MGCH Chapter 371

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (24)

Bai Weiwei soon cheered up. No matter what fantastical blow she suffered.

She didn’t allow herself to squander more than half an hour on decadence.

It was one of the habits she had developed since she was a child.

So she adjusted her mind and changed her attack strategy. The grief in her eyes deepened.

Then she slowly got out of bed to walk out.

Su Shian and Chen Wenfeng immediately noticed the breeze and moved. One held her right arm, one held her left arm.

“Are you going to the bathroom (Are you going to eat)?”

After speaking in unison, the two men stared gloomily at each other.

Bai Weiwei was expressionless, “Let go.”

Su Shian and Chen Wenfeng stood face to face, suddenly saying with the same voice: “You let go first (You let go first).”

Bai Weiwei and the system:…… This is a perfect pair.

She sighed and pulled away from the two shameless big men.

Then went to find a doctor.

The gynecologist was a middle-aged woman. Bai Weiwei asked her some pregnancy questions.

After the questions were answered, she turned and looked at Su Shian, who stood behind her.

She was calm, with no expression. It was as though such a huge ordeal as getting pregnant was was no big deal.

“Are you happy?”

Su Shian reacted by repeating the question back to himself.

Was he happy? When he realized she was pregnant, the ecstasy that came up in that instant was impossible to control.

He tried to restrain his lips. He didn’t want to reveal too much of his euphoria, but still nodded, “This is my child, of course I’m happy.”

Bai Weiwei smiled lightly, “What if it wasn’t yours?”

Su Shian finger twitched. He wanted to smoke again. He smiled stiffly. “What foolish things are you saying. If it wasn’t mine, would it truly be Chen Wenfeng’s?”

Chen Wenfeng leaned against the door and sneered, “How is it not mine. We lived together for so long, how wouldn’t our time spent on the bed be stronger than yours by a few dozen seconds.”

Su Shian suddenly turned back. His eyes turned red, hostility wildly surged and his expression was grim.

“Shut up, Chen Wenfeng. I’m not asking you.”

He roared, his chest violently heaved a few times and he looked down at the woman sitting in the chair.

Her complexion was still poor. With no makeup, there was none of the previous glamour from when she dressed up.

She just sat quietly. The body was a little weak. Her hair hung on her shoulders, looking a bit like her previous gloomy old-fashioned look.

However, he thought this woman was still damn gorgeous.

How could he think she was ugly before, she actually wasn’t ugly at all.

It was just that disgust blinded his eyes. Now freed from that feeling of disgust, when he saw her, he felt everything was good everywhere.

Bai Weiwei reached for a long strand of hair that fell on her face and gently tucked it behind her ear.

Then she looked at him without affection.

“You’re so fierce that you’re going to scare the child.”

Just a faint sentence, but it made Su Shian suppress his anger. Only his muscles were still slightly twitching, enduring until his ears were red.

Bai Weiwei stroked her abdomen and suddenly asked, “Do you like children?”

Su Shian’s messy breathing slowly stabilized, “Of course, I will love my child.”

With a hint of disappointment in her eyes, Bai Weiwei said, “Is it because the child can bring you enough benefits.”

Su Shian opened his mouth to retort, but the words were stuck at his lips. For a moment, he was unable to speak recklessly.

Because deep down he was very certain, just how important Patriarch Su tilting his resources was to him.

To not divorce Bai Weiwei and to hear that there was a child.

His first reaction was ecstasy.

But behind that ecstasy, was there really no thought of what it meant for him?

He acknowledged that he wasn’t a gentleman of high character.

Usually he would use people without mercy.

Was Bai Weiwei not an object he used?

As he hesitated, Bai Weiwei suddenly smiled sarcastically and said, “What you like most is not the child, it’s your company, Su Shian.”

Cheese: hasn’t it not even been 3 weeks since the beginning of this arc??? idk if modern technology is able to reliably determine pregnancy that early after conception but I’m pretty dang sure that there wouldn’t normally be symptoms???



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  1. i never been pregnant myself but ive had experience taking care of pregnant family members…. it usually takes… idk.. more than two weeks to actually can tell if someone has conceived or not…or even showing signs…. but i could be wrong lol but it could be the technology in their world are super advanced in that regard ;3c also thank u for the update!!

  2. Uuhhh 3 weeks like a month almost soo.. Um… I think its enough time to find out if she’s preggo. The synthoms though idk
    Many thanks

  3. Eh, the timeline is really crazy but I figure the system or whatever mysterious force is behind the system is pulling the strings… And since we’ve never had a pregnancy plotline before, I’m pretty excited to see what will pop up eventually. I’m betting traumatic miscarriage scene… although it would be HILARIOUS if Weiwei ended up with a cute pillow baby after all!

  4. Lessee here.
    Day 1: Casualty list; Pillows virginity
    Day 2: Bai Weiwei goes shopping. Su Shian calls to remind her to take a contraceptive, lets lie and say she did.
    Day 3: Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa~
    Day 4 through 20: Vacation with Chen Wenfeng
    Well I’ll be, cheese, your right. Just shy of three weeks.

    But there’s some odd discrepancies with day 4; in the time it took Su Shian to wake up Bai Weiwei has moved to her new apartment and had several boxes of mail order goods delivered, furthermore on the way to Patriarch Su’s birthday banquet her hair was mentioned to have been prepared days in advance despite only having one day to prepare.

    I went back to check Ch. 253 and I didn’t mistranslate; Su Shian calls day 2 and informs her of the party taking place the following evening. So I can only conclude that the author originally mapped the Arc out with a few days to a week or so of Bai Weiwei living alone after her (pillow’s) first night, but it got cut out and the 2 phone scenes were merged to make the Arc flow better as a whole.

  5. It’s about three weeks since the beginning of the arc… since she stays with our second ML for 16 days

  6. Pillow : why are those two tugging on WeiWei..I’m the one who is pregnant…
    System : here have some melon seeds and watch the show
    WeiWei : Will I need to supply snacks for both of you now ?!? 🐒

  7. at least he’s got some self awareness and not a thorough “I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to you” type of a deal ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ *tosses a + point at ML*

  8. Pregnancy is counted based on when is your last period started. So since women ovulate at day 10-14 of the period cycle and this arc has been going on for 3 weeks, it’s counted as BWW is 5 weeks pregnant by now.

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