MGCH Chapter 396

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (49)

Su Shian finally couldn’t stand it, “Enough. Before, I fell and got brain damage. I won’t be like that in the future.”

Chen Wenfeng sneered, “There is no future, you don’t even know she’s ill.”

Su Shian frowned and his eyes sharpened, “What do you mean ill?”

Chen Wenfeng took out of a few pages of documents from his briefcase, “You must not know, she has depression. If I did not think about her personality change and investigate a bit, I would not know that she had been taking anti-depressant medication.”

Su Shian only felt a booming in his ears. He reached out to grab the paper.

Her medical records were clearly detailed on it.

It included the time she started medical treatment, as well as the extent of the severity.

It was already the point of considering suicide.

Su Shian’s face was ugly, “I don’t believe it, she hasn’t taken any medicine. She’s been in good spirits.”

Chen Wenfeng was somewhat in pain and reached to grab his hair, “She’s had depression for so long, where can you see that she is in good spirits? And she doesn’t take medicine because of the child.”

When pregnant, how could she still take medicine.

“And she’s changed a lot. She dresses up differently, her temperament transformed. Don’t you think that’s very abnormal?”

Even if a person tried to change, they couldn’t change so thoroughly.

Su Shian held the pages in a death grip, “In the end, what are you saying?”

Chen Wenfeng: “I think she was depressed and now is even beginning to develop schizophrenia. Because she was hurt by us too much, she dares not face it. She would rather pretend to be another person.”

Su Shian stared at the diagnosis of depression on the paper, until his eyes began to redden.

“She never said……”

And the depression might have worsened because of the asinine things he’d done during this time?

He misunderstood her as cheating and forced her.

He even tried to get rid of her child.

He actually pushed her to such a point.

The pain drilled into his heart and instantly shattered his cold shell.

Chen Wenfeng wrung his hands with enough force to raise the blue veins back of his hands, his tone fierce, “So what qualifications do you have to keep her? You’ve spent more than a decade making her like this, how can you have the face to stay around her?”

Su Shian was completely enraged. His eyes were full of mad fury, “Enough. Chen Wenfeng, you are not a good person. If I do not have the right to keep her, you, a man with a rotten heart and lungs who has been in countless women’s beds, are even less qualified.”

Chen Wenfeng took a deep breath and told himself that he couldn’t beat the disabled.

“Anyway we’re not eligible. Let it go, don’t force her to death.”

Depression was a terrible illness and constant stress would only push her to death.

Su Shian was silent, but his eyes sharp and frighteningly baleful.

Chen Wenfeng stood up and looked at him. The glares between the two men could almost burst out sparks.

“You think about it for yourself.”

With that, he turned and left.

Su Shian looked back and forth at the documents and abruptly made a phone call.

This must have been a plot made up by Chen Wenfeng.

He wanted to make false depression documents to force him into divorce.

But when he finished listening to his own investigation report, his entire body was completely numb.

This information was not difficult to find, it was even easy.

She went to therapy almost every week before she had her change in temperament.

But he never noticed, for so many years.

Su Shian was a little lost. The middle of the heart seemed to have a large chunk hollowed out.

Suddenly, that empty place was hit by a great deal of regret.

He gritted his teeth and bowed his head silently.

“I’m sorry……”

A tear fell on the back of his hand.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 80.】


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  1. I really love how the author emphasizes the actual severity of depression, especially bc of the stigmatism that it often has in Asian cultures 🤧🤧

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  4. >Chen Wenfeng: “I think she was depressed and now is even beginning to develop schizophrenia. Because she was hurt by us too much, she dares not face it. She would rather pretend to be another person.”

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      SS needs some more abuse from our amazing BWW on behalf of the original.

    2. Yeah, I know, but I try to keep the translations as accurate as possible to the original text. Also, I figured this slip up might be intentional as Chen Wenfeng doesn’t have a background in mental health.

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