MGCH Chapter 390

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (43)

There was a long silence outside the door before the weak voice of Bai Weiwei was heard.

“I want to go back.”

This sentence was faint, with a heavy sadness.

Su Shian’s fingernails were stuck in the palm of his hand. He did not feel the pain, only feeling dazed.

Didn’t she want to kill the baby?

Chen Wenfeng knew her state of mind.

He sighed before taking off his jacket and draping it over her slender body.

Then his hand was hovering over her back, afraid to take the initiative.

“I’ll give you a ride.”

She was still reluctant to kill the baby.

Even if Su Shian hurt her that deeply, she still couldn’t bear to not have the child.

Chen Wenfeng only felt heartache for her, he didn’t even feel jealous.

When one loved someone deeply, one could actually become selfless and grand. He would rather let her be happy. Even if she did not stay with him, it didn’t matter.

【Ding, Chen Wenfeng’s favorability is at 100.】

Bai Weiwei nodded in a trance and then went out.

The system finished sleeping and came back. It glanced at the automatic reminder for favorability.

Su Shian was at sixty five.

Chen Wenfeng was at one hundred?

What had just happened? Did the host kick Su Shian aside and get together with Chen Wenfeng?

Just as it thought so, Su Shian’s side’s reminder rang again.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 70.】

The host went away with Chen Wenfeng.

And Su Shian actually got a surge in favorability. Was he abused into developing Stockholm syndrome?

The system just began, “Host, you……”

Bai Weiwei: “Don’t talk, let me have a moment of sorrow.”

System: “…… Speak human words.”

Bai Weiwei: “Hehehehe, I feel like my acting skills are on a new level.”

System: You TM are already at the pinnacle of acting, there is still a new level to reach?

Bai Weiwei: “Abusing people is really cool. This task lets me improve my physical and mental health. Su slag is very cool.”

System: How come there was suddenly some sympathy for Su slag.

Su Shian was still in the hospital, the doctor looked left and right, “Uh, the operating table is ready, I want to ask the lady to come over……”

Su Shian suddenly became angry, “Roll, do you want to kill my child? I’ll bulldoze your hospital.”

The doctor’s face was bitter. He knew that today’s appointment was from a big family. So, for fear of future problems with the abortion, the head of the hospital took charge.

He also deliberately clearly listed all the potential side effects at once.

The results were, there was no abortion, but they still wanted to level the hospital.

Did they spend their last life in the hospital as a Husky1?

Why was it that whoever came could level or blow up the whole hospital.

Money was really amazing.

Su Shian thought of how she had just given up the abortion and left with Chen Wenfeng.

His heart was sour and soft, with a deep layer of guilt.

How could he push her to such a point?

Su Shian also didn’t know how long he had sat there before he gathered the strength to get up and go home.

She left with Chen Wenfeng.

Their home must be deserted. What was the point of him going back?

Su Shian stood at the door of the house, but didn’t dare to enter, afraid of seeing the empty room and going out of control.

He felt he was similar to a dog that no one wanted.

Su Shian stood there until his feet became sore, then used the key to open the door and walked in.

The nanny was arranging dinner and the bowls on the table were set for two people.

The nanny still didn’t know she was gone.

Su Shian saw the meal on the table and looked at two pairs of chopsticks. His eyes became wet.

For the first time Su Shian felt he had lost someone.

It was actually so crushing.

He went to the table, picked up Bai Weiwei’s bowl and stared at it with discomfort and affection.

The nanny had just brought the soup.

She saw him so tangled up and couldn’t help but say: “Are you hungry? Would you like to eat first?”

Su Shian’s voice was hoarse, “I’m not hungry.”

His heart was filled with grief.

The nanny observed the wounded spring and sad autumn2 expression of her employer. Hungry enough to cry, but still wouldn’t eat?

The nanny turned back and called, “Madam, come eat.”

This call, almost caused Su Shian’s tears to fall out.

She was gone, how could she come to eat?

1: Not too sure about this one (throwback to that one comment in the last arc about crying like a fat ginger cat), but apparently huskies have a reputation for being dumb (can’t verify for myself) and destructive/active (which I can accept, since they’re bred to be outdoor sled dogs and not really meant to be indoor dogs). Considering that the doctor was just told that SSA wants to destroy the whole hospital, this sort of description might make sense.

2: 悲春伤秋: a very sentimental and poetic way of expressing sadness. The original meaning seems to be about feeling sad with the change of seasons, but don’t quote me on that.


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