MGCH Chapter 409

Translator: TheWhiteBook

Proofreader/editor: Cheese 

The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (62)

Bai Weiwei didn’t cry, or show any grief. She just went silly for a few seconds. Her eyes were watery and somewhat empty.

She touched her abdomen in a trance.

Su Shian’s heart tightened, then he heard her whisper: “That’s fine, this was not a child that was expected to be born.”

This sentence was more unbearable then hearing that the child was lost.

Su Shian’s breath stagnated for a while, before he loosened the teeth he had gritted and the bleak melancholy appeared on his face.

Confronted with her expressionless face.

He found his throat felt as if he was being strangled by a rope, and even breathing took all of his effort.

All of his comforting words become powerless bitter water, bitterness drilling back into his heart.

Bai Weiwei’s voice was light and airy, “Su Shian, do you remember the first time we met?”

Su Shian tried to recall, afraid of saying the wrong memory. Those memories were blurred. He couldn’t wait to hammer his head.

Why couldn’t he remember much of their childhood?

Bai Weiwei didn’t need him to answer, “At that time, my parents had just died. The first time I entered your house, I was nervous and scared.”

Su Shian’s nose felt sour.

After so long, the images were so blurry that he even forgot when she had entered his house.

Bai Weiwei turned her head, her eyes shining with moisture.

“I hid behind Grandpa, afraid to peek out at my new home. And then I saw you standing at the stairwell.”

Su Shian only recalled, at that time he was ordered to meet the new sister and his heart was particularly resistant.

Bai Weiwei revealed a nostalgic smile, “You rushed downstairs towards me, shoved a little cake at me, and called me meimei.”

Su Shian finally remembered. He was especially upset at that time. He had wanted to go out and play, but Grandpa had insisted he give a present.

After he quickly shoved things to Bai Weiwei, he turned around and ran out to play.

Bai Weiwei smiled, “Although you soon left, but I thought this brother was very good looking, the cake was also very sweet. Perhaps it was that moment when you moved my heart.”

Su Shian’s eyes were a little sour. He bowed his head and rubbed his hands uncomfortably.

Bai Weiwei reached out just when Su Shian looked up. Her lush, pale fingers gently fell on his face.

Su Shian felt the slight warmth of her stomach reach him through her fingers. His cheeks became hot.

Bai Weiwei’s smile gradually grew, and the water in the eyes increased. Her voice trembled, “I loved you for so many years, but let this love become your burden. You have been very troubled.”

Su Shian’s lips and tongue were stiff.

He clearly should retort, but in front of her clear eyes, he couldn’t say a word.

Because indeed, for a while, he was tired of her heavy love.

Bai Weiwei said softly: “I’m sorry, it was my own wishful thinking to love you.”

The remark horrified Su Shian.

He held her hand in his. His lips were a little stiff. He opened his mouth a few times, but finally only one sentence was left, “You loving me, is my honor.”

This sentence was almost carved into the depths of his bones.

How lucky he was to be able to receive her love for so many years.

Bai Weiwei was pleased, as though trading years of love to get this sentence was enough.

Then she slowly withdrew her hand, “So it is. Love or no love is not important. I am very tired.”

Su Shian wanted to say it was important, but when he saw her exhausted look. His heart tightened up and he couldn’t bear to disturb her.

He pushed his wheelchair out of the ward, and then he stopped at the door.

For a long time, he could not move any further.


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  1. Bruh forget tired, I would be dead lol
    May the previous owner rest in peace, too pitiful for this arc.

    Also, I wonder when BWW’s EQ will go up…? When will she get better at managing and understanding the ML’s emotions…?

    1. didn’t the system mention that it put a EQ nerf on her so she wouldn’t be so emotionally moved thru all these troublesome love fiascos?

      1. En, I think so? That and memory blurring, “so she won’t go insane”. But TheWhiteBook mentioned *spoiler…?*
        that BWW is incompetent bc low EQ bc slagstem and inexperience, doesn’t know what she’s doing, and I was wondering how long she would be struggling with that for, like does she ever actually get good at manipulating a dude up to 100 and understanding what they need after like affection 60?

        With that said, the actual novel is at 2k chapters and still going, really makes a tl sweat lol

        1. I wouldn’t call Bai Weiwei’s EQ low, it’s actually quite high by my estimate(and by Cnovels as a whole /shudders). It’s just that the emotion shielding prevents it from further increasing at the expected rate.

          And don’t worry, her inexperience and the emotional have been established in story so you weren’t spoiling.

          As for your question.

          She gets a little better every Arc, but it’s a very subtle, gradual process. It’s hard notice happening at all at first, and only looking back do you really see how far she’s come.

          In my opinion, the best moment that showcases her growth in this aspect is until way off in Arc 24. (Spoilers) facing a ML that tended to pretend to like her than he really does, she noted: a ML at 60 favorability would try to change her to suit him, a ML at 80 would change himself for her.

          But, I want to stress this growth is happening all the time in the subtext, it’s just not demonstrated so clearly in words until then.

          1. Stan a proper novel with character development and such detailed with finesse too!!! For cnovels… That’s so rare to the extreme… Currently also reading FMHM and I wanna pull my hair out by batch each chapter T.T

          2. I really appreciate all your insightful comments about BWW’s growth, btw. Just wanted to stan you — and all the other awesome commentators — for a bit!

        2. I’m so hyped about the 2k chapters!! I love each arc, they’re such an immersive adventure and so well written and structured as well as the top notch translations, worth staying up for at night every time xD

  2. This author is so incredibly skilled at moving from comedy to pathos and back — if I didn’t know BWW’s mission, I’d feel incredibly moved! (Honestly, I still sort of do… the author is so good at making you feel some kind of pity even for the slaggiest of male protags…)

    1. So true!
      For me, everytime after I cried read BWW miserable state I just like “tf?” Bc we know that she is acting! Yet we still crying 😂

  3. But why is he still in a wheelchair 😂 I thought his legs were fine? Maybe I missed something, but imagining him still committing to the bit after using his mobility to overturn his kidnapper cousin…and then rolling out of a serious scene in that pink monstrosity💀 anyway, thank you so much team for all your work on this!!

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