MGCH Chapter 366

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (19)

Chen Wenfeng didn’t expect her to leave so simply.

When Bai Weiwei’s shoulder brushed past him, Chen Wenfeng’s sharp eyes caught sight of her bruised neck covered in red marks.

He reached out and pulled. She wasn’t careful and fell into his arms.

Full of sweet fragrance.

Chen Wenfeng blanked. He wanted to hold his breath but couldn’t endure it.

However, the spots on the exposed parts of her body were obvious.

This was……

Bai Weiwei sensed his eyes and hurriedly reached out to pull up her collar.

Chen Wenfeng was a little incredulous, “Su Shian’s doing?”

Bai Weiwei was pale and hurriedly broke away from his arms.

Then she pulled up the suitcase, “He must be looking for me and I want to hide during this time.”

Chen Wenfeng wondered, “Haven’t you loved him for many years? Now’s a good opportunity to reconcile with him.”

Bai Weiwei gave a self-deprecating smile, “Reconcile? Wouldn’t it just be to have a child for his company? And after that? Wait until he can’t extract any value from me, so he can drug me again and send me off to your bed.”

Chen Wenfeng was caught by her sorrowful eyes. He could see her heart was somewhat stuffy.

Bai Weiwei sighed, then turned and helplessly said: “Loving an unworthy person for so many years, I should also move on. I want to love myself.”

This want to love oneself phrase, every word carried the note of a broken dream.

Chen Wenfeng hesitated, then suddenly said: “Forget it, I should also owe you, I’ll let you stay for a night. Just know it’s only one night.”

He was a ruthless man who prioritized X1.

To the woman who could not be touched, he had no enthusiasm.

Let Bai Weiwei stay for a night. After all, the night was long. If she encountered any accident, he was the last to see her and would be a suspect.

He convinced himself.

Chen Wenfeng opened the door very naturally, though he had never invited a lady guest to his home.

【Ding, Chen Wenfeng’s favorability is at 10.】

The system breathed a sigh of relief. It couldn’t wait for Bai Weiwei’s affair, fiercely seizing Chen Wenfeng’s heart.

If the favorability wasn’t 80, it would become three fresh stuffing2 tongzi3.

Chen Wenfeng pushed Bai Weiwei into a room and considered his obligations fulfilled.

Since Su Shian couldn’t find Bai Weiwei, he would certainly be anxious.

If he was worried, Chen Wenfeng would be happy.

The next day, Chen Wenfeng woke up confused and walked out of the room in just his pants.

“Good morning, Mr. Chen.”

A clear voice that sounded soft as water.

Chen Wenfeng took a moment to look up. He saw Bai Weiwei wearing a white-bottomed yellow flower skirt, her face clean without makeup. She wore an apron and arranged breakfast.

Chen Wenfeng went silly a minute. He stammered, “Isn’t there an auntie4?”

Bai Weiwei laughed, “Right, ah. She made the breakfast and I’m in charge of serving.”

He didn’t know why, maybe the early morning sun was a little warm.

Chen Wenfeng for the first time felt that Bai Weiwei without makeup also looked good.

【Ding, Chen Wenfeng’s favorability is at 20.】

– – – – – – – – – –

Half a month after she went missing, Su Shian looked at the conference materials.

But after a few moments he fell in a trance. Nothing could be seen.

In his mind, he wondered where Bai Weiwei went.

He froze her card for only three days but couldn’t help but restore it again.

For fear that she would starve to death outside.

He thought at first that she was playing hard to get.

After all, to let go of so many years of love and move on, how could it be so simple.

But after the long disappearance, she had no intention of appearing at all.

He rubbed his eyes. Every night was sleepless. When he closed his eyes, he saw her soft and sweet body. He put his arms around a pillow, but they felt very empty.

1: Just in case the context isn’t clear enough X=sex.

2: 三鲜馅 A ground meat filling used in some chinese foods, I guess. All I really know is when I image searched it I got hungry and gave up trying to learn more.

3: 统子=Tongzi= The last half of system(tong)+child(zi)

4: 阿姨=Can mean maternal aunt, step-mother, childcare worker, nursemaid, woman of similar age to one’s parents. In this case it probably means a maid that is as old as his parents.

Cheese: this probably isnt him bc idk if it would rly make sense but WHAT IF THIS CWF WAS CJZ FROM THE LAST PLANE. If he gives her a handkerchief sometime during this plane ill go feral i s2g


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  1. Wah!!! I really love this story! I do agree, CWF could be CJZ. What I’m more excited about is the presence of a “second male lead”. Call me bad but a person should be aware that his/her loved one can be snatched by another person if not careful. So DAMNNNN I LOVE THE RIVALRY

    1. Right! That pillow didn’t feel so empty in his arms when he was having his way with it, but now that he’s had it, he doesn’t treasure it anymore. MEN! (•̀︿•́ )

  2. >He rubbed his eyes. Every night was sleepless. When he closed his eyes, he saw her soft and sweet body. He put his arms around a pillow, but they felt very empty.

    I couldn’t help but crack up at that part. I guess he’ll never realize just how intimately he knows that pillow, no does he? 😀

  3. I like how BWW pretended to cook the food, every world she always makes it look like she cooks, cracks me up XD

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