SS Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Ancient China – Part 3

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Vannie: So, RL is such a dog blood drama, but my addiction to web novels and great stories seems to prevail over my depression. Or it might have added fuel in the fire, making it stronger. And thus, because I saw the notifications in my WordPress account, I remembered that I might just edit a chapter and post it~ This little irrelevant person wishes all of you a good read!

[Under the bright and full moon, the Crown Prince walks with his unsteady steps. The steps were light as if the owner didn’t have any worries. On top of the clear, deep and artificial lake, is a wooden bridge, worn-out by time. As the Crown Prince crosses the bridge towards the desolated Cold Palace, he tripped. His body went out of his control, tilting towards the lake.
Fear instantly loomed over the Crown Prince’s heart, but after seeing the bright moon, it turned into relief. Relief from being freed out of this cold and colorless place. Relief from the scent of rusting souls. Relief from the shackles that bind him.
Yet, at the moment, he closed his eyes. A cold thing wraps around his wrist. A strong force pulled him. The next thing he knew was that he bumped into a hard wall.
Opening his eyes, what he saw is a dark robe covering a person’s chest. Looking up, there’s a pair of deep eyes, colored with an unusual tinge of worry. Seeing this, the Crown Prince closed and quickly opened his eyes. As if it was just an illusion brought about by the light of the moon, that unusual and surreal color had already disappeared and changed by a cold gaze,] a certain system narrated as he talks to his host telepathically.
While a certain host mourn in her little heart,’Tsk! Darn it! Why am I not there? Why?’
[Big Sis should focus on her own work, or else that demon might punish Big Sis again,] the Little System warned his host.
‘I don’t need you to remind me. Just make sure to record whatever happened to that Crown Prince, okay?’ Alina commanded as she slacks down due to missing such an excellent show.
[Aye, Big Sis. By the way, Big Sis, do you want me to record it in a report style or video recording?] the Little Innocent(?) System asked.
‘Video? You can record it in a V.I.D.E.O! So did you record that scene just now in a video as well?’
[Sorry, Big Sis. I didn’t, since due to privacy reasons, I need your authorization to use that function.]
With a super bright smile, Alina asked, ‘Then why didn’t you asked for one from the moment I asked you to stalk that melancholic Prince?’
Shivering the Little System said, [So- sorry, H- h- host. I- I c-ca-can’t he-hear y-ou]
‘Little Five, don’t play tricks on me!’
‘This Litt-‘
Alina, who is still complaining in her mind, suddenly felt a cold pair of hands holding both of her shoulders. Looking up, she saw a pair of deep black eyes looking at her.
With a lift of that man’s eyebrow, he said, “Time to go! What are you dazing for?”
“No-nothing particular. I-I ju-just thought that this field of Spider Lilies is quite beautiful,” she replied.
“Oh. Then should we take some back?” the man bent down and pluck a spider lily.
“Aren’t they poisonous?”
“They are, but does it matter?” the man said before leaving.
Alina – No, Ming, the little maidservant of the man named HongYe, followed her Master as they walked over the flower field.Field of spider lily


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Months have passed since the Banquet at the Palace. The Masked Prince, Prince Li, had departed from the Capital to the Northern Boundary of the Kingdom. Here, Prince Li’s Main Household stands strong.
“Your Highness, Rong is back,” a man in a black robe reported to the person in front of him as he kneels down.
“How is it?” the man asked while picking up the mask at the table beside them.
“Everything went well, except for a certain thing,” Rong stated.
“Hmmm… A certain thing, eh?” the man asked as he puts on the mask in his hand.
After Rong reported everything, the man asked him, “Do you hate this Prince for being unable to save that Brother of yours from ten years ago?”
In Rong’s eyes, a trace of sadness flashed. He then looked at the man in front of him and said, “I do not hate nor blame you, Your Highness. After all, as he always says ‘that is life, it will one day come to an end.'”
The man then continued, “You know that with power this Prince has, it would have been possible to save him.”
Rong shakes his head and said, “If one doesn’t have the will to live, then one could only die. He had already had his wish fulfilled at that time. I know that he was already hanging by a thread at that time. Only moving forward because of that wish. After that wish was fulfilled, he had no more reason to continue.”
“This Prince understands, but since that Brother of yours doesn’t exist anymore. Then why don’t you throw that self of yours that have coexisted with him at that time?”
“I can’t throw it away yet. I hope Prince Li should wait for more time until this Little Servant could accept that,” Rong said before excusing himself out.
A hidden door behind Prince Li opened, and a petite young man walked out of it. This young man then said to the Prince, “Still, no good? What a stubborn child, as usual. Hoping that Master could persuade that fool.”
“Hmmm… Why don’t you show up in front of him near his bedside and ask him to do it? Make it seem that he is having a dream” Prince Li said with a smile on his lips.
“Master shouldn’t smile that way while wearing that mask. It will destroy the cold and dangerous aura of ‘Prince Li'” the young man said before going back into the hidden room.

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