwei began to squeeze out a call, “Husband, you spare me, mmm~ ah~“

The tail of the tone trembled with a whimper, so as to lure a man and make his body burn.

Su Shian swallowed a mouthful of water, he held his pillow in confusion to suppress his beastly instincts.

Bai Weiwei drank water on the side while moaning “mmm, ah, yeah”.

Her pitiful whines all revealed an erotic, lingering sensation.

These moans lasted almost all night.

Su Shian, that animal, when looking at her little white face, his physical strength was greater than Superman.

He could tumble so long, even while only holding a pillow.

Bai Weiwei’s expression was unsightly. She had covered her midsection three times with ice, over the course of two hours, but the drug’s effects had finally passed.

But Su Shian, that guy, why was he still holding the pillow and rolling about?

Helplessly she could only continue to drink water and expressionlessly continue to make bad noises.

She ran to the toilet several times.

It wasn’t easy, Su Shian didn’t finally stop until after the sky brightened.

He caressed the pillow in satisfaction, “I didn’t think you were so debauched, such nice moans.”

Bai Weiwei sat on the side, face scrunched. She took a sip of water.

She screamed out all night, her voice was hoarse and for the first time, she had the idea of cutting off another person’s JJ.

Su Shian hugged the pillow and fell asleep.

Bai Weiwei got up and rubbed her exhausted throat.

Then she found the divorce agreement, bitterly signed her name and threw it on the table.

She surveyed the scene, it seemed a bit too tidy.

And Su Shian’s body was also too clean, there’s no traces of passion.

She vented her anger and pinched his muscles.

She flashed her nails, severely scratching his back.

Most importantly, women who lose their virginity had a drop of red.

She bit her finger in an old fashioned manner and drew on the sheets.

Finally, the most important step.

A conservative woman who lost her first night and wanted to escape would not be composed.

So when dressing in a panic, whatever was left behind would also be excusable.

She took out her underwear very calmly from under her clothes.

Then threw it in Su Shian’s face.

She stooped nobly and frigidly said: “A reward, you’re welcome.”

Having done all that, she turned and walked away.

The advantage of the simulator was that the simulated scenario becomes real.

So the picture inside the monitor screen was created by the simulator.

Su Shian woke up with a splitting headache and he sat up and looked around in a trance.

Suddenly his eyes cleared up. What did he do last night?

Still waiting for the memories, a bra fell from his head to his leg.

Su Shian: “……”

1: In case you’ve forgotten Yamete is Japanese for “Stop” a phrase that seems to be common in J-porn.

Special thanks to the lovely, talented and undoubtedly beautiful Cheese for clearing that up for me last time. Incidentally, Su Shian might criticize Bai Weiwei for saying that, but he knew it right off the bat without any editorial assistance. I think it’s pretty clear that he is, in fact, a man of culture as well…

Cheese: DAWWW WhiteBook you’re too kind <3 also just want to point out that while the idea of virgins bleeding during their first time is a common trope in novels, this is not always the case!! Bleeding is typically attributed to a torn hymen, but hymens can also break for a number of non sexual reasons e.g. intense sports. You can also not bleed during your first time, and this has implicated a number of innocent women throughout history whose hymens didn’t tear. Please take this part of the story with a grain of salt.

Piper: Lol, I was gunna mention this as well, be careful of the things you learn from porn! It’s not always true XD


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