MGCH Chapter 387

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (40)

Bai Weiwei followed the doctor to check her body.

Su Shian sat in place, agitated and upset.

He didn’t know how long he waited, when suddenly the driver ran over and handed his cell phone to Su Shian.

After Su Shian smashed his cell phone, he didn’t have time to buy a new one.

This was the driver’s cell phone.

Su Shian took a look. It turned out to be that haunting ghost Chen Wenfeng.

He snappily answered the phone, “You’re still not done, you can even get my driver’s phone number.”

Chen Wenfeng: “I just want to ask about Bai Weiwei’s recent situation. I can’t rest assured when she’s with you, I have to call every day to check.”

Su Shian sarcastically hummed: “What do you have to worry about, worried about that vile seed in her stomach?”

Chen Wenfeng: “Vile seed? You speak politely, if he or she is a vile seed, you’re the root of the disaster.”

Su Shian sneered again and again, “That was Weiwei’s own curse.”

Chen Wenfeng was silent for a while. His voice sank, “What have you done? She wouldn’t describe the child that way.”

Su Shian clenched his finger on the phone and wanted to smash a cell phone again.

“Like you would know her.”

Chen Wenfeng took a deep breath, “You haven’t done anything to her?”

Su Shian looked at the time. It had been an hour.

Did the inspection take so long?

Or had they started the procedure?

He was upset and said, “It’s nothing to do with you.”

Chen Wenfeng suddenly said: “I am actually very jealous of you, Su Shian, even if you are a slag.”

Su Shian: The feeling’s mutual. I’m particularly jealous of Chen Wenfeng, even if you’re a rotten man.

Chen Wenfeng: “She went to find you, I know. But I’m not trying to bring her back. Not for the sake of my family’s company, but because she asked for that herself.”

Su Shian’s heart was full of acid, “Yes, ah, she came back to me for you. Are you telling me that she loves you so much that she would rather sacrifice herself?”

Chen Wenfeng roared: “Your head was really kicked by a donkey. She loved you from beginning to end. She can’t let you go, her heart is full of you, so she went back to you.”

This roar, Su Shian’s ears could go deaf.

He went silly for a bit.

Chen Wenfeng continued: “You simply don’t know, she loved you for more than ten years. You forced her to abandon everything and change. She wears short skirts and heels, her personality changed to be like a thorn, only so you would find her especially beautiful. You do not feel distressed for her?”

Her character that had always been conservative and introverted.

Was now forced to match Su Shian’s preferences.

How could a person change so greatly if they were not forced to death?

Su Shian’s face was unsightly, “What do you mean?”

Chen Wenfeng: “You know what? I’d rather have a cruel enough heart to let you hurt her indecently, than say these words to you after you have no chance.”


“She went back because she still had hope for you and she felt she could still reach your heart.”

“Don’t joke around, she’s even got your child.”

Chen Wenfeng was silent.

This silence was extremely heavy.

It made Su Shian frown. He always felt his heart had a hidden uneasiness.

Chen Wenfeng burst out laughing, “I was just messing with you.”

Su Shian: “?”

Chen Wenfeng taunted, as his laughter grew louder, “The two of us didn’t even share a bed, no, not even kiss. You know?”

You know?

You know…… Wait a minute.

How did the child come about?

Su Shian was very stiff. He froze for a while. Then suddenly his brain burst, like someone had ignited the explosives in his body.

He was blown up down to the bone.

His hand spasmed, the cell phone fell to the ground and then he rushed to the place where Bai Weiwei went to be examined.

Upon arrival, he heard the doctor say, “The body is in good shape, we’ll be able to carry out the abortion.”

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