SS Chapter 1

Vannie: Hi there! So I shamelessly beg Piper to let me repost my Original story, Support System here at her site! Yay! To keep things short, here’s the synopsis of my story.

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Chapter 1
Nil World: Part 1

Alina Windell is just an ordinary college graduate. She likes reading books as a hobby, and at this time that she is being stressed with job hunting, reading takes her away from reality. One day when she just returned the books she borrowed from the library and was waiting for time to pass at a bus stop, she heard a clear and childish voice calling “Mama!” Turning her head towards the place where the voice came from, she didn’t see any children around. With a confused expression, she also looks at those beside her. They seemed to not hear anything. They continued to just stare at their phones, at their watches or continued to chat with their friends. As if she was the only one who heard it, she thought that maybe she is just hearing things.

Feeling creeped out, she begins to set her phone’s TTS[1] app and decided to move to another place. With her earphones on and all attention focused on the audio of the new chapter release of the BL[2] novel she is keeping track with, she failed to realize that the lights have turned red. With her head bowed, she continued walking on the crossing.

Lying helpless on the ground, all she could hear were the chaotic beeping of the cars and the people’s cries and whispers. Red! Blood red, that’s the only thing she was able to see at the moment. She wasn’t even able to recognize what hit her. For some reason, her head was clear, not feeling any pain. This is to the point that she was still able to think that the probability of being hit by the famous truck is a whopping zero. Well, if you ask her why she’ll even answer “because we are at the city’s downtown, who doesn’t know that those huge trucks aren’t allowed here!”

Sighing in her heart, she could only think ‘what a cliché way of dying, ah. Don’t tell me that I’ll be reincarnating or transmigrating next? Tsk! Hopefully, that’s not gonna happen,” before closing her eyes and letting go of everything.

As soon as she closed her eyes, she then felt as if she became one with nothingness. She wasn’t able to hear, see, smell, taste, or feel anything. She even thought that without a body, a soul is nothing, then she realized that how could a person think without a brain?

[Mama, why do you ponder about those useless things?] A childish voice asked her.

She then realized that the moment she heard that voice, Alana suddenly regains the senses she just lost.

“Who are you? I don’t remember giving birth to anyone, so who are you calling Mama! Most importantly, I am still a virgin, ah! There is no way I have a child!” She said while she sat in that weird place.

[Mama, I am Little V. I was created because of Mama. Therefore Mama is Mama] the voice countered.

“What do you mean by ‘created because of Me’? Also, where is this place?” She asked as she surveyed her surroundings.

That space is empty. It also has an undetectable color. As if you know what color that there is, but is unable to name what it is. Added to that, the temperature of the place is also neither hot, cold, warm, nor cozy.

She knew that she currently in a particular space, but she felt that this is nowhere as if that place has no sense of existence.

[Mama, this place is a space between worlds, and thus it doesn’t belong to any worlds. This is the reason why you have this strange feeling towards this place.]

“Gotcha! So who are you, and please, stop calling me ‘Mama.’ Call me Big Sis instead, okay?”

[Ma- *cough* Big Sis, I am Little V, a system. Yo-], Little V began to explain but was cut by Alina.

“Wait! Stop! Pause!”

[What is it, Ma- Big Sis?]

“You are a transmigrating system?” Alina started throwing questions at Little V.

[Yes], Little V eagerly answered.

“And I become your host?” She continued to question Little V.

[Yes], Little V answered again.

“You are called ‘Little Five’?” She then changed Little V’s name to Little Five.

[Yes], Little Five, still eagerly and absent-mindedly answered without thinking, and accepted his new name.

With a little devilish smile, Alina continued, “Then please, just let me rest in peace and be reincarnated like every normal soul, okay?”

[Yes], Little Five agreed without thinking again.

A bright smile surfaced on Alina’s face, as she successfully fooled the Little System.

Vannie: So a lot of you might not know that I also write an original. And Piper let me repost my original, Support System on her. Piper told me this while I beg: you have my utmost support and trust. So, I’ll do my best by not accidentally deleting that whole site! To those who for some reason have already read Support System, I’ll slightly reword and edit the chapters as I post, so if you don’t mind read it again~

[1] Text-to-speech
[2] Boys’ Love – For those who have no idea with this one, just google it.

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  1. I got hooked up immediately right after I read the synopsis (?) Good job, oh yeah, you might want to edit a little here and there. Do you intend to write it in past tense or present tense? Because I see that both the present tense and past tense are jumbled together.

  2. I’m just giving a little tips tho. It’s okay if you ignore me. It’s better if you simplify your sentences or shorten it.

    For example; Her dad died when she was ten years old from pneumonia thus she lived with her mother in her grandparent’s home in the village until later she was 13 years old she moved to the city with her mom.

    Her dad passed away when she was ten years old from pneumonia. So she lived with her grandparent’s in the village as mom was too busy with her job — to properly take care of her. She moved to the city with her mom when she was older enough to take care of herself.

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