SS Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Ancient China – Part 1

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Author: Vannie

Little V began to explain what he is, [Little V is a Support System. A Support System is different from other systems. Other systems have the mission of changing the world’s fate, stopping a world’s destruction, reversing a cannon fodder’s ending, or preventing the blackening of the protagonist or the villain. Support System doesn’t have these missions. They are meant to support the Main Systems. Their Hosts do not need to show themselves in the plot. They usually stay in the shadows. Their goal is to help the Main System in their task without being discovered by the other.]

“Oh,” Alina emotionlessly said.

[Big Sis, please be more enthusiastic, okay?], Little V said while pouting.

“Hehehe,” Alina scratches the back of her head. She also stated, “Sorry, except when the anime, manga, or web novel – that I am addicted to getting updated after a month of waiting, I rarely got excited. Even if you throw me a surprise birthday party, I might not react to it satisfactorily.”

The System sighed. He always thought that this version of his Mama is a person who wears a mask, not revealing her real feelings or thoughts. As if a huge wall, the size of a city wall is separating her and those around her.

[Big Sis, since you’ve already agreed to be my Host, then we should proceed to our first world together! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))]

“Okay, so do you know where we are going?” Alina asked curiously since through the novels she had read before, Systems might know what kind of world they will be traversed before they got transported there. She thought, ‘Who knows I might be able to know the plot beforehand and get some stuff I need before going!’ But life never always goes the way you predict it.

[Big Sis, according to the information that you can access from SoS, we will be going to be living in an era similar to ancient China] the System said.


[The main system missions in this world are: 

to make the original Female Lead into an Empress; 

for her to marry the Fourth Prince; 

and as well as to ensure the happiness of the Crown Prince,] Little V added.


[That’s all, Big Sis!]


[No Spoilers allowed]

“So, the only things I could know of are 1. It is in an era similar to an ancient China, 2. Main System’s main mission is to make the original Female Lead into the Empress and marry the Fourth Prince, and 3. ensure the Crown Prince’s happiness?”

[Yes, Big Sis]

Massaging her temples with her right hand, Alina asked: “Who is the Original Female Lead?”

[Sorry, Big Sis. That is also a spoiler.]

With a twitching left eye, Alina continued to ask, “Give me a clue!!! I mean even in a discussion thread of a novel – which doesn’t allow spoilers could at least give me a hint on what’s gonna happen!!!”

[Mama! I really can’t tell you anything anymore! Please, don’t scare Little V. (ΩДΩ)] Little V on the verge of crying, nervously said.

“Tsk! Then with you guys being too stingy with information, you would compensate me with a beginner’s package and start-up points, right?!” Alina grumpily stated.

Seeing his Host being in a lousy mood, Little V decided to give up half of its savings and gave Alina 1,000 start-up points and the default beginner’s package.

[Beginner’s Package:

Talent point x 1

The talent point provides the Host with a chance to enhance or add new talent. (Note: the higher the talent points, the easier the Host will acquire and increase the proficiency of a skill. P.S. Adding talent point is the only way to acquire talent or enhance existing abilities.)

Skill point x 1

Skill point let the Host improve a current skill. (Note: the higher the skill points, the more skilled a Host on doing a particular action be. P.S. Skill points could only be enhanced by continuously improving the skill in the different worlds and also by adding skill points on it in the system space.

System point x 250

System points could be used to buy items from the System Mall. (Note: By completing a mission, transferring of points, and getting an achievement, system points would be acquired. P.S. The System has two kinds of malls. These are the main and support mall. The main mall is only usable during the intermission between worlds, while the support mall could be used at any time.)]

“Good. Well, let’s add the talent point to ‘Learning,’ and the skill point to ‘Medicine.'”

[Wait, Big Sis. I haven’t even told you what talents are available and the skills you currently have. You can’t add a skill point to a skill that you don’t possess!] the Little System tries to explain that his Host shouldn’t be too impulsive.

“I am pretty sure that there is a talent for learning, and that I do have a miniscule amount of knowledge with medicine. Check it, and you’ll see.”

[Okay. Let’s see, a talent for learning], Little V searched through the Worlds Wide Web via SoS to see if his Host is right. To his not too shocked self, he did find it, but it was separated into two categories. [Big Sis, which one will you choose? We have a theoretical learning talent and practical learning talent.]

“Hmmm… I’ve always been bad with the practical application of things, so I choose that!”

[Big Sis, please place your palm on this interface for me to add the talent point and to check if you have a skill for medicine] Little V made a see-through interface appear in front of Alina.

Before placing her palm on the interface, Alina asked, “Why not check what talent and skills I have as well?”

[Sorry, Big Sis. Your authority to access that information is currently very low,] Little V said in a soft voice, afraid that his Host will get annoyed again.

Far from his expectation, Alina just accepted this without a single twitch of her left eye.

“That’s fine, I am just curious,” Alina said. While she thought that this Little Five felt that she is a moody person, who has severe mood swings but little did he know that the so-called mood swings are her way of teasing and scamming the Little System.

[Ah!] the System suddenly exclaimed.

“What did you see?”

[Host does really have a Medical Skill, but…]

“But what?”

[The Skill point on it is 0.00000000000009 points, almost none existent!]

“Oh, that is not something to be shocked with. After all, the only Medical Skill I could think of is what I learned before. Which is the very basic first aid treatment.”

In his mind, Little V thought, ‘so that’s why Big Sis is really confident to have a medical skill.’

“All right, let’s go and end this quickly!” ٩( ^ᴗ^ )۶

[Host, how about the Mall?]

“I am too lazy to scroll into the Main Mall right now. So, I’ll only use the Support Mall for now. After all, I am guessing the I still haven’t unlocked even half of the feature of the Main Mall.”

The Little System sighed and thought, why does my Host become excited all of a sudden? Does she have her monthly period today?

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~Little Theater~

An unknown domineering Man: … Too slow!

Vannie: Slow? What is slow? My writing speed? Thinking speed? or a certain MC’s riding speed?

An unknown domineering Man:

Vannie: *Looks at a certain red ears’ tip of a certain man* *Cough* Aren’t a certain MC trying to learn how to ride a horse? What are you thinking about?

An unknown domineering Man: *unsheathe his sword*

Vannie: If I die, you won’t meet her at all!!! Hahahaha…

Passing Reader 1: Isn’t this BL?

Vannie: Yup! It depends. Main Ship is BG, but in some worlds, it might turn into BL maybe, and all worlds will have a BL side ship! (Edit: when I was writing this at first these were my thoughts, so those who don’t feel comfortable to BL, I’ll just put a warning when the arc’s main ship turns into BL. And by Side Ship/s being a BL it will only fall into  shounen ai cathegory and not Yaoi)

Passing Reader 2: Bye! Adios!

Vannie: Ciao! *Pulls* Stay, ah! Just try reading it! T.T

Vannie: I don’t want anyone to feel cheated, so Warning: BL will be present in this arc as a side ship, not the main ship. ONCE AGAIN NOT THE MAIN SHIP!   


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