MGCH Chapter 384

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (37)

The phone was good quality and didn’t break.

Suddenly it rang. Su Shian thought it was Bai Weiwei calling back.

The whole person immediately became spirited, immediately picking up the phone to connect. He just opened his mouth and shouted Weiwei.

The result was the voice of Chen Wenfeng.

“Su slag, isn’t Weiwei there with you? She might be uncomfortable, pregnant women have it very hard in the early stages. She may get morning sickness, remember to keep her diet light. Eat less per serving but serve more meals. Prepare more small snacks, she likes bla bla bla……

Su Shian’s whole brain was paralyzed.

This Chen rotten man, openly put a whole green hat on his head.

This longing for someone else’ wife, it was an addiction, wasn’t it?

“No need to bother yourself with longing for my wife, you will soon be bankrupt and waiting in the queue to jump from the building, young master1 Chen.”

Chen Wenfeng’s voice paused, then snarked, “Yo, you’re being cocky in front of me. The joy of being a father isn’t bad, and taking my child to please Patriarch Su feels very cool.”

When Su Shian heard this sentence, his brain ached.

Bai Weiwei lived with him, slept with him and had a child with him.

This was entirely what he couldn’t think about.

With just a thought, the killing intent in his heart surged up and rushed out.

Chen Wenfeng sounded particularly chilly, “Su Shian, if you don’t love her then let go for this laozi. Don’t treat the love in her heart for you as garbage to throw away at will.”

Su Shian humphed coldly, “If she really loved me, would she still sleep with you?”

Chen Wenfeng humphed even more coldly than him, “That wasn’t her not loving you. You do not love but she is still not allowed to love others? I’m telling you, she deserves a better love. With you, who belong with slag goods and would only take advantage of her, she would certainly not be well off.”

Su Shian hissed with cold energy, “Are you a better love?”

Chen Wenfeng was silent a moment. His voice was tender, “I love her. This world has so many trees that have no meaning to me, but she is the leaf on the tip of my heart. I hate that I can’t hold her, so that she does not suffer any harm.”

He also did not know why he so easily loved a person with all his heart.

Anyway, he saw her and liked her, and could not escape.

Su Shian felt sick, “When did you become so poetic? Whatever you say, aren’t you a third wheel. Roll.”

Chen Wenfeng couldn’t help but shout, “The one who should roll, is you. You forced her back for nothing but to use the child to seek benefits. You don’t deserve her.”

Su Shian smashed the phone into fragments.

He gasped and his eyes were unmatched in their ferociousness.

To put it bluntly, Chen Wenfeng, this asshole just wanted to remind him that he slept with Bai Weiwei.

Then they had a child.

Yes, their child.

Even if he was now forcing Bai Weiwei back. with the birth of that child, she and Chen Wenfeng would have an ambiguous bond for the rest of their lives.

Su Shian admitted that he had selfish thoughts at first.

Take Bai Weiwei’s children as his own, and he could please Grandpa Su.

After all, it was just about how much family resources he could get and how the company could grow.

However, Chen Wenfeng’s phone call had completely stimulated him.

What shit resources.

This child was not his, not for a lifetime.

When the child was born, it couldn’t be stuffed back. Was he to look at the child every day, with a similar face to Chen Wenfeng, for life?

More importantly, this child would make Bai Weiwei have thoughts of returning to Chen Wenfeng’s side every day.

Su Shian felt that he could not wait a moment.

He rushed out of the company and drove home.

Then with reddened eyes, he opened the door and saw Bai Weiwei looking down to read a book.

The gentleness of her bowed head made people feel that the time passed was wonderful.

1: 少爷=Shaoye=Meaning son of a rich family. Normally I despise the way character’s that address other’s as “Young master” instantly sound like butlers and try to find work arounds or just used a western spelling of the characters that make up the term. But, in this case it perfectly encapsulated Su Shian’s sarcasm and it’s only otherwise used in this Arc by servants, so I left it.


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