MGCH Chapter 403

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (56)

It warned: “Favorability.”

Bai Weiwei almost forgot. Her eyes wavered as anxiety and sadness overflowed.

“Don’t hit him, I’ll do as you say.”

Su Tang indifferently snorted: “Compared to a face that looks like it needs a beating, it seems that your wife is wiser than you.”

Su Shian’s complexion was pale, but his eyes were cold and terrible.

Bai Weiwei confirmed her identity on the phone and the cell phone was taken away.

Su Tang said again to the phone: “Hear that, Su Shian’s wife is also in my hands and in her belly is the child. Su Shian 100 million, his wife 50 million, the child 10 million. Get a total of 160 million ready.”

Were they cuts of pork at a store?

Also clearly when marking the price.

Su Shian, this slag, was the most valuable?

After acting out his presentation of the model kidnapper, Su Tang went out.

Su Shian tried moving his feet. Although there was no problem with his legs, his body was too weak.

There would certainly be many people outside the warehouse.

He looked at Bai Weiwei and worriedly said, “Don’t be afraid, Weiwei, we’re going to be alright.”

Bai Weiwei weakly shook her head, “Are you still in pain?”

Su Shian was flattered. Was she concerned about him?

“No pain, I’m not hurt at all.”

He saw Bai Weiwei’s stare and immediately straightened his back. Even if he was sore from being beat up.

He still rigidly adhered to his image, a handsome, cool, fearless in the face of torture appearance.

Bai Weiwei breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn’t help but whisper: “It’ll be alright.”

These words, softly and gently entered his heart.

There was a trace of sweetness.

Su Shian had thought she could not wait for him to die.

As a result, she was most worried for him at such a time.

This kind of warmth after despair.

Made him very happy.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 85.】

The door to the warehouse opened and Su Tang walked in with his phone in his hand.

“The money has been obtained? They are so efficient. It’s not being tracked?”

Su Tang couldn’t help but be happy after finishing his call.

Everything went according to plan.

It was time to take the last step.

Su Tang stared Su Shian with no good intentions, “Look, your family is so happy to give money. I will give you some blessings.”

Su Shian already knew who he was.

The family’s struggle for power started from a small age. Recently Patriarch Su was preparing to retire.

Before he retired, the resources in his hands are crucial.

Therefore what Su Tang wanted wasn’t the 100 million, but…… his life.

Su Tang seemed to know what Su Shian was thinking. He laughed with a haha, “I am very contractually minded, I will not kill you.”

Su Shian became more vigilant.

Su Tang tone suddenly chilled, “I heard that you and your wife’s relationship had always been bad, how this woman has been pestering you? You’re not divorced?”

Su Shian heard this.

It wasn’t easy to get Bai Weiwei to show him a good face.

Was this idiot deliberately trying to destroy their feelings?

Su Shian saw Bai Weiwei’s expression cool down.

He was afraid that she would hate him more, he immediately became overcome with anxiety and anger, “You, this person, shut up. I am pestering her, kneeling so that she does not divorce me. She was just worried about me for a few seconds and I was happy enough to set off firecrackers.”

Su Tang: “……”

No, didn’t Su Shian hate Bai Weiwei to death?

Also, Chen Xia, who had been leaking information to him, had said that Bai Weiwei annoyed Su Shian.

Su Tang had been abroad for the past two years. He only came back these days to plan the kidnapping case, so he missed the entire drama of his slag cousin becoming infatuated.


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  1. Sorry but my memory is absolutely trash when it comes to names, who the F was Chen Xia again? The sister of 2nd male lead maybe?? @_@

    1. That is precisely her, yes. She was the one to act as a go between for Su Shian to get Chen Wenfeng to force an affair on Bai Weiwei. She also accompanied her brother to Patriarch Su’s birthday banquet, to be honest I’m surprised you remembered her. She has so little presence that Chen Wenfeng left with Bai Weiwei, presumably leaving her stranded that night. She has zero sense of existence and is probably unimportant.

      1. I’m surprised myself, that makes two of us xD…to think that this character had any sort of relevance for the story at this point is also a surprise…. actually, wonder if our 2nd male lead would ever deal with his sis or just blame himself for gotten himself convinced to do that bad deed.

        1. In one chapter, can’t remember which, he thinks of his little sister as a disappointment, but I believe that was because she is infatuated with a slag like Su Shian.

          In 395 he laments:
          Chen Wenfeng knew that he was not a good thing, for his own little sister, he could be ignore his conscience and go to destroy her innocence.

          So it seems he primarily blames himself. Which is good because it was his actions, no matter how much she may have pleaded or nagged.

      2. Thanks for the summary… I had no bloody idea where this chick suddenly popped up from… Now I’m wondering if she’s gonna make some surprise appearance later on to seduce the slag ML away!

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