MGCH Chapter 395

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (48)

Su Shian’s heart was empty. He played a fool to this point.

But she still didn’t look back.

It turned out that if a person really did not love, they could be unsympathetic to this extent.

He thought that as soon as he softened, she would soften her heart too.

The results…… women were so cruel and heartless.

Suddenly the door opened and Su Shian immediately looked up with joy.

Consequently, Chen Wenfeng walked in with a large white chrysanthemum.

Su Shian immediately pulled a long face.

Chen Wenfeng threw the chrysanthemum to him, “I wish you a happy hospital stay today, year after year.”

Su Shian coldly snapped the chrysanthemum, threw it down on the bed and then pointed to the door, “Roll.”

Chen Wenfeng took a slight glance at his legs and elegantly sat on the sofa in the ward.

He was aloof and had a good atmosphere.

On the other hand, Su Shian had two casted legs suspended and was pale and haggard.

A contrast that set off Chen Wenfeng as particularly handsome and appealing.

“I’m here today to talk to you about Weiwei’s divorce agreement.”

Su Shian calmed down. He sneered, “The Chen’s eldest son is really bitter, every day longing for someone else’s wife, are you not tired?”

Chen Wenfeng sighed, “Tired, ah. To save my beautiful princess from the fire pit, also having to deal with a shameless toad, it is very busy.”

Su Shian sneered even more, “If you don’t use a radical method, I won’t let go.”

Chen Wenfeng was indifferent and unconcerned. He lowered his eyes, voice calm, “Do you have to watch her die because of you?”

Su Shian’s fingers shook. He struggled to suppress the turbulent emotions in his heart.

“Don’t be an alarmist, Chen Wenfeng.”

Chen Wenfeng placed his hands on his knees, black pupils flowing with a frosty light, “Who is joking with you, do you know what she did when she got into my car that day?”

Su Shian looked at him, his eyes deep and chilled.

“Don’t tell me she seduced you.”

The corner of Chen Wenfeng’s mouth bent. He couldn’t help laughing and smirking, “Su Shian, your first reaction turned out to be that she would seduce me? If it wasn’t for those two legs of yours and that I don’t bully cripples, I would really want to break open your dog head.”

Su Shian endured his anger, “So, you’re here today to show off her getting into your car.”

Chen Wenfeng gritted his teeth and said, “She cried.”

Su Shian was dazed. There was some consternation in his eyes.

Chen Wenfeng leaned forward, repeated every single word, “She was crying, had been crying. From the time she got into the car, crying, to when I sent her back, still crying.”

At that time, he didn’t know that he was heartbroken.

It was too distressing that Bai Weiwei was crying so much.

Silent tears, no sound, no ringing. So sorrowful, as though she would shatter.

Anyone who saw her would know she had reached the brink of collapse.

“Don’t forget what you’ve done. I’m the same type of bastard as you. For people who I don’t care about, even if I ruin them completely, I won’t feel any pain at all.”

If he hadn’t fallen in love with her, how could he have thought over the bad things he had done to her one by one, to condemn himself.

Chen Wenfeng knew that he was not a good thing. For his own little sister, he could ignore his conscience and go to destroy her innocence.

Su Shian stared at him in a haze, his heart was difficult to calm down.

He did go too far that time to get the divorce, so he had always tried his best to make up for it.

She was so calm during this time, so unfeeling, so…… happy.

He had thought she didn’t care about those injuries.

Chen Wenfeng observed his face and knew what he was thinking.

“Su Shian, she loved you for more than ten years. A person who can be affectionate to this point, why don’t you know how to treasure them.”

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  1. A happy new year and hope you all had a blast <3 Seriously tho, how often do people have to tell SS that he's a bastard towards BWW that he can finally stop exploiting every means for his selfish purposes? (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ ) first it was his company now his own desire for her, nothing's changed with him at all.

    1. Seriously, I can’t believe even grandpa would like that asshole at this point… SS truly is the worst male protag! (Although sadly, not in the least atypical of some Asian manga/book “heroes”…)

      1. gosh, ifkr, abusive arrogant CEO types that can kill or ruin people without consequences and enter a domestic abusive relationship and hurt female protagonists out of jealousy and to “test” them or worse, imprison them in their residence. URGH TRAAAAASH
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