MGCH Chapter 368

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (21)

The sentence was comparable to a nuke. The faces of both men at the scene of the bombing were white.

Bai Weiwei finished, pushed open his arms and walked to Chen Wenfeng.

Then she reached out and pulled him up, “Are you okay?”

Chen Wenfeng rubbed his cheek. He almost was beaten to the point of facial paralysis, but still pulled out a smile for her, “I’m fine, this strength couldn’t beat mosquitoes.”

Su Shian only felt the man and woman in front of him were having a mutually loving exchange.

The tacit understanding between them, simply let his brain form a variety of imaginings into reality.

When he knew that Bai Weiwei had lived in Chen Wenfeng’s home for all that time, his heart was roasted in a fire.

Did she also go onto Chen Wenfeng’s bed?

Who was Chen Wenfeng? Rotten root, rotten lungs1, a womanizer famous for playing with any flower’s heart, big or small.

They lived together but nothing happened, how could that be?

Would Bai Weiwei also put herself under the body of another man, revealing her emotional tide and surging charm?

Would she also use her own snow-white soft figure to entangle with another man’s body?

Would she also let out a soft moan of gentle acceptance and pleasure?

Su Shian found himself afraid to think deeply. He was so furious that his hair was shaking, his eyes were burning, his chest was bursting.

Step by step, he marched to Bai Weiwei, reaching out to pull her away from Chen Wenfeng.

Chen Wenfeng suddenly blocked him, squinting coldly, “Don’t move a step. This is my house.”

Su Shian said coldly, “This is my wife.”

Chen Wenfeng looked up and down him and sarcastically said: “Who’s your wife, ah. Why do I remember that someone, in order to get rid of their marriage, said his wife was an ugly, hideous wooden corpse, that she destroyed his appetite, and then pushed her to my bed. And I remember you both signed divorce papers.”

This series of words were fast and urgent.

They knocked over Su Shian’s face.

Su Shian’s dark eyes quietly smoldered, not angry and not happy, “Who said I was divorced.”

He finished, pulled the divorce agreement out of his pocket and raised it up.

Chen Wenfeng’s eyes changed.

Sure enough, Su Shian lifted his head like the victor and said: “This agreement has not been registered, so……”

Chen Wenfeng reached out to snatch it.

Su Shian suddenly shredded up the divorce agreement.

The divorce papers were torn to pieces.

Su Shian sprinkled some fragments on Chen Wenfeng’s head, “So I am with her, still husband and wife.”

Without registration and no divorce agreement, he wasn’t divorced from her.

Chen Wenfeng only caught the scraps. Enraged, he grabbed Su Shian’s collar, “What is the point of you doing this? You don’t love her. Must you have to use her to please your grandfather?”

Su Shian’s pupils tightened.

He did have that plan at first, but during the time she was missing.

He was full of thoughts to find her. He had completely forgotten about the resources.

And seeing her with Chen Wenfeng here, he directly became furious, hating that he couldn’t kill the man beside her.

There was a faint idea hidden in his heart, but he dared not think deeply.

Su Shian somewhat embarrassingly looked at Bai Weiwei.

But he found that she stood to the side, eyes indifferent, as if she completely didn’t care about their confrontation.

When did she start looking at him so apathetically?

Before, she was humbly wishing for his love.

Didn’t this woman love him for more than ten years?

He was certain that she would come back, but now he was unsure.

After the anger burned out, his calm returned for a moment.

Su Shian suddenly said: “Weiwei, Grandpa was hospitalized.”

Bai Weiwei’s cold demeanor fluctuated, a slight worry in her eyes.

1: 烂根烂肺: I’m 80% sure “root” is referring to his dingaling, but I’m not too sure what “rotten lung” could potentially mean beyond that he smokes a lot lol


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  1. Urgh, that move is so low =_= using somebody’s worry to bait them over, srsly…. truly sick or not, that’s a cheap move. Beginning to look forward to his heartbreak more and more. CWF can at least muster up some respect for her, but ML’s ego & jealousy is too blown up for that.

  2. I’m definitely Second Male Lead Syndroming over here… dude is so much better than the ML it’s insane! AT least he didn’t compare his wife to a freaking zombie!

  3. “Would she use her snow white soft figure to entangle w/ another man?” Pillow: ahem that was my snow white softness…and no😳

  4. I usually wouldn’t think that CWF is an okay dude with his usual womanizer behaviour. But compared to the ML, he actually seemed like a saint XDDDD He did not rape her nor do anything abusive towards her during her time with him in his house. Istead he treated her like a normal human being.

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