MGCH Chapter 364

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (17)

Su Shian worked hard all night and wasn’t conscious. He instinctively hugged her warm body as he continued to sleep.

Dawn broke. Because of his biological clock, Su Shian would wake up no matter how tired he was.

His eyes were a little entranced and he raised his head to see unfamiliar furnishings around him.

Then his sight fell on the person in his arms.

She had her back to him, her long messy hair spilling over her fair body.

And on her pale and delicate skin were all the marks he left.

It was terrible, messy, unbearable.

He also didn’t know what to feel. His body was satisfied, but his heart was a little dazed.

She struggled so hard yesterday.

He was like a demon, insistent on embracing her tightly.

Su Shian touched her body gently. He left traces behind.

There were a few traces of pity in his heart.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 5.】

Suddenly, Bai Weiwei’s body trembled.

But soon, she didn’t dare to move. Even her breathing was light, as if she were afraid that others would find out she was awake.

Su Shian’s fingers were stiff. He rubbed his lips before getting out of bed to find a hotel bathrobe.

She still maintained that position and lay with her back to him.

Su Shian turned his face to look. He saw the window without the curtains drawn, filling the room with sunlight.

Her black hair scattered on the bed, covered in dappled sun beams.

The image was beautiful.

Su Shian couldn’t help but stare.

But he found that her figure had begun to shake slightly.

He frowned and walked over, only to hear her stifled whimpers.

Su Shian’s chest tightened. He was unspeakably uncomfortable.

He reached over and turned her body, and found her eyes were hollow, with tears slowly flowing.

So pitiful, she could take people’s breath away.

Su Shian only felt that his heart was soaked by her tears.

Stuffy and supple, but breathtaking.

He felt that he really had gone too far last night, but if she hadn’t hooked up with Chen Wenfeng first.

Would he have gotten so out of control?

Bai Weiwei widened her dark, dispirited eyes. She gave a self-deprecating sneer, “What, want a go at me again?”

Su Shian’s boldness was suddenly gone. He reached for his pack of smokes, but found he was wearing a bathrobe.

He was silent for a moment, only to hesitantly say: “No. Let’s not divorce. The Su’s wife position is still yours.”

Bai Weiwei had dreamed of becoming his wife since she was a child.

Wouldn’t she be in a better mood if he didn’t abandon her?

Bai Weiwei could not believe it. The originally spiritless eyes widened and burst out with fierce anger.

She reached for the alarm clock by the bed and threw it at his head.

Su Shian dodged too late. The alarm clock grazed the skin of his forehead and blood seeped out of the wound.

Bai Weiwei pointed to him, her expression a mix of sorrow and rage, “Su Shian, you roll for me. Who still treasures you.”

Su Shian felt the blood on his wound and there were a few lines of violent energy in his eyes.

But seeing her pale face, faintly showing a shadow of that time, he thought of last night’s events.

It was a night of ecstasy for him, but a nightmare for her.

His voice was a bit hoarse. His tone could not help but soften, “Then I’ll go first. Wait for me to get people to help you carry your luggage. What’s the point in staying in a hotel, go live at home.”

He lived alone in a house in the city center, not far from his company.

Bai Weiwei wrapped herself in her quilt and didn’t look at him at all.

Su Shian’s mood was sour and astringent as he turned to leave.

Clearly he walked very slowly, but she didn’t try anything to detain him at all.

When he got out, he asked the waiter at the door for a cigarette and he stood at her door in his bathrobe, smoking.

Thinking of it while he smoked, he really went too far.

His sympathy for her increased.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 10.】

Bai Weiwei waited for ages before that Su beast left.

Then she got up to wash up and packed up her luggage.

System: “Going where?”

Bai Weiwei: “Men, they want what they can’t have. So if I go missing a few days, it’ll wake him up.”

Su Shian had put a bandage on his forehead and gathered a few people to help him transport Bai Weiwei’s luggage, but the hotel room had already been emptied.

Su Shian looked at the empty room. In the dark eyes a trace of anger bubbled forth.

“Bai Weiwei, you dare to run away.”

Piper’s Corner: Tbh BWW’s reaction after this fake rape is better then most novels that actually have rape… Stockholm syndrome is the bane of all psychological romances, “oh you raped me? Well, I’m gonna be angry for about 3 solid seconds, then I’m going to think about how pitiful you are. Opps, now I think I love you only 2 paragraphs-to-chapters after such a traumatic event and all the awful things you did to me.”



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  1. Damn. I wanna stock the chapters so I can binge read this angst filled festival arc. But I wanna see how pitiful this slag man become daily. Aiya what a hard decision.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. I love the comment in Piper’s Corner after the chapter because I was in a very abusive situation and came so close to having Stockholm syndrome, but what saved me in the end was the realization that they had a bad past, and that the events of that past should not have happened to them, but that it didn’t justify their present actions towards me. There were so many times I had to stop myself when I started to say ‘oh it’s not his fault, it’s because of this, or because of that, but at the end of the day, it was his decision to be abusive to me. He had no control of his past, but he was in control of his present, and that helped me make my decision to leave.

    1. *Throws confetti and hands you a celebratory glass of wine* Yes! That is 100% correct and you made the right decision to get out of there. Abusive relationships are hard, and harder to walk away from. So seven cheers for you for making it out the other end!

  3. Ugh, this MC really is the worst… rapes his soon-to-be-ex-wife (well, pillow version of her) viciously and then gets pissed off when she runs away? Destroy him, Weiwei! He deserves to suffer!

  4. Yeah, mate, I don’t get the Stockholm syndrome FLs either, they mostly are the bread and butter for novels and comics. Start out that way and end up constantly bumping into ML later on even tho ML still treats her like shet like force a marriage or buy them as a house helper with their big CEO money and then MLs turning completely into brainless submissive fools for the FL

  5. Well someones reaction to rape/trauma can differ, my own way was to avoid and forget. Which gave me a very bad memory, as anything that scares me or gives me a strong reaction i forget. As such i can understand why someone would get stockholm syndrome. But the reaction WeiWei shows is realistic too.

    Also love the story and well done translating.

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