MGCH Chapter 404

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The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (57)

Su Tang: “Do you have a handle that fell into this woman’s hands?” How can you say in good conscience that you like……”

Su Shian really hated he couldn’t break his corpse, “It is my heart that fell into her hands, I can like her. She is precious. It wasn’t easy to get to the point that she doesn’t accuse me, don’t destroy our feelings.”

Su Tang: Who is this quivering M? Was his cousin deluded?

Always being accused, where were these fart feelings?

Bai Weiwei frowned: “Have I been accusing you?”

Su Shian immediately smiled flatteringly, “No, no, you are teaching me about love.”

Su Tang: “……”

He didn’t kidnap the wrong man, right? What was this image of a queen and her slave?

Su Tang felt that he should not reason with the mentally challenged. He suddenly smiled and took out a pistol.

“I am a very reputable gangster. I received money and will let you go, but I can only release one. The rest will die ……”

This was the cruel two people one life dilemma.

How many people were defeated by this choice.

Everyone would kill each other to live.

Su Shian took a deep look at Bai Weiwei, “Do you still love me? Weiwei.”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes flashed with various kinds of complex emotions. There was nostalgia, remembrance, regret, pain, and finally returned to being dull.

“Don’t love.”

A faint sentence, full of endless sorrow.

Su Shian couldn’t help smiling, “Then that’s good. It’s good to not love me. If I die, you won’t be distressed.”

He thought a lot during this time. It was him who had forced her to this point.

He didn’t deserve to get her love.

Su Tang was shocked. Wouldn’t normal people be like, you do not love me, so you go die?

He couldn’t kill Su Shian.

Su Shian was Patriarch Su’s favorite grandson. If he died, the Su family would spare no effort to track down the murderer.

At that time, Su Tang knew that he would not be able to hide.

If only Su Shian survived, but lost the trust of Patriarch Su.

That was the ideal result for him.

And because Bai Weiwei was pregnant, she must die.

It would be even better if Su Shian had killed Bai Weiwei, so that Patriarch Su would be completely disappointed.

Su Tang’s face twisted. He stuffed the gun into Su Shian’s hand.

“One minute, if you don’t kill this woman after a minute, I’ll kill you.”

Su Tang took out another gun and pointed it at Su Shian.

Su Shian grabbed the gun, his expression very ugly.

Bai Weiwei’s face could not help showing a trace of fear. Holding back the fear, she was just about to say something.

When she saw a shocking scene.

Su Shian placed the gun against his temple. He smiled softly, “Don’t be afraid, I will let you go back safely.”

When he saw the fear in her eyes, his heart bled.

He realized for the first time that love could really make people willing to give everything.

Even if it was to die for her, his heart was at ease.

Bai Weiwei finally couldn’t bear it, the calm mask she had maintained collapsed.

“Su Shian, I hate you. Don’t think if you die that I’ll miss you.”

Her voice couldn’t help but choke up, “I do not love you anymore. Don’t flatter yourself and think this will make me forgive you. If you die I will only be happy.”

Su Shian’s lips were shaking and he smiled reluctantly, “That’s good, that’s good……”

This sentence, when heard by others, they would know how sorrowful he was.

Bai Weiwei couldn’t help but yell, “I hate you so much. You this kind of slag man, shouldn’t you shoot me? Didn’t you pretend to be some patron of love? When you put me on Chen Wenfeng’s bed, weren’t you very decisive?”



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  1. Ah he will think that she’s provoking him just to let him live… then favorability will increase again…

    1. She IS provoking him to let him live… with the motivation that she wants the favorability to rise. So him thinking like that is more or less justified.

      Besides, the world ends with him. If his brains become wall decor, she dies too. Naturally she wants him to live.

  2. hwjdjdkd finally coming back to this after pausing at chapter 380 when that was the latest upload and omg,, slag abuse feels so sweet!!!! aaaah, it’s so sweet it almost makes this too long arc worth it hahaha

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