MGCH Chapter 386

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (39)

Su Shian’s heart was empty. He didn’t argue and dared not look in her eyes.

He despised her love for more than a decade.

Could he still find the face to say he likes her now?

This kind of difference made him consider escaping for the first time.

His heart was full of fire, and it began to burn once he knew she was living with Chen Wenfeng.

And today, it was completely blown up by this child who didn’t belong to him.

When they arrived at the hospital, he ignored Bai Weiwei’s hitting and scratching at him. His expression dark and cold as he carried her in.

The doctor had an appointment ready long ago and everyone was moving very quickly.

The doctor made routine inquiries.

“Do you need B ultrasound to observe the state of the fetus, to see if it’s suitable for the drug abortion or the manual abortion?”

Bai Weiwei was confined in his arms, unable to move at all.

The man’s strength was especially great because of anger.

Su Shian habitually asked, “Do the drugs harm the body much?”

It was as if the doctor had been injected with chicken blood, he was full of spirit, “Our hospital’s drug for abortion can cause excessive bleeding, leading to infertility, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, sweating. Even more bleeding may require a D&C1.”

Su Shian: “……”

“Manual abortion may cause unbearable abdominal pain, infection, inflammation, cervical erosion, and uterine displacement accompanied by infertility.”

The visibly pale Su Shian: “……”

Doctor: “Yeah, there’s a possibility of bleeding to death.”

Su Shian trembled all over, “……”

The strength he used to imprison her in his arms slowly weakened.

Was abortion so frightful?

Su Shian felt that he could lose Bai Weiwei any second.

Doctor: “So you want the manual abortion or medicine? I also have here How to Break The Fetus, the video that came out. You can watch it first and then pick.”

Su Shian thought that his entire body wasn’t well.

Was abortion always this frenzied?

Bai Weiwei suddenly said coldly: “Drug abortion. The fetus is small, drugs should be able to make it flow out cleanly.”

Her complexion was equally pale.

But the eyes were too bright, a little manic and there was a desperate desolation.

Su Shian almost blurted out, don’t have an abortion, but was blocked back by her.

He shuddered a few times before saying, “It sounds like it’s very painful.”

Bai Weiwei stared at him blankly, there should have been a few strands of temperature in her eyes, but they were as frozen as ice and snow.

She slowly showed a smile, “What’s painful, the murder of a child?”

When she finished, she pushed his hands away and stood up from his lap.

Su Shian abruptly grabbed her hand, “Or……”

Bai Weiwei slapped his hand off her. Su Shian got up suddenly.

She whispered, “Did that hurt?”

It was a very gentle question.

Su Shian’s face became better. Just as he was about to say it didn’t hurt much.

Bai Weiwei indifferently said, “You’re such a big man, so thick skinned, I bet it didn’t hurt you.”

Su Shian was already sulking; this time his anger ignited, “Bai Weiwei.”

Bai Weiwei lifted her head. The light of her eyes was chilly, “What, making me get an abortion is not enough? If you don’t make me die, you can’t vent?”

Su Shian was stopped by her and couldn’t say a word.

Whenever there was in the fight between the two of them, she always had the upper hand.

She was aggressive.

He didn’t dare to talk back.

Bai Weiwei sorted out her clothes and then said to the doctor: “Good, B ultrasound, urine test or other examinations, do all over again. Let’s strive to get this little vile seed aborted today.”

Clean and neat, her tone was calm.

There was no heartbroken appearance at all.

Su Shian was stunned for a moment, somewhat unable to believe she was so apathetic.

1: 二次清宫: based on the description and context, this is likely referring to a dilation and curettage, a procedure in which the gynecologist dilates the cervix and surgically removes the uterine lining/contents. Common in early trimester miscarriages/abortions.


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