MGCH Chapter 380

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (33)

Su Shian was still stupid, but he knew that a disgusted person wouldn’t have such a huge physiological reaction.

He saw she appeared really uncomfortable. Her complexion didn’t have any blood and her brows were frowned tightly.

She knelt beside the washbasin, trembling all over as if she would fall down at any moment.

His voice was soft, even worried, “Are you all right?”

Bai Weiwei tiredly waved, this broken simulator.

Obviously she didn’t have a child, but the resulting pregnancy reaction was terrifying.

Su Shian was a little dissatisfied with her perfunctory attitude. She was clearly very uncomfortable.

Bai Weiwei thought there was nothing left in her stomach to vomit, so she straightened her body. The nausea didn’t wait for her to stand firmly before it came again.

She immediately squatted back down. She coughed with a heart tearing, lung splitting strength.

Su Shian was flustered and he was also inexperienced.

His mind in chaos, he rushed to her side without saying a word and picked her up.

Bai Weiwei had a headache from this strange morning sickness, so she didn’t have any strength to resist Su Shian carrying her out the door.

When he stuffed her into the car, she had time to say, “What are you doing?”

Su Shian got into the driver’s seat and was just about to drive, only to think of something and immediately fastened her seat belt.

He was expressionless, “Going to the hospital.”

Bai Weiwei still had some common sense, “This is morning sickness, it’s normal.”

When Su Shian heard her say this, his heart was hit hard and his chest was stuffy and depressed.

He ignored her and drove out, “You spit up that much, don’t you know how to protect yourself? Chen Wenfeng, that rotten man’s child, aren’t you carrying that baby? If you are sick, you have to go to the hospital.”

Bai Weiwei: I said it’s morning sickness, isn’t puking also a symptom of morning sickness?

The system on the side faintly said: “Another foolish one.”

The IQ was too low, it was too tragic to look at.

In the hospital, Su Shian said to a doctor: “Doctor, she vomited badly.”

Bai Weiwei was peerlessly calm, “I am pregnant, it’s morning sickness, a very normal physiological reaction.”

The doctor communicated with Bai Weiwei to make sure there were no big problems.

Then he said to Su Shian, “This is normal, sir.”

Su Shian looked up at her unsightly pale complexion and couldn’t help but get anxious.

“Where is it normal? You see her white face, what medicine can treat it?”

“Just make sure to rest.”

“Throwing up so hard, how can she rest. Quack doctor.”

The doctor’s blue veins burst out on his forehead, “Not only is vomiting during pregnancy normal, but so are dizziness, weakness, appetite loss, sleepiness and increased urine frequency. How did you become a father without understanding anything? It’s already hard to be a mother, but you are this kind of unprepared and ignorant father. Why is your wife so unlucky?”

The doctor’s fighting power exploded.

Su Shian was a puny power level 5 fighter1.

As he left, the doctor gave them a vitamin fluid to be taken orally and a pile of parenting books.

Su Shian carried, 《Those Things About Pregnancy》《On The Job Dad Training》《Loving Wife For a Hundred Years》《Improper Slag Dad, I am Proud》 out of the hospital.

In the car, Bai Weiwei was exhausted.

She didn’t eat much and what was in her stomach was all emptied clean. Su Shian also pulled her into the hospital.

It was the first time she was so unenthusiastic about the task target.

This slag, who could love this task target? Who wanted to be with this task target?

Su Shian gripped the steering wheel and looked at her from time to time.

After a few minutes, he pretended to calm and asked: “Is pregnancy so hard?”

He had never been a father. How would he know that a woman’s pregnancy was so difficult?

Bai Weiwei touched her stomach, as if she was hungry.

Her voice was a little weak, “It’s okay.”

Spit, ah, vomit, ah, I am used to it.

1: 战五渣卒: A reference to Dragon Ball lol. When Raditz(??? I’ve never watched DB, Z or otherwise. leave me alone!) first came to Earth. The first Earth man was a farmer and when he checked him out with a power detector, he was like (taken verbatim from the English dub) “Your power level is puny. Level 5. Too bad.” Interestingly enough he has his own page on the DB fandom wiki. Also I think this is the same concept as that “It’s over nine THOUSAAAAAAND” meme.



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  1. “《Improper Slag Dad, I am Proud》” Oh wow, ohhh wow, if this doesn’t fit SS to a t, then idk what will.

  2. I really hope that he learns how to be a decent person from these books… or else I am also very unenthusiastic about this scum male… even if he understand his failures, if it wouldnt be a task he would never deserve any woman!

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    1. I think the doctor and commenters are a little hard on the ML. Yes, he is a jerk but many men do not really understand the badly named “morning sickness”. Lots of women experience symptoms all day (i.e. not just when a woman first wakes up), the degree to which the symptoms manifest themselves vary tremendously and even their duration varies (some women only experience symptoms during their first trimester while others are plagued by it for the entirety of their pregnancy).

  3. >This slag, who could love this task target? Who wanted to be with this task target?

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