MGCH Chapter 363

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (16)

【The simulator is online. Simulated scene keywords: forced, struggling, sobbing, stimulating!】

Bai Weiwei: This broken simulator has been upgraded; it even has a keyword prompter.

Su Shian paused a moment, and his eyes were confused.

Bai Weiwei took the opportunity to roll her naked body out from under him.

She dragged out a sheet for herself in one breath and walked quickly to get her bathrobe on.

Then she took some rose tea that was steeped that morning, as well as a few plates of snacks, and placed them on the table.

Then she looked for a comfortable position, sat on the soft sofa cushion, and sipped her rose tea.

At this time, Su Shian was also slowly coming to. He was deeply confused. His eyes ferocious, he…… Grabbed the pillow and XX.

Bai Weiwei’s complexion didn’t change as she suddenly opened her mouth to cry.

The cry was sobbing, helpless, and painful.

Su Shian’s movements stiffened. He tried to appease her by bowing his head to kiss the pillow, “Too painful? I’ll move slower.”

Bai Weiwei at the side wailed and cursed, “You madman, get out, you get out for me.”

Su Shian gritted his teeth and smiled coldly, “It seems that you like it rough.”

Having said that, his actions really were rough.

Bai Weiwei groaned a few times but refused to shout again.

It was like she disdained even talking to him.

Su Shian became a beast, tightly entangled with, the woman…… pillow under his body.

From time to time, Bai Weiwei moaned a couple words, scolded a few, or cried sometimes.

“Let me go, you let go…… wuwu1.

“I don’t want it anymore…… nn, ah.

“Softer, you madman, wuwu.”

“Su Shian, I can’t take it……”

Su Shian was focused and hard-working, as if to get rid of the glorious title of an old virgin.

The more she called, the more barbaric he became.

The system looked at the poor male lead, holding a pillow and shaking his buttocks without a sheet.

It looked again at the host who was applying a mask for herself and moaning expressionlessly at the side.

It silently, sneakily took out its empty bag of Latiao and licked. En, tastes good.

It was a long night.

For Su Shian, the woman under her body could bring ecstasy deep into his bones.

The way she called, her passionate moaning, her body soft as water, could fascinate him.

Men were really wild beasts that were desperate for sensory stimulation.

He felt that not just his body was enthralled, but even his heart had been disturbed.

They were intertwined with each other, like inseparable aquatic plants, twisted in a trembling posture.

…… It was because the sheet that Bai Weiwei threw back got tangled up with him.

In the middle of the night, he stopped moving.

However, the simulator didn’t prompt to close.

Sure enough, that Su beast rested for half an hour and then rose up, striving to work hard.

Bai Weiwei was woken up. She was tired and wanted to fall asleep.

This animal slag, there was no end.

Had he never seen a woman in his life?

Sooner or later, people would X to death.

Bai Weiwei moaned a few words, with a hoarse voice scolded him, that he was not as good as birds and beasts.

Then her head fell to the side, and she slept.

She was certainly not going to help because no one could afford to toss with him.

To really encounter such a day after day, all day and all night man, she would have fainted long ago, good2 or not. 

Bai Weiwei slept for a while, then she woke up.

She saw the bed was a mess. Su Shian was holding his pillow in his arms like a baby.

She yawned helplessly, took off her bathrobe, and pinched herself again.

Then she went to bed, carefully ripped the pillow out of his arms and tucked herself in.

1: 唔唔=wuwu= crying sounds.

2: In bed 😉

Vannie’s Corner:
Weiwei is so relaxed XD
But I must say dubbing your imaginary counterpart doing XX must be hard too.


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