MGCH Chapter 383

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (36)

Su Shian felt that it should be good enough he wasn’t forcing Bai Weiwei to have an abortion.

How could he let this damned woman toss him?

When had he ever eaten such a loss?

He thought irritably, when he suddenly saw that the clock had struck six.

He immediately got up and ran to the living room to make a phone call, requesting the nanny come back early to prepare breakfast for Bai Weiwei.

The book seemed to say that a pregnant woman’s breakfast was also important.

And if pregnant, one should eat less per sitting but eat more meals.

He would have to order some walnuts and yogurt. These were also things pregnant women needed to eat.

By the time he finished, Su Shian almost wanted to stomp on his paws.

How could he not control his actions, was he so cheap, ah?

Suddenly the door of the room opened. Su Shian turned back to see Bai Weiwei with her long hair down, watching him bleary eyed from the doorway.

She smiled, “Did you really buy noodles last night?”

Su Shian remembered that the cold noodles he left on the living room table hadn’t been thrown away.

She asked casually, but in his ears, it morphed into an interrogation.

Because of her words, he actually crossed half the city in the middle of the night, to desperately knock on the door of a restaurant.

For him such a foolish incident was simply insane.

He endured for a while before he answered with an apathetic face, “Yeah, I was afraid you’d starve to death here.”

Bai Weiwei quietly look at him, eyes flowed with a fascinating light, she asked softly: “Su Shian, you really like me?”

Su Shian sensed her words had broken through the floodgates of his heart in an instant.

He felt that he had momentarily turned into a soldier who lost his armor, and he didn’t know how to cope when facing her clear eyes.

He instinctively replied, “Who likes you? It’s not some life and death matter, I’m just treating you well superficially. We have been together for more than ten years. If I really wanted to like you, I’d have already liked you.”

After saying that, as if afraid he wasn’t clear enough, he also firmly added, “Don’t be sentimental, Bai Weiwei. You are now carrying someone else’s child, I will not like you.”

The light in her eyes dimmed. The corner of her mouth lifted into a taunting smirk, “Also, how could I match the preference of the Su family’s eldest son. I’m really too self confident.”

Having said that, she turned to go wash up and no longer minded Su Shian.

Su Shian stood in place.

He suddenly sneered, “Women are troublesome, every day is love this, love that. Having a career as the top priority is the right thing to do. Short-sighted.”

When he finished, he went to smoke. The result was, he had just lit it.

Then he pressed it out again at once.

Pregnant women should not be exposed to smoke.

When he discovered his movements were so fluent, his brain roared.

It was clearly not his child!

When did he become a Holy Father that did everything to take care of her children?

Su Shian was instinctively uneasy and he ran out the door as if fleeing.

He still had a lot of work to do.

On Chen Wenfeng’s side, there was a lot of follow up to do.

How could he always hang around beside her.

When Su Shian arrived at the company, he smoked a few cigarettes to calm the desperation surging inside him, like he had something to hide.

It was no easy feat to relax, but his hand automatically dialed the home phone.

It was the nanny.

“Is she sick? Can she eat? Her diet should be light. I looked it up the book yesterday, it said that she can’t eat much hawthorn. Even if she wants to eat tanghulu, you’re not allowed to buy hawthorn……”

After a lot of nagging, Su Shian finally snapped out of it.

He dropped his cell phone, “It’s Chen Wenfeng, that bastard’s baby. Why should I worry?”

He felt that his brain must have been damaged.

It wasn’t enough to worry once, it was an addiction to worrying.

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