MGCH Chapter 369

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (22)

Su Shian came forward step-by-step, “Grandpa was talking about you. He is old and his body isn’t good. You have not appeared so he has been very worried.”

Bai Weiwei’s fingers clenched and her lips were bitten in silence.

“Even if you leave me, you can’t ignore the old man’s body. He can’t be stimulated.”

Su Shian walked up to her and bowed his head. The cluster of fire in his eyes grew more vigorous, but his countenance was unusually cold, forming a strange contrast.

“And where can you go? Grandpa adopted you. You have been raised by my family for all these years. Isn’t everything you have now mine?”

How could he be too ashamed in front of Bai Weiwei?

From small to large, he should be a god before her.

Her lashes were shaking and her cheeks were pale. She suddenly raised her eyes and a chill flowed through them.

“Su Shian, you slag. Are you forcing me to give you a baby?”

Su Shian’s footsteps paused, his heart at a loss.

Was the reason he forced her to this point just to give him a baby to get company resources?

He…… couldn’t be sure.

The repressed emotions in his heart secretly resurfaced.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 25.】

Chen Wenfeng finally couldn’t bear it. He raised his usual wicked smile.

Suddenly reaching out to take Bai Weiwei’s waist, “My family’s Weiwei is too thin, ah. Who knows how your family abused her, how much she ate and drank. The money spent on her in those years, I’ll repay in her place.”

Su Shian’s eyes sharpened, his glare like a knife eager to cut the hand on Bai Weiwei’s waist.

“I’m afraid you can’t afford it.”

Chen Wenfeng messed with his disheveled hair, with all the momentum of a mega corporations president.

“There is no price that my Chen family can’t afford. You want to compare finances with me, hm.”

Su Shian’s background was good, but his family didn’t support his business from the beginning. Although the company was big, it wasn’t better than their Chen family’s three generations of business.

On power, he dared not compare. However on money, the eldest Chen son could not be surpassed.

The two big men looked at each other coldly.

They couldn’t wait to tear out a piece of the other’s meat.

From a young age, they never saw eye to eye, fighting all the way until they were big. Now was simply a new hatred of old enemies surging up.

Suddenly Su Shian’s foot kicked past. Chen Wenfeng gently pushed Bai Weiwei to the side.

Then he returned a punch, a tooth for a tooth.

Both grunted at the same time.

But more intense hand to hand combat began.

“Chen Wenfeng, you used dirty tricks to lay your hands on my wife.”

“Can’t compare to you. For a divorce you even sent the wife to my bed.”

“Who’s divorced! She’s on my bed.”

“Right, ah. For your own self benefit, you f*cking ripped up the divorce, then couldn’t wait to go back on your work. If I weren’t kind, would she be so unfortunate as to share your bed?”


System: “It’s been so long since I’ve seen two men fight for a woman, really old-fashioned dog blood1 stimulation.”

Bai Weiwei was unusually calm, “Back in those days, at least a hundred and eighty people who wanted to be my boyfriend would fight each other. Today’s small scene is really not enough to put in my eyes.”

System: “……”

Bai Weiwei suddenly said: “Slagstem, why do I feel it’s getting dark.”

System: “?”

Bai Weiwei staggered a few steps, bracing herself against the side of the sofa. She saw the heavens revolve and the earth turn2.

She had planned to rush in and try to mediate the situation while also putting on a pitiful act to install a halo and fish for favorability.

But not now.

At least wait until the two slag men had been beaten severely enough to bleed, to allow her to see enough drama.


Su Shian realized Bai Weiwei abnormality.

He disregarded Chen Wenfeng’s fist and immediately rushed over to catch her.

Chen Wenfeng followed with a frown and immediately called an ambulance.

As soon as the ambulance arrived, the doctor and nurse rushed over.

As a result, they saw two men with bruised faces and bleeding noses.

“Are you both going to the hospital?”

Two men suddenly looked up and pointed to the woman in his arms and said, “You’re blind, ah. Save this person.”

1: 狗血=Dog blood=Chinese slang for melodrama.

2: 天旋地转=Heaven’s revolve, earth turns= An idiom meaning anything unexpected may happen. However it’s used in this context to express her dizziness, as if she’s seeing the heaven’s revolve and the earth turn.


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  1. these two monkeys *facepalm* but srsly, when you think ML can’t steep any lower, he surprises you once again. The guilty trip attempts are real here. But for the heck of it, go second male lead! go T^T even tho our WeiWei will never give you the affection you truly desire, go *sobs while having all sorts of k-drama 2nd lead heartbreak flashbacks*

    1. It seems your Second Male Lead Syndrome has advanced to the point where you’ve temporarily entered a trance and forgotten what your reading.

      This is Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here, the most fortunate thing in Chen Wenfeng’s life is that he’s ‘just’ the second ML ‘doomed’ to a heartbreak of a normal rejection, as opposed to all the ‘blessings’ our ML is sure to ‘enjoy’. ^v^

      1. My guess is, all the heartbroken MLs are fragments of the original world’s empty hearted CEO fiancé, hence he’s still got that chance to get together with her. That’s why all in all I don’t really feel bad for the hearts that were broken (ok maybe except for the palace intrigue one where she had to be beheaded before their wedding, that one tore me up yo) But Mr. Han kerchief and Mr. Playboy here will never get the chance T^T

  2. >Bai Weiwei was unusually calm, “Back in those days, at least a hundred and eighty people who wanted to be my boyfriend would fight each other. Today’s small scene is really not enough to put in my eyes.”

    Bwhahaha! Love how calm she is… like, ho hum, just two dudes fighting. Not impressed til I see a whole arena getting lit up on my behalf…

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