MGCH Chapter 376

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (29)

After waiting for half an hour, the phone rang again.

Su Shian couldn’t wait to pick up the phone.

Bai Weiwei whispered: “Let go of the Chen family, Shian.”

Su Shian thought he would be happy when she begged him.

But when he heard her implore on behalf of another man, his mood that was already unhappy only became more angered.

With the resentment of an abandoned husband and endless sarcasm, “What, in order to plead for your lover, you thought one phone call could settle me?”

Bai Weiwei was silent for a moment, “I know, that’s why I want you to come pick me up.”

She gave an address.

Su Shian would have liked to snark a few words like, who are you, ah, that I should have to pick you up.

But ultimately, Bai Weiwei hung up.

Following this demonstration of power and retaliation, her attitude made him more upset.

After a while of hesitation, Su Shian rushed angrily to pick her up.

When he arrived at Bai Weiwei’s location, she was standing by the side of the road, wearing a light purple long-sleeved knee-length dress. She looked apathetic.

Wearing make-up, she was beautiful and eye-catching.

Su Shian looked at her for a while before he realized how greedy his eyes were.

He blinked rapidly, rubbed the longing out of his eyes and then aggressively opened the door.

“Get in.”

Bai Weiwei got in the car, but didn’t look at Su Shian, acting as indifferent as when faced with a stranger.

Su Shian didn’t speak and drove straight away.

“What do you want?” Bai Weiwei suddenly asked frigidly.

Su Shian didn’t answer. He drove the car to his downtown apartment and just said: “Go up.”

Bai Weiwei didn’t defy him and he followed her back to the apartment.

Su Shian entered, locked the door and changed the password.

Until he was certain Bai Weiwei wouldn’t be able to open the door, he couldn’t breathe a sigh of relief.

But he was suddenly severely startled.

Bai Weiwei’s fair fingers, gently unbuttoned her dress. The purple dress ran down her beautiful fair body and fell to her feet.

In the daylight, her figure’s moving curves were visible at a glance.

Su Shian felt his body was tight and a fire was burning.

She was like a demon. She walked step by step towards him, extending her fingers and gently stroking the contours of his face.

With a hot fingertip, she slid past his rolling adam’s apple. Su Shian suddenly grabbed her restless hand.

“What are you doing?” His voice was very dull.

Instead of answering, She looked up at his lips and kissed him.

Su Shian breath became messy. He reached back to hold her. He passionately kissed her back. Clearly he was angry and vengeful.

But this entangled kiss ultimately left him lost.

His hatred for her turned out to be a primitive impulse.

When his restless hands touched her flat belly, he suddenly woke up.

She was pregnant.

That thought let him tear away from her. Then he glared at her, “What are you doing?”

So soon after becoming pregnant, dressing up and going to bed with him.

What if she had a miscarriage?

Bai Weiwei didn’t speak, but looked at him deeply, eyes without half a trace of passion.

Rather, he was like a beast. The fire was still surging below and his breath was messy.

Suddenly Bai Weiwei smiled softly, eyes overflowing with charm, “I am seducing you, ah.”


Su Shian sensed the breathing rhythm that he had just calmed down start to become chaotic again.

Without waiting for him to think about anything, her alluring body pasted itself against him once more. She raised her charming face, her smile brilliant.

However, her tone was uniquely cold.

“Anyway, my love is cheap in your eyes. It’s better to use my body in exchange for some money.”

This sentence chilled Su Shian from start to finish.

“I grew up living in your home. My belongings are only my heart and this body.”

Her eyes were cold and her tone was calm.

But when Su Shian heard this, he had a feeling of melancholy. He could not help but back down, unwilling to stick to her.

She was insatiable, step by step.

She pushed him into the corner. Bai Weiwei raised her elegant neck, smiling with a few touches of sadness, “My heart you do not want, I can only use my own body to save Chen Wenfeng. Or, do you even disdain my body.”

These words, with such strong self-loathing.

Made Su Shian’s face suddenly pale.


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  1. >“Anyway, my love is cheap in your eyes. It’s better to use my body in exchange for some money.”

    Ooof. I *felt* that, even as I knew it was acting. Poor original FL really suffered a great deal, didn’t she?

  2. “What if she had a miscarriage?” Is this foreshadowing that he’s gonna PA PA PA her and cause another dog blood type misunderstanding? ∑(;°Д°)

      1. I hear that vixen, couch cushion-tan has been making eyes(buttons?) at Su Shian lately. Maybe she’ll try to insert herself into Su Shian and pillow-chan’s relationship as a mistress…

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