SS Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Ancient China – Part 4

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Author: Vannie

In the Imperial Palace, the angry voice of the Emperor could be heard. A man dressed in black clothing began to feel that his back is being to be drenched in cold sweat. Emperor surnamed Jun knew that his body is starting to decline. Like any other ordinary ruler, he came to fear all those who have the power to snatch his throne. His sons, the Empress, the Prime Minister, the Great General, and Prince Li, who holds the blood of the co-founder of his Empire. This fear was the root of the Emperor’s rage.

As the Emperor wanted to eliminate or at least find out who his enemies are, he had sent his most elite Shadows to gather information. Who would have thought that a disgraceful event will happen on the night of the Palace’s banquet? The shadows that the Emperor that was most proud of. Those that are the best in information gathering and assassination would be eliminated except for one when they were sent to the Northern Province under Prince Li’s territory. The man in black – a Shadow in front of the Emperor, had been left alive. This makes it seems that he was sent to convey this message ‘Hmmph. The best in the Country? A dozen of them can’t even deal with a single man and a defenseless woman.’

The Emperor threw the ink slab towards the Shadow before saying, “Repeat what you, useless thing, said for this one!”

“This humble servant said ‘that man who killed the others aren’t even a person under Prince Li. He is the one who is currently ruling over the underground dealings of our Country.'” the Shadow replied in a steady voice hiding his fear.

“Tsk! That HongYe! Didn’t we reach into an agreement? Their function and Ours shouldn’t interfere with each other?

“Your Imperial Majesty, if you permit this Servant to inform you the said the reason why he attacked us.”


“He said, ‘You dare enter my territory and tarnish this place?! Then you shall never leave here and be this flowers’ source of nutrients!’ when we accidentally passed through a hidden cavern filled with Spider Lilies.”


“Your Imperial Majesty, this thing is also a good thing.” a man – no a eunuch who had been standing in the corner of the study voiced his opinion.

The Emperor raised his brow as he heard this and let the Eunuch speak.

“This matter could let us rest assured. This just meant that the man named HongYe isn’t the same person as Prince Li.” the Eunuch said before he slowly lowers his head and retreating in the corner once again.

“Hmmm… You thought of this correctly. Before, when this One first saw this HongYe, We really thought that he and that Fake Prince are the same. Now We can rest assured that the Fake Prince doesn’t have enough power to threaten” the once oppressive atmosphere in the Royal Study begun to lighten up.

The Emperor then thought of how to deal with other people, for example, the Great General Xue, who is on hold of the most massive army in the Country. This General only has two daughters and no sons. People once said that this is due to him frequenting the Battlefield, and thus he had no time with his wife and concubines. Other states that the souls who were killed under the orders of the General had cursed him for having no son. Some even said that the General might have suffered an injury that made him impotent after his daughters were conceived and born. One thing is for sure, though, and that is after having these two daughters, no other child had ever been seen in the Great General’s residence.

The General’s two daughters were of the same age. One is born a month before the other. The firstborn is the illegitimate Daughter, while followed by the legitimate Daughter. The Madam, who is the Legal Wife of the General died three years after the children’s birth. They say that the Great General was so impartial. That even though the concubine wasn’t promoted as the Legal Wife, her Daughter nevertheless been treated the same way as the legitimate Daughter.

These words helped the Emperor to formulate a way of binding and lessening the threat brought by the fame and power of the Great General. Which made the corner of the Emperor’s lips rise a bit.

~Little Theater~

Vannie: My back hurts damn it!

Little V: Need a massage, A-chan?

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Little V: I mean A-seme

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Little V: QAQ

Alina: I see, so that’s why I’ve not been mentioned in this chapter.

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