MGCH Chapter 378

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (31)

Su Shian felt somewhat guilty.

Bai Weiwei pressured him harder, “You do not want my heart, do not want my body. I only have my life left. If not to have me die, what is your intention?”

Su Shian saw her eyes were sharp and cold. She looked at him as if she was seeing an enemy.

His brain was chaotic. 

When was it that the deep love in her eyes changed into the sharpness of hatred?

When Bai Weiwei saw him not saying anything, she appeared a bit ruthless. She suddenly turned and walked to the living room table.

There was a knife beside some fruit.

She grabbed the knife and without hesitation, placed it against her wrist.

Su Shian was unraveling his thoughts and still struggling with what he was forcing her back to do.

As a result, he raised his eyes and saw a scene that could break hearts and crack minds.

Su Shian charged in, took the knife away from her hand and threw it far away.

His eyes were scarlet, “Have you gone crazy? What are you doing?”

Suddenly his words stopped, his anger was blocked and he couldn’t get it out.

Bai Weiwei looked up, eyes overflowing with tears. She said sadly and helplessly: “Didn’t you force me until I had nowhere to go? I left you and finally, with great difficulty, started a new life. But you ruined everything.”

Su Shian’s tongue dried up and his temples swelled.

“I was staying by Chen Wenfeng’s side, but you had to come to destroy it. You don’t like me, what are you doing trying to provoke me?”

“You just want to force me to death.”

Sentence by sentence “forced to death,” he completely became a bully.

Su Shian finally erupted and he shouted, “Who says I don’t like you.”

This outburst even stunned Su Shian himself.

Suddenly something smashed his strong heart.

His mind instantly grasped it.

Because she got into Chen Wenfeng’s car, he forced her.

Because she ran away, he was anxious.

Because she and Chen Wenfeng lived together and conceived a child, he couldn’t wait to destroy the Chen family.

He thought it was revenge.

Su Shian found it somewhat unbelievable and somewhat unspeakable. He was jealous.

Yes, he was so insane and furious, because he was jealous.

Did he like Bai Weiwei?

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 45.】

Su Shian suddenly turned to get his coat and placed it on her.

She looked at him with a bit of a daze.

Su Shian thought of how he had just blurted out words about liking her and felt some regret.

It was too cheap.

He actually admitted he liked her and his cheeks turned red at the memory of it.

He argued, “Anyway, you are still my wife and should live with me. Follow after Chen Wenfeng again, and I’ll topple him.”

When he finished, he felt more like a jealous husband.

Su Shian irritably turned around, opened the door, went out and slammed it shut.

He leaned against the door and took out a cigarette, inhaling deeply.

Obviously, if he ruined Chen Wenfeng she would cry endlessly, and it would also force her to return.

Before she came back, didn’t he think about it every day? If she came to beg him, how he would toss and despise her?

It turned out to be that she tossed him.

After the successful retaliation, he was even more aggrieved. What was going on?

When Bai Weiwei saw Su Shian had left, she rubbed her face.

The expression was too much and now her face was sore, ah.

The system was scared to the point it couldn’t eat its Latiao, “Laid trough, raised only a tiny bit of favorability. You two are so unreasonable1. I thought I was watching a drama by Qiong Yao2.”

Again seduce him and again pull a knife, up five points of favorability.

As for that.

Bai Weiwei fixed her clothes, “There’s no other way. This man is too stupid, I have to force him to admit his feelings. He’s a slag that could ascend to the heavens to live side by side with the sun. If he knows he’s moved, his good feelings will rise easily.”

1: 作天作地: lit. make heaven make earth?? Apparently I’ve looked this up before but I forgot LOL. Shanghai dialect that means to be unreasonable? Seems to describe both a woman in love who does whatever she wants and a child who’s asking for a beating and honestly, both probably describe what the system means.

2: Qiong/Chiung Yao is the pen name for a famous Taiwanese writer and producer. One of the most popular romance novelists in the Chinese-speaking community.


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  1. Heck, he better give her the full mark ASAP, as much as I love the slag abuse, I’m craving for some proper romance with a “proper” yandere ML

  2. I checked the raw, what is happening? Something was missing and I can’t even read in advance in the raws… WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Nothing was in line… the heck? Why is the title of this phase at 1031, the hell? What??? WHAT IS HAPPENING

    1. Were you reading on 69shu? When I first read ahead in the raws that was the one I started with, I stopped and switched to a different site when it skipped from the Arc 6 reality interlude directly to the Arc 7 reality interlude, but kept numbering the chapters as if it hadn’t skipped an entire Arc. When I started rereading on a better site I found that even on the Arcs that 69shu had, some key chapters were missing. It really was the worst site, I haven’t read anything there since.

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