MGCH Chapter 354

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (7)

Bai Weiwei threw the phone aside and applied a cucumber mask on herself.

Staying up late was unfriendly to women, and dark circles were starting to form.

The system examined the objects that filled room and finally couldn’t help but ask: “You are going to divorce, but are afraid that with no golden thighs to hug you will go hungry, so you want to open your own clothing store?”

Bai Weiwei promptly checked into the hotel, in a room on the floor adjacent to Su Shian.

Then in addition to doing her beauty routine and sleeping, she had also been looking through clothing catalogs to make orders.

There were also cosmetics, skin care products, and cosmeceutical products1.

A variety of little things that belonged only to women: perfumes, heels, lace underwear and so on.

The system was dazzled.

Bai Weiwei sighed: “The original owner wasn’t a woman.”

She’d lived too roughly.

From small to large she had no makeup, no skin care, no sun protection.

Apart from studying mechanically or reading books, there wasn’t a single merit.

Even went so far as to think that a woman with makeup was not a good woman.

A woman who was natural and free of impurities, who didn’t rub on preservatives, was her idea of a good wife and mother.

How horrifying, ah.

For Bai Weiwei, she couldn’t live like this.

For a task, she couldn’t do it either.

Because if she imitated the original, she estimated she would be a joke.

System: “She was a woman. Who buys so many clothes?”

Bai Weiwei: “Too many? Where is it too many. I think there are still a few missing.”

Then she started flipping the magazine again, planning to match a couple more outfits.

Women never thought that they had too many clothes, only that their wardrobe wasn’t big enough.

The next day, the Su family’s patriarch2 had his seventieth birthday.

Patriarch Su was from a military origin. He served fearlessly in the face of death and coupled with good judgment of his situation, he even rose all the way up to the top.

By the time he retired, the Su family had completely established themselves in the political circle.

All of the uncles in the family served a couple sessions in the military and went into politics.

Only Su Shian wasn’t willing to take this road. He only had a natural affinity for numbers, so when he grew up he went into business.

He made a name for himself doing big business.

Even the patriarch looked highly on Su Shian by a margin.

And Bai Weiwei’s identity was a little bit special. To call her a child bride wouldn’t be too much.

Her parents and grandfather all died to protect Patriarch Su.

Patriarch Su happened to be a man with great feelings of brotherhood, not only adopting Bai Weiwei, but also letting her marry his grandson.

What sort of modern society used marriage to repay a debt?

Su Shian would be troubled.

Not to mention, that woman, Bai Weiwei, simply wasn’t his type.

Had it not been for a major crisis in his company, making him need to suck up to his grandfather to get a piece of land, he would sooner die than marry.

Fortunately, they had divorced.

Su Shian drove a car to the front of the hotel to pick up Bai Weiwei.

She didn’t go back home yet. No one in the family knew that they were divorced.

After picking up Bai Weiwei, Su Shian intended to go back and announce their divorce to everyone.

He couldn’t let Bai Weiwei have the slightest bit of the possibility of returning to his side.

He called and asked her to come down.

Bai Weiwei lazily responded and directly hung up her phone.

Su Shian: “……“

He got out of the car. In his chest, there was no shortage of stuffy and stifled feelings.

He couldn’t help but take out a cigarette and light it in his mouth. When he was vexed, he liked to smoke.

This was one of his ways to suppress it.

He was reluctant to admit that this insignificant woman Bai Weiwei had irritated him.

It seemed when they went to bed, something changed.

Suddenly, a gorgeous woman leisurely walked out from the hotel.

Her slightly curled long brunette hair swayed with the breeze. Her dark blue starry skirt showcased her toned body. Her slender waist and long white legs were all very alluring.

Su Shian took a look and could not move his sight.

Her eyes were casually raised and her lips were red, brilliant but not vulgar. The whole person was so exquisite and beautiful she seemed to glow.

With a cigarette in hand, Su Shian leaned against the door and couldn’t help but stare at her.

Suddenly the woman had looked over. Her line of sight met with his, and Su Shian felt nervous and excited all at once.

Then she approached step by step.

When she came to him, the woman finally said, “Okay, we can go.”

This familiar voice, a clearer view of that face, familiar and strange.

Su Shian’s voice started to shake a bit. “Bai Weiwei?”

1: 护肤品,保养品: both seem to be related to skin care but my (Cheese) ignorant ass can’t tell if there’s a difference between the two. When I Googled 保养品 I got a wiki page on cosmeceutical products so there we go, I guess.

2: 老爷子=Lao(old) Ye(father/master) Zi(Child/son/seedling) So this can be translated as either Old man Su, Grandfather Su, or Patriarch Su.


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