SS Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Nil World: Part 2

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After seeing his Mama *cough*, his Host’s bright smile, the Little System felt that he just did a great job at pleasing her. He even forgot that he just changed his name, and agreed to let her go. Then after a few minutes of short-lived happiness, the whole scene of him talking with his Host replayed in his small mind.

He is now called Little Five and not Little V.

He just promised to let go of his Host’s soul and let her leave him.

He had just been tricked by this kind-looking young woman in front of him.

He then realized that his little brain seemed to be smaller than he had thought.

[Wait! Mama, why? Why don’t you feel like you were blessed to be chosen as my Host? To be able to have the chance to live again? Also, Little V is Little V, not Little Five! This is the name that Future Ma-,] he stopped as he realized that he was about to spill the beans.

A laughing sound was heard as soon as Little V becomes hysterical. Alina, who just tricked the Little System, clutched her stomach and unable to stop herself from laughing.

“Pfft… Hahaha… You… Hahaha… Can’t… Stop… Help…”

Little V pouted as soon as he saw this scene before saying, [You bully! Mama is a bully! Mama is the worst! I don’t like Mama anymore!]

“Hahaha… Okay… I think I am fine now. Hey, Little One! Give me three reasons why I should accept your proposal!” Alina, who was able to compose herself again, asked.

[Three reasons?] Little V asked.


[You’ll be able to live again!]

“I am not really interested in living again, so that doesn’t count,” she rejected.

[You’ll be able to see different worlds!]

“That would be too bothersome, I am a lazy person by nature, you know.”

[You’ll be allowed to restart your life, and be reborn after accumulating enough points!]

“Restart as in back to Zero?”

[Yes, back to Zero with your memories]

“Hmmm… I’ll think about it, you still owe me two more reasons.”

[You’ll be able to see live BL!]

“Hey, Little Five, are you sure that you aren’t a stalker or anything? I am pretty sure that I haven’t told you that I am a fujoshi[1]. How did you obtain that information?”

 [Eh? Future Ma- *Cough* I mean, your world’s data is accessible by the SoS[2]. This is where I got your information from], the Little System answered. Unfortunately, to Alina, the only thing visible is the Little System’s silhouette. If only she could see his actual form, then she would have noticed the irregularity between Little V’s words and actions. After all, his cute eyes are darting everywhere, unable to look at her straight.

“Oh, that makes sense. I have never seen a live one before, so that offer is quite interesting,” Alina muttered.

After hearing this, Little V corrected what he said, [By the way, Ma- Big Sis, about the ‘live’ thing… That would only be possible if specific conditions were met. After becoming my Host will have the  opportunity to see it, though.]

“Okay, give me one more reason!”

[While traveling to the different worlds, Bis Sis will be able to find your other half or at least clues about that person.]

“Other half? Hahaha… Little Five, you shouldn’t joke around,” Alina’s easy-going expression suddenly turned serious. She then said, “that person never existed and thus can’t be found, you are just spouting nonsense.”

[Big Sis, believe in Little V, okay? Your other half really exists. It is just that both of you haven’t found each other yet.]

“Hmmph… Tsk, irritating kids shouldn’t talk about irrelevant things!”

[If Mama doesn’t believe Little V, then Mama should just bet with Little V.]

“A bet? Also, why did you revert into calling me Mama, again?”

[Yes, Mama. It is a bet. Ah! Sorry, when I become hysterical, I forget to call you Big Sis.]

“So what is the bet about, and what are our chips?”

[I bet that after traveling five worlds that Mama would be able to find that person or at least clues concerning him. If this doesn’t happen, then Mama would be able to Rest In Peace, and would not need to transmigrate to the next world. Still, if I am correct, then Mama, would need to accompany Little V until we finish my Mission.]

“Okay, I am fine with that. So, tell me what I need to know,” Alina agreed to the Little System’s condition.

~Little Theater~

Vannie: Hey, Little System. You didn’t spill anything, right?

Little V: Author! How did you know? A-are you stalking me?

Vannie: *Left eye twitching* Sorry, but this Author isn’t interested with you (for now)

Little V: Author, you aren’t planning on selling Little V, right?

Vannie: *Counting some bills while talking to Little V through the SoS* No, I am not planning on selling you (I’ve already sold you, so I can’t sell you anymore)

Unknown buyer: Please, sign your name on the transfer of ownership contract, Ms. Author.

Vannie: Okay.

[1] Fujoshi – Rotten Woman – is a reclaimed Japanese term for female fans of manga, anime, and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

[2]SoS – System of Systems – This is something I made up for this novel. Basically, you could imagine a system as your LAN(Local Area Network) at home/work/school, while SoS is the whole internet.

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