MGCH Chapter 361

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (14)

This feeling was as if his house was hiding a dilapidated ugly object that he couldn’t wait to dump onto old Chen next door.

Only to discover that what he gave away was a priceless antique.

And after washing it clean, it was an amazing sight.

This kind of loss was simply too much for people who do business.

Suddenly they came closer. Su Shian didn’t know what his mental state was, but he hid to one side of the screen.

Then he eavesdropped on them.

“I’ll take you back. That guy, Su Shian, who knows how long he will be.”

Su Shian was just behind the screen. His face immediately went cold.

This male little three was extremely shameless. He should be tied up and drowned in a pig cage1.

Bai Weiwei’s voice was faint, “Is that appropriate?”

Chen Wenfeng was extremely diligent, “There is nothing inappropriate about it. Anyway, you are divorced, and at any time can experience a second spring. Why hang yourself on Su’s crooked tree so firmly.”

Su Shian gripped the edge of the table next to him, Bai Weiwei actually told Chen Wenfeng about their divorce issues?

Bai Weiwei: “A second spring?”

Chen Wenfeng: “Of course, if you go out for a walk properly, you will find that there are forests outside.”

Bai Weiwei: “For example, you?”

Chen Wenfeng laughed and then shamelessly said: “Of course.”

Bai Weiwei: “Let’s go.”

Chen Wenfeng blanked.

Bai Weiwei approached him and reached out to lift his jaw. Clear eyes bright as the stars were carrying a dark temptation.

“Isn’t this going to be my second spring? Let’s get to the car.”

Chen Wenfeng found himself lost again.

When did Bai Weiwei’s technique become so powerful?

His voice quivered, “That car…… Just the car.”

When they went far away, Su Shian came out.

His eyes were overcast and his fingers stiffly pulled out a cigarette, taking a few attempts before lighting it.

After the cigarette burnt out, he moved to leave.

Sure enough, Chen Wenfeng’s car was gone.

The cold wind blew and Su Shian suddenly remembered the verse he had just read.

Farewells on Grassland.

Wasn’t it TM2 all green?

His mood was distraught as he pulled the door and sat in the driver’s seat.

Then started driving. On and on, he didn’t feel right.

He kept searching for that car outside, trying to find Chen Wenfeng’s Porsche.

They wouldn’t fool around in the car.

Chen Wenfeng was a famous flower-picking thief in their circle. He should fall to hell, that sort of asshole deserved to be deep fried.

Suddenly, Su Shian hammered the steering wheel.

Bai Weiwei was just a woman he lost, what was he so tangled for?

If she wanted to mess around, let her go.

– – – – – – – – – –

Bai Weiwei returned to the hotel and had just walked up to the floor with her room.

A familiar and dark figure was leaning against the wall.

With a tray full of ash and cigarette butts.

Who knew how long he’d been there.

Bai Weiwei face showed no expression as she walked past.  She just wanted to swipe her key card.

Su Shian finally raised his eyes, coldly saying, “What’s this, you came back? Three hours, how many positions did you try with him?”

Bai Weiwei opened the door, then turned to look at him. Her face a little flushed from drinking wine, but it only added to her charm.

She seemed to hear something funny, “Did you see me get in Chen Wenfeng’s car?”

Su Shian threw the last cigarette in his hand to the ground and forced the words out through gritted teeth, “I heard you, going to seek out a second spring.”

Bai Weiwei casually leaned against the half-open door, face blushed, half-drunk voice tempting.

“Right, ah. Isn’t that what you intended? Let me not bother you, go find myself another man.”

She said this and suddenly laughed, “It’s all thanks to you. Otherwise, how would I know that it was such a wonderful thing. To tell the truth, Chen Wenfeng’s skills are much better than yours.”

Su Shian’s face was icy. Looking at her eyes, the cold was bottomless.

“Oh, were his skills really good?”

Bai Weiwei’s soft voice was stinging, “Of course, compared to him, you are merely an old virgin.”

1: Drowning in pig cages was an ancient execution method for adulterers.

2: Short for motherfucker/motherfucking.


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