MGCH Chapter 398

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (51)

Bai Weiwei didn’t say a word. The light of the fireworks shined on her face, giving her a slightly cold beauty.

It was like she was isolated from the world.

Unsympathetic, unwilling to give anyone a hint of pity.

Su Shian’s heart was dripping blood. His fingers clung to the armrest of the wheelchair, like a prisoner waiting for the death penalty.

His expression was grim and tense.

Bai Weiwei suddenly walked up and bent over, face to face with him.

Her eyebrows smoothed out. She was smiling and charming, eyes full of fireworks.

“Shian, you really like me?”

She had once asked this question.

He had denied it.

Then he regretted and said he liked, but she said he didn’t deserve it.

Su Shian only thought she was beautiful in every way. How was her smile so similar to warm water, able to soak into his cold heart.

He couldn’t resist, as if he were tempted, “I like you.”

Clearly there were countless feelings in the heart waiting to break out, but he could only use such pale boring words, to summarize.

Bai Weiwei’s smile cooled down. Her eyes held a faint ridicule, and her features carried more than a little ice.

“I don’t agree with you about the divorce.”

Su Shian suddenly started, the feelings in his heart almost pouring out.

“You……” still like me?

So you’re reluctant to divorce.

Bai Weiwei stood up straight and looked down at him, she frigidly said: “Every time it’s you who says leave, says do not like, says to divorce.”

“From the day I changed, I told myself that only I could abandon someone and no one could abandon me.”

“And so, Su Shian……”

She laughed icily, “Let’s get divorced. This time I don’t want you. It’s me bringing up divorce, not you.”

He said divorce and she refused, only because she wanted to ask for herself.

The surprise in Su Shian’s eyes dimmed.

Her words stuck into him like thorns and left him disoriented.

Bai Weiwei gazed at the night sky loaded with grand fireworks, “These fireworks, I’ll leave them to the person you like in the future.”

With that, she lifted her foot and left.

Su Shian finally shivered, “Weiwei, do I have a chance to save it?”

Bai Weiwei’s footsteps paused, but she didn’t look back, “No, the Bai Weiwei that once loved you is already dead.”

Su Shian gritted his teeth to endure the pain, staring at those fleeting fireworks.

Finally after he opened his mouth several times, he still said: “I already know your condition. Even if we divorce I can’t be assured about you.”

“I know you hate me, but don’t be ashamed, treat it well. Don’t let the illness get worse.”

“If you find it difficult to bear, just torment me.”

“Anyways, my skin is very thick, you can hit me a bit to vent out your feelings. Don’t just stew in it yourself.”

The depressed could easily fall into a world of sadness and pain.

So he must not let her ever again face enough difficulty to hurt herself.

Su Shian found he was like an old mother.

Afraid that Bai Weiwei couldn’t take care of herself, he nagged endlessly.

The cold wind blew.

Su Shian just felt if he did not look back, behind him there would still be the shadow of Bai Weiwei.

But that person had already left.

He had just spoken aloud to himself and didn’t even know if she had heard it.

The fireworks were still on display, but the people meant to watch it were not there.

Su Shian looked at the fireworks in the sky and for the first time experienced the feeling of being abandoned.

It turned out to be so miserable.

The feeling of a dog that lost its home was not enough to describe it.

No wonder she didn’t like him anymore. He was abandoned once by her.

And was already desperate to the point of madness.

He abandoned her for more than a decade.

This kind of torture was not something that one could afford.


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  1. savvvooooorrr itttt *mad evil chuckling* ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)
    heck, if you could fill my schadenfreude for this ML in a pool, we all could go deep divin’

    1. This slag ML has seriously no good qualities though… he’s a tyrant, a rapist, a total asshole to his long-suffering wife because she’s a conservative woman who won’t play to his sex-kitten fantasies. I can’t dredge up the pity I had for even the worst of the past MLs, who at least had understandable reasons to be all screwed up. (Though I kinda hated the other modern day ML… though at least that dude wasn’t a freaking rapist on top of everything else). So I just love seeing this guy suffer!

      1. Ehehe of course. he is truly an extreme slag. I just want to know the motive of the author in creating such intense hatred for the ML… what does she get out of sparking immense hatred from the readers?

        With that said… Su slag really does need to suffer and learn more, he is the worst.

  2. >She laughed icily, “Let’s get divorced. This time I don’t want you. It’s me bringing up divorce, not you.”

    That’s you deserve, you slag bish! Hahaha! ::rolls around in the schadenfreude::

  3. This supposedly should make me feel bad for SS but nah… Go BWW revenge for the original! SS is so nasty! 10 years he has treated her like that and she has been left without options only endlessly suffering and now SS experiences abandonment ONCE and his fragile toxic masculinity is all broken and he gets all pitiful and pathetic!! Grr… slap that slag some more BWW!

    1. Whoa, calm down. Su Shian is awful because he has a stunted EQ, he was spoiled rotten, and he’s an ingrate. None of these traits are inherent to masculinity, fragile and toxic or otherwise. He would be precisely as awful as he is now even if he where a she.

      1. I agree that the phrase toxic masculinity is overused and su slag is a slag not bc of his gender but idk I actually do think that men forcing themselves on women whenever they want because “you’re mine” is more of a male associated action than a female one, so the previous commentator has a point, even if it was overly emotional and stereotyped the gender

        1. “I actually do think that men forcing themselves on women whenever they want because ‘you’re mine’ is more of a male associated action than a female one”

          That’s the thing, though. I see that scenario played out all the time in fiction, but in real life I only ever meet hyper-possessive women and never seem to see the male counterpart. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “no men are like that” just because the sample size my life experience has given me hasn’t reflected it, however I feel it’s relatively safe to say domineering traits are a problem expressed in both sexes.

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    Thank for your hard work. Good quality with godly speed. You guys have worked very hard. 👍
    Is ML inability to feel because he’s just born this way or it has something to do with system blocking feeling function malfunctioning and now FL has to do the mission to clear all the mess?

  5. We all enjoyed(?) the yandere overbearing troupes of dream MLS, now let’s hopefully start with changed man who respects women and can be romantic yeah ? And I mean for all the future arcs

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