MGCH Chapter 355

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (8)

Bai Weiwei’s face held no expression, eyes terribly indifferent.

“Not going to your grandpa’s birthday party? It’s almost time.”

Su Shian countenance slightly changed. His mind was a bit muddled. It really was her?

“Why are you dressed like this?”

Bai Weiwei lifted her gaze, cold and bright, with a sharp chill.

“Didn’t you say that I was old fashioned like an ancient corpse at the end of the Qing Dynasty, with dress sense like a primitive person, ugly and disgusting? So I listened to you; I changed my style.”

These sentences were spoken word for word.

Calmly, with no mood fluctuation, but there was a sharp cynicism.

When she didn’t wear makeup, her face was still beautiful.

But in his view it was abominable.

She was dressed conservatively and didn’t dare to wear brightly colored fabrics, and he thought she was a bumpkin.

She was thinking of their marriage. It was for his sake. Since childhood, she was educated that those things were not for good women, so she dressed herself conservatively.

He despised her as a feudal relic.

Bai Weiwei believed that the original owner in fact was actually right. Conservative styles were also a personal choice. Without makeup, couldn’t she still be a clear as water lotus?

She was wrong in her inferiority complex and because of Su Slag, she had even lower self-esteem, to the point she was crushed into the dirt.

Bai Weiwei expressed, this man, ha, he’s a slag.

The more you cherished him, the cheaper he treated you.

Perhaps if she reached out to pinch his chin and then give him a couple slaps left and right, he would favor you.

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Su Shian had never seen her be so aggressive before.

Shouldn’t Bai Weiwei grovel in front of him, like a yes-man?

Before he could come up with a few sarcastic words, a pain from his fingers made him snap out of it.

The cigarette burned his hand.

He hurriedly threw the cigarette away, but his momentum was suddenly gone.

“Oh, let’s go.” He reached out to open the passenger side’s door.

Bai Weiwei watched him but didn’t move.

Su Shian remembered that before, he wouldn’t let her sit beside him.

He was very disgusted with her.

Bai Weiwei turned a blind eye to his action of opening the door. She went to the back, opened the door herself and sat in the rear seat.

Su Shian’s hand was still holding the passenger side’s door and the energy in his chest was stifling and sharp.

He pursed his lips, but turned back and saw her red lips and fair face, long hair draped down. Strikingly beautiful.

Although Bai Weiwei usually didn’t wear makeup, she was never as ugly as he said.

But she looked as plain as noodle soup. It really put him off his appetite.

He didn’t expect that if she wore makeup, her dressed up self then the usual her would simply be two extremes.

Obviously it was the same person.

Bai Weiwei impatiently urged, “Are you trying to become a fossil outside? Still not driving?”

Su Shian immediately opened the door to the driver’s seat and drove in a hurry.

As the car drove out.

He realized, wait, was she directing him like a chauffeur?

Su Shian clutched the steering wheel, his finger’s cigarette burns giving him a slight pain. He cynically ridiculed, “When we married, you were conservative as an antique. Now after divorce, you are letting go of that style.”

Bai Weiwei leaned against the back of the chair, her eyes calm.

“Don’t change the style, you scold me as ugly, I change the style now, you’re unhappy. Master Su, you are really difficult to serve.”

Su Shian coldly hummed, “I’m driving you around but you are serving me?”

Bai Weiwei: “……“

Su Shian felt that he had recovered some lost ground. Even worse, he said: “Grandpa’s birthday banquet will be attended by everyone. It will be easiest to bring up our divorce issue there. It will free up time that we would have spent informing relatives and friends.”

Bai Weiwei was speechless.


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